Thursday, May 25, 2023

Targus celebrates 4 Decades of Excellence

Are you a lady boss? Creative cosmo?urban yuppie? Workaholic? Whatever your lifestyle is, Targus has got you covered. 

Targus the #1 laptop case brand in the U.S. is celebrating its 40 years of excellence in the business, along with their celebration is the relaunch of Targus in the Philippines, and offers best-in-class laptop bags and tech accessories.

Yesterday, May 24, Targus was reintroduced to the Philippine market at DD NightClub in Tomas Morato and announced its latest groundbreaking collection of bags and technology accessories through “Targus UrbanUS,” an event that showcased Targus bags and other solutions and how they will become part of every Filipino professional’s everyday essentials in living his or her city life. I was delighted to be a part of the first-ever event of Targus in the Philippines. And witnessed and had first dibs on the Targus' new and exciting collection.

For four decades, Targus has established itself to be the brand at the forefront of providing people with the best products that will carry and protect their mobile devices and other personal technology.

Targus 2023 Collections

Today, Targus continues to be synonymous with quality and innovation and relaunch the brand in the Philippines by offering sophisticated and pioneering solutions that will help Filipino on-the-go professionals carry, connect and protect their laptops and other devices to keep them safe all the time.

“UrbanUS,” which means “of the city,” also depicts something elegant, refined, classy, chic, and tasteful. The Targus bag is not just anyone’s ordinary bag; it conjures functionality, meshed with sophistication and an up-market feel, a bag that anyone will be proud to carry and show off to other urbanites.

To signify its modernity and urban feel, Targus introduced its latest collection of convertibles, ultra-slim, campus and traveler backpacks, and other technology solutions, “fashion runway” style. This way, attendees took a closer look at how Targus can change the way Filipinos carry their devices and other essentials.

The brand also announced its latest promo offerings to reintroduce Targus to the market and let Filipinos find out how Targus will make a difference in how they carry their technology must-haves every day. 

Rissa Murillo, TargusPH Country Sales Manager 

We are quite excited as we relaunch Targus in the Philippines. We know how Filipino professionals value their mobile devices and other digital accessories. It is the lifeblood of their everyday life, whether at work or plays, and we know that Targus can step up to the plate in providing that high level of protection for their devices through our innovative bags and solutions,” declares Rissa Murillo, Country Sales Manager of Targus in the Philippines.

For more details about leading-edge Targus products, visit

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Practical Tips for Redecorating Your Home and Creating Lasting Memories

Redecorating your home is an exciting activity that allows you to transform your living space into a reflection of your personality and create a welcoming environment for yourself and your family. Whether you're simply organizing and tidying up or completely revamping your home with new furniture, these practical tips from Uratex Monoblock, a leading brand of high-quality, stylish, and durable plastic furniture will guide you through the redecorating process, helping you make informed decisions and ensure a stress-free experience.

Tip #1: Envision Your Space

When decorating a space, it is essential to start with an end goal in mind. Determine the style and atmosphere you want to create in each room and plan accordingly. This will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and give you a clear direction for your project. Consider consulting with friends, family, or researching online for inspiration and ideas.

Pro Tip: Create a draft floor plan to visualize the placement of furniture and identify potential activities for each area.

Tip #2: Set a Budget

To stay on track financially, set a budget for each room or item you plan to redecorate. This will prevent overspending and encourage resourcefulness in finding creative, cost-effective solutions. Consider repurposing or creating your own decorative items to add a personal touch to your space.

Pro Tip: Allocate an ideal budget for different purchases, whether it's large furniture pieces or smaller decorative items bought in bulk.

Tip #3: Re-Place or Replace

Since redecorating also means shifting furniture and replacing old ones, plan or list down all the items in the space you want to move around or replace for a newer one. Take note of worn-out pieces that may require refurbishing or replacement. Consider donating old furniture to give it a new life while benefiting others.

Pro Tip: Remember, one person's trash can be another person's treasure. Donate furniture items you no longer need to charity organizations or individuals in need.

