Wednesday, November 23, 2016

HOPE RUN 2016 :Run for Children With Special Needs

As an autism mom, I know how hard everyday with a child with special needs is. Specially if there is no intervention to address the child's needs. I believe that early intervention is the best HOPE for the future. Early attention to improving their core behavioral symptoms of autism will give my child – and the rest of the family -several important benefits that we will not gain if we will take a wait-and-see approach until my child enters school . But these therapies mean financial predicament which not all can afford.

The brilliant team behind Hope Run 2016

This is also the reason why the organizers from Kids Journey came up with this Run for a cause: HOPE RUN 2016. They wanted to help children with special needs and their families get through and hopefully build a foundation.

Join us on December 11 at BGC and together let's wear our capes and be their heroes. 

Registration is until Nov 25 only.

Run for Children with Specials Needs
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I am my son's hero. You can be a hero, too! 

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 HOPE RUN 2016

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See you on December 11! 

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