Tip #4: Scout for Items

This step can be considered the most enjoyable! Shop and canvas for good products.  Look for affordable yet trusted brands that align with your budget. Consider versatile items that serve multiple purposes, allowing you to optimize space and functionality.

Anne Folding Chair and Louis Folding Table

Pro Tip: Maximize space and functionality by opting for convertible or foldable furniture. For example, the Uratex Monoblock Louis Folding Table and Chairs can be used for both indoor and outdoors– a great deal for a multi-purpose space-saving item! 

Tip #5: Look at the quality and check safety labels

When purchasing new furniture, prioritize longevity, durability, and versatility. Carefully examine the production materials, testing processes, and certifications associated with the items you're interested in. Look for indicators of durability and quality, such as caution stickers or certifications.

Sofie Chairs

Classic 101 chairs

Pro Tip: Check for caution stickers, like the ones found on Uratex Monoblock Sofie Chairs and Classic 101 Chairs. These chairs are not only affordable and available in trendy colors but also come with a sticker that proves their durability.

Uratex Monoblock: Check your Warning Sticker 

Tip #6: Design Freely

With your chosen items in hand, it's time to bring your vision to life. Begin by decluttering loose items such as small decorations, electrical devices, books, and miscellaneous objects. Then, rearrange existing furniture to accommodate new additions. Finally, place the new furniture in their designated spots and reintegrate the items you wish to keep in the room.

Lock-It Drawer

Pro Tip: Enjoy the redecorating process by sharing stories and involving your friends and family. Their input and presence can make the experience more enjoyable and memorable.

After putting in the effort and creativity, step back and admire the transformed space you have brought to life. This redecorated space will serve as the backdrop for new and cherished memories with your loved ones. For more information about Uratex Monoblock and its range of products, visit Stay updated with their latest news and promotions by following @uratexmonoblock on Instagram and @uratexmonoblockchairs on Facebook. 

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Dami Mong Alam! aims to teach financial literacy among Filipinos

Dami Mong Alam!, the newest web series by Visa in collaboration with Tanghalang Pilipino aims to teach financial literacy among Filipinos

Visa, a world leader in digital payments, and Tanghalang Pilipino, the award-winning and resident theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), are proud to announce the launch of their all-new web series, "Dami Mong Alam!" This new series aims to promote the importance of financial literacy among Filipinos and build upon the success of previous collaborations between Visa and Tanghalang Pilipino.

"Dami Mong Alam!" follows the story of the Dimasinop siblings as they navigate challenges in managing their finances and learn important lessons in financial management. The five-episode web series, written by acclaimed playwright Eljay Castro Deldoc and directed by Antonette Go, covers various financial management topics, such as budgeting, debt freedom, saving habits, delayed gratification, diversified income, and setting financial goals.

"Visa is dedicated to promoting financial literacy among Filipinos as we recognize that it is a key factor in our nation's economic stability and inclusive growth. We are proud to partner with Tanghalang Pilipino once again, and we are thrilled to launch the all-new web series 'Dami Mong Alam!' to further promote stronger basic financial management," Visa Country Manager for the Philippines and Guam Jeff Navarro shared.

The main characters of the web series are the Dimasinop siblings (Rupee, Euro, Franc, and Ringgit), who learn valuable financial management skills with the guidance of their Tyong Dong and other characters. In addition, financial expert and entrepreneur Ameena Rey-Franc will provide insights and tips in after-show interviews to help viewers better understand financial literacy concepts.

"Dami Mong Alam!" is set to make its debut on May 21, 2023, through DZRH’s youth-oriented program called Tara, Peeps. It will also stream for free via Tanghalang Pilipino’s social media platforms.

This is the third collaboration between Visa and Tanghalang Pilipino. In 2017, they toured several schools in the country with the interactive theater play "Lukot-Lukot, Bilog-Bilog." In 2021, the play became a five-episode web series called "Lukot-Lukot, Bilog-Bilog Pa More," reaching even more Filipinos despite the pandemic's restrictions.

"It is our honor to partner with Visa again to promote financial literacy through 'Dami Mong Alam!' Our collaboration harnesses the power of arts and theater to impart valuable financial lessons and enable Filipinos to make informed decisions regarding their finances," Tanghalang Pilipino Company Manager Carmela Millado-Manuel said.

To watch the financial literacy web series, viewers can tune in to DZRH TV every Sunday at 3:30pm or visit Tanghalang Pilipino’s Facebook page and Youtube channel. “Dami Mong Alam!” will run from May 21 until June 18.

Rex Education Leads Parents Webinars on Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education (ECE) signifies a crucial window of opportunity for children's cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development. It covers the period when children rely highly on those around them and their surroundings. As they learn, discover, and explore the world, they need guidance from parents and educators who are well-equipped in early childhood development interventions or programs. 

To reinforce this, Rex Education launched its latest brand, Little Explorers. This is part of REX's initiative to draw attention to and increase understanding of the value of ECE. This project also gives educational institutions, parents, and learning partners a platform to hold insightful conversations and benefit from learning solutions suitable for early or young learners. 

As part of this endeavor, REX is leading a webinar series titled "Nurturing Our Little Explorers: Understanding the Essential Domains in Early Childhood Education." This series is an interactive virtual panel discussion for parents and learning companions at home to address early childhood care challenges. The series is divided into five –episodes, each with three parts: an introduction, a lecture, and a panel discussion with parents. Every episode features child experts and influencer parents who will lead the conversation on different ECE-related topics.

The webinar's first episode focuses on ECE's fundamentals and significance. As the title suggests, parents should not miss this window. The topics covered include the 0–4-year-old brain development window and the difference between early childhood care and development (ECCD) and early childhood education (ECE). The discussion also highlights how all six developmental domains of early childhood interconnect for a child's holistic development. 

The second episode, "Let's Get Moving and Thinking," delves deeper into a child's physical, motor, cognitive, and intellectual development. The talk focuses on the two domains, physical well-being, and intellectual development, how they are developed and enhanced at different phases, and how they are connected. Furthermore, the third installment of the series, "Say it, Feel it," focuses on a child's socio-emotional and language development. This segment tackles children's abilities to know themselves and the use of language to express and understand their feelings and relate with others.

The fourth episode emphasizes creativity and character development. A child must be nourished from an early age to think creatively, behave well, and be a person of high morals, and how the people around them are instrumental in guiding and helping them nurture their creativity and character.

The fifth and final episode, "Nurture Our Little Explorers!" summarizes everything discussed in the first four sessions. This episode also serves as a workshop for parents and learning partners on activities they can do at home to practice what they have learned.

Guiding children at an early age is not easy, yet its rewards are priceless. Supporting ECE programs is championing the future of children as successful lifelong learners. Through this webinar series, broadcasted and accessible on REX's YouTube channel at, REX embraces ECE and supports parents and learning partners as they fully navigate ECE.

The Little Explorers is a testament to REX's commitment to early childhood education.  The moment children learn to explore the world, the adventure of their lifelong learning begins. And every step of the journey, Rex Education offers quality learning solutions and materials.  To know more about Little Explorers and other REX solutions and services, visit

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Pinoys love their Nanays: GrabAds insights show how busy Filipinos get around Mother’s Day

The GrabAds SEA Mother’s Day Insights Report 2023 showcases how the leading superapp helps its users create special moments with their moms during the beloved holiday. 

Having close family ties is one of the hallmarks of Filipino culture. Hence, it comes as no surprise that holidays celebrating the family unit are much beloved in the Philippines. Among the most anticipated is Mother’s Day – and insights from GrabAds, the advertising arm of the leading superapp, show that Pinoys do get busy creating special moments for their nanays every second Sunday of May. 

The GrabAds SEA Mother’s Day Insights Report 2023 gives brands and consumers a clear picture of how Grab – with its portfolio of convenient, reliable services like GrabFood, GrabMart and GrabExpress – enables and empowers users to create extra-special Mother’s Day celebrations for their moms. 

Here are some interesting insights from the report!

1. Filipinos plan for Mother’s Day

Filipinos take Mother’s Day celebrations seriously. In fact, 88 percent of Grab users in the Philippines have already come up with plans specific to Mother’s Day 2023. The respondents look forward most to gathering their families, ordering food online, and going out for a meal together with their loved ones and, of course, their inays. 

2. Filipinos order food and ship out items a lot more on Mother’s Day

GrabAds insights also show that Filipinos are happy to create special dining experiences at home as they tend to order more on the second Sunday of May. In 2022, GrabFood orders rose by 25 percent on Mother’s Day versus the average number of food orders across all Sundays of April. The most expensive GrabFood order on Mother’s Day last year was a Php 7,000 steak set –  a much-deserved treat for the family!

Padala items also tend to be on the road more during Mother’s Day. For instance, last 08 May 2022, there were 37 percent more GrabExpress Deliveries versus the average Express Orders on the Sundays of the month prior. Indeed, no distance is wide enough to stop the simple thank yous and love yous Filipinos wish to express to their moms. 

3. Filipinos enjoy ordering on-demand gifts on Mother’s Day

Gifts overflow during Mother’s Day, too! 8 out of 10 Grab users in the Philippines plan on buying their moms a gift, and 82 percent of these are keen on buying a gift from Grab. Among the most popular choices on GrabFood and GrabMart during Mother’s Day last year were cakes and pastries, flower bouquets, and home and kitchen appliances. Chocolate, ube, and fresh fruit reigned supreme as the top preferred cake flavors. 

Truly, with reliable and convenient on-demand delivery services like GrabFood and GrabMart, gifts no longer come with the usual long queues, heavy traffic, and aisle-to-aisle exploration in-store.  

Mother’s Day remains to be one of the most important gifting occasions in Southeast Asia. Our GrabAds report shows a surge in user activity one week before the day itself, across the region, as people start looking for ways to make this day extra special for their loved ones," said Jennie Johnson, Head of Regional Marketing, GrabAds. “This Mother’s Day, merchants and brands across the region have the opportunity to connect with consumers looking for the perfect gift for their mom via superapps like Grab

Creating a special Mother’s Day celebration should be easy and hassle-free –  and Grab makes sure of this. With the wide merchant selection and reliable on-demand delivery services of both GrabFood and GrabMart, you can easily pick and order mom’s faves for an intimate family dinner; or even include special add-ons just to express how much you treasure her. Tip: Check out the promo code MAMAMART on GrabMart and ILYMOM on GrabFood on May 14, 2023.


Established in 2018, GrabAds has evolved to become an integrated advertising solutions provider which provides advertisers with multiple channels, such as in-app advertising, branding and product sampling via the Grab ecosystem, for building awareness, engaging audiences and triggering action across the Grab platform. Through its advertising and technology capabilities, GrabAds aims to help people discover, engage, and connect with the best businesses in Southeast Asia. For more information, visit GrabAds For Business.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Celebrate Mother’s Day at Paradise Dynasty!

xiao long bao
Paradise Dynasty 8 International flavored
Xiao Long Bao

Are you looking for a place to celebrate the very special woman in your life on Mother's Day? Head on to Paradise Dynasty The Legend of Xiao Long Bao.  

Paradise Dynasty is known for its 8 International flavored xiao long bao or soup dumpling, as one of its famous innovations. (flavors- signature original, ginseng, crab roe, foie gras, black truffle, cheese, garlic, and Szechuan)

Immerse in the imperial culture and savor the exquisite flavors from northern and southern China at Paradise Dynasty. Paradise Dynasty, a concept that originated from Singapore captures the finer points of bygone eras in contemporary style. Be awed by the experience, the refreshing take on delicacies and the dragon’s impeccable presence at Paradise Dynasty.

Charcoal Custard Lava Bun

Charcoal Custard Lava Bun is a must-try! The soft charcoal-infused black buns reveal a golden oozing filling of salted egg yolk custard -- creamy and balanced saltiness and sweetness.

Paradise Dynasty The Legend of Xiao Long Bao is located at Conrad S Maison, SM Aura Premier, and The Podium

Social media accounts:

fb: @paradisedynastyph

IG: @paradisedynastyph


Conti's Celebrates Moms with NEW Irresistible Creation

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the special occasion than with something sweet? Introducing Conti's Bakeshop and Restaurant's newest delightful creation, BanaCrunch. 

Conti's Banacrunch Cake
Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant launches its newest cake offering, BanaCrunch in time for Mother’s Day

This cake is a special recipe that combines classic ingredients like a butter cookie crust, rich cashew caramel, fresh bananas, and delicate cream to create something truly special. It’s topped with honeycomb-like a golden crown fit for the queen of the family—moms.

BanaCrunch reminds us of all the amazing things that make moms so special, and it's the perfect way to celebrate and honor them on their special day this year. The cake is now available in all of Conti's stores, or you can have it delivered straight to your doorstep through Conti's website, Conti’s messenger, or call 8580-8888. It’s also available for Grab and Foodpanda deliveries. Plus, for a limited time only, you can bring home an exclusive  2-in-1 apron tote bag with every purchase of a whole BanaCrunch. 

Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant 2-in-1 apron tote bag that comes with every purchase of a whole BanaCrunch

Don't wait too long to take advantage of this promotion, as it runs from May 12 until supplies last. So go ahead and treat your mom (and yourself) to the indulgent and heavenly taste of BanaCrunch, while also scoring a stylish apron tote bag you can use anywhere.

To know more about Conti's Bakeshop & Restaurant visit or check out their Facebook (@contispastryshopandrestaurant), Instagram (@contis_ph), and TikTok (@contisph) pages. Other pages bearing the name and images are fake. They do not in any way represent the brand. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Unlock Your Creativity, Collaborate Better with Canva's Visual Suite

In today's age of remote and hybrid work, organizations want teams to collaborate, share ideas, and scale their creative process better. According to Canva's Visual Economy Report which surveyed 1,600 global business leaders, communicating visually is fast ​becoming the most impactful way to ​communicate in the workplace. Eighty-nine percent of them believe that it enhances collaboration and agree that visual communication methods have helped team members connect.

"Businesses now must learn how to communicate visually and leave a lasting impact on their stakeholders and customers. It's made possible when your teams have the tool to create and collaborate, without having to learn complex processes that take time to learn," said Maisie Littaua, head of growth of Canva Philippines.

Canva's Visual Suite revolutionizes the way teams work by providing a comprehensive platform that addresses all their visual communication needs, empowering them to streamline their workflow and boost creativity. It is designed for the modern workplace–whether it be a multinational with teams scattered across the world or a start-up seeking a cost-effective, all-in-one tool for their communication and creative requirements. 

The report also highlights that 89% of the respondents believe that communicating visually helps them articulate ideas better. With Canva's intuitive tools and features, teams can easily create visually compelling content that enhances communication and drives better results. Its powerful collaboration features also make it easier for teams to brainstorm and convert ideas into ready-to-share designs.

Get better at brainstorming sessions with Canva Whiteboards

Canva Whiteboards help solve many problems that teams might encounter during meetings, brainstorming and planning sessions, and team building.

  • Make collaborations more engaging. Grab participants’ attention with an experiential online collaboration thanks to hundreds of fun elements like sticky notes and stickers. You can even add reference photos and videos from Canva’s vast content library.
  • Provide structure. Get the ideas going with ready-to-use templates, or create customized idea maps, flow charts, and diagrams.
  • Take a vote. Ready to choose ideas? Use stickers to react to an idea, or mark it for further discussion
  • Jumpstart the conversation. Use the Magic Write tool within Whiteboards to generate prompts or lists to stimulate discussion, or instantly summarize key points into a paragraph for a report or email.
  • Leave your mark. Use the new Canva Draw Tool–which has pens and highlighters in different colors and thicknesses, and automatic shape features–to sketch, doodle, mark up text, or quickly create diagrams and flowcharts. 

Turn documents into multimedia masterpieces with Canva Docs 

In the visual age, it’s important to add images, infographics, and other interactive elements to any kind of work. With Canva Docs, anyone can create stunning multimedia reports even without a design background. 

  • Access one of the world’s biggest design libraries. Get 20,000 premium templates and 3.5 million graphic elements like images, icons, and videos for project plans, strategy documents, lesson plans, and other document types.
  • Use data storytelling. Quickly create graphs and infographics from thousands of templates, and graphic elements. You can even animate images and text for dynamic data visualization. 
  • Collaborate and share. For collaborative documents like editorials or business planning, teams can comment on a document, and tag and assign tasks to specific members. Once the document is complete, teams can even turn it into a pitch-ready presentation deck by clicking the “Convert to Presentation” button.
  • Overcome writer’s block with Magic Write. Canva’s AI-powered content generation is now available on Visual Suite products like Docs, Whiteboards, and Presentations. Use it to generate drafts, create outlines, or kick ideas for your next post. 

Make pro-quality videos with Canva Video 

Video editing used to require a lot of skill and equipment. But with Canva’s drag-and-drop editor, anyone can make videos for any platform or need whether it’s a reel, an advertisement, or even a tutorial. 

  • Get intuitive and functional features. Upload your clips, drag them to a timeline, and then use the tools to adjust speed, size, and appearance on the screen. Not sure how to start? Pick from thousands of customizable templates for different formats and industries.
  • Enjoy a personal sound studio. Access the pre-licensed music and sound effects in the library, or record voiceovers, your screen, or yourself without leaving Canva. For those subscribed to Canva Pro, you can use the Beat Sync feature to automatically sync video to any tune. 
  • Add special effects. Upgrade to Canva Pro to get powerful features like video background removers, filters and effects, animations, and Magic Resize which instantly converts videos for different social media platforms. 

Kaya sa Canva! 

Littaua believes that the best creative process should feel like play, "We want to show everyone how easy and fun it can be to use these tools to make everyday work look and feel amazing. Visual Suite can be used throughout the creative process to stimulate ideas and increase collaboration and productivity." 

In its effort to empower more Filipinos to design, Canva Philippines also launched a YouTube Channel, where the community can get ideas, tutorials, and tips to help them maximize the potential of the Visual Suite potential to help them achieve their goals. 

Check out to subscribe and learn more. 

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Select Power Mac Center stores nationwide now accepting devices for repair

Customers can now enjoy the convenience of dropping off their Apple devices that need premium repair or maintenance service at select Power Mac Center (PMC) or The Loop stores with a minimal shipping fee. Apart from accessibility, customers can trust that their precious devices are in good hands at Mobile Care Service Center — PMC’s Apple Authorized Service Provider — which will be handling all the necessary repair services with its Certified Engineers and exclusive access to genuine parts.

The retail drop-off service is available for all Apple users in the Philippines who bought devices from Power Mac Center and other stores, whether in or out of warranty. Mobile Care Service Centers accept iPhone 7 series or later, MacBook Air early 2015 model or later, MacBook Pro 2017 model or later, and iMac 2017 model or later.

“By maximizing the nationwide presence of our retail stores, we help more customers reach us faster when they find themselves in need of repair or maintenance services. This is a testament to Power Mac Center’s commitment as the go-to shop for all things Apple in the Philippines. We take pride in being able to provide premium and comprehensive services to all loyal Apple fans,” said Jim Laguio, PMC Director for Service.

To avail the service, customers must be able to show proof of purchase for validation. For safety purposes, they are asked to back up or migrate their files beforehand, remove all accessories and personal information, disable all security passwords from the device, deactivate FindMy, and provide their own packaging, preferably the original box. Once the service transaction is complete, the device will be delivered directly to the customer’s preferred address.

Power Mac Center drop-off locations include Luzon branches namely Robinsons Ilocos Norte, SM City Tuguegarao, Robinsons Tuguegarao, Robinsons La Union, SM City Urdaneta Central, SM City Pampanga, Harbor Point, Vista Mall Bataan, SM City Fairview, SM City San Lazaro, SM City Sta. Rosa, SM City San Pablo, SM City Bacoor, SM City DasmariƱas, Fora Mall, SM City Batangas, SM City Lipa, SM City Lucena, SM City Daet, SM City Legazpi, SM City Sorsogon, and SM City Puerto Princesa; SM City Roxas in the Visayas; and Robinsons Iligan in Mindanao.

Meanwhile, The Loop drop-off locations are Xentro Mall Vigan, SM City Baguio, SM Center Dagupan, and SM City Calamba for Luzon branches; D’Mall Boracay in the Visayas; and SM City General Santos in Mindanao. New and upcoming stores may also be added in this list in the future.

Fully equipped to offer fast and efficient repairs, Mobile Care Service Centers accommodate personal and enterprise service requirements. It has full-service locations nationwide including The Annex at SM City North EDSA, SM City Marikina, Northeast Square Greenhills, The Podium, Glorietta 5, S Maison, Festival Alabang, SM City Clark, Robinsons Galleria Cebu, Festive Walk Mall Iloilo, Abreeza Mall, KCC Mall de Zamboanga, and Limketkai Center in Cagayan de Oro.

For all service-related inquiries and other details, get in touch with PMC via landline at (02) 8725-4762, email <>, or the Mobile Care Viber Community at

To be updated on news and promotions, follow Power Mac Center on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

Global Life Coaching Summit happening on May 6

The Leading with Love Boutique-Style Experience Tour 2023, a gathering of global leaders, life coaches, decision makers, influencers, change agents, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and global-thought leaders is happening on May 6, at the Tiara Hotel in Makati City. 

Spearheaded by Master Coach Lakendra Smalley, a Master Certified Life Coach who’s a global authority in Holistic Mental Health Life Coaching, the event is a ground-breaking day of heart-centered learning featuring movement, holistic wellness and balance, business centered workshops and talks, music, fellowship, and a renewed focus on leading with love as the core & force of good business practices. 

Master Coach Lakendra Smalley, Master Certified Life Coach
Master Coach Lakendra Smalley,
Master Certified Life Coach

Before the pandemic Master Coach Lakendra opened a Life Coaching hub in Tacloban City where there is a high demand for Life Coaches. She continues to foster relationships around the globe to expand the Life Coaching community. She aims to make Life Coaching a recession proof profession for Life Coaches around the world.

“I was given this vision of bringing the entire world together to expand love and compassion into the hearts of leaders wanting to make our world a better place. I am now teaching others how to become their “better world.” Life Coaching is God’s profession. It teaches you how to love through the expansion of self, which makes you responsible for helping others to do the same,” Lakendra shared.

Master Coach LaKendra is now teaching leaders how to expand more in-love, which expands their leadership profoundly. She wants a Certified Life Coach represented in all 195 countries.

The Leading with Love Boutique-Style Experience Tour 2023 kicked-off in the US early this year while succeeding events will be held in South Africa and the Middle East.

Master Coach Lakendra also hosts “One Million Coaches Around the Globe,” a talk show and podcast on the TNC Network on Facebook. She is the founder of The Global Life Coach Training and Entrepreneur Institute, an online and offline school that teaches leaders how to use Life Coaching principles and methodology to build their platforms heart centered.

The event is organized by PEPP Management and Consultancy, Inc., in partnership with Malaya, Manila Standard, Mother Nurture, Salgado PR, and The New Channel. 

To learn more about the upcoming summit and Smalley’s Global Life Coach Training and Entrepreneur Institute, visit