Sunday, November 27, 2016

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast : Pancakes With Different Toppings

Ingredients :

1pack.                 MAYA Original Hotcake Mix
1piece                 egg
2 tablespoon      vegetable oil
3/4 cup.               Water

Ube Ganache

500 grams.         Ube bar
2 packs.              All-purpose cream

Chocolate ganache

500 grams.       Chocolate bar
2 packs             All-purpose cream

Chocolate cookie butter

10 pack                chocolate cookie
200 grams           unsalted butter add

Prepare Pancakes. Prepare pancakes according to box instructions.

Prepare Ube Ganache. Melt ube bar in a mixing bowl on top of a double broiler. Stir in cream. Set aside and cool down.

Prepare Chocolate Ganache. Melt chocolate bar in a mixing bowl on top of a double broiler

Prepare Oreo cookie Butter. Blend butter in a food processor then add the chocolate cookies.

Do not allow the cookie to come up into a paste like consistency.

Enjoy!!!  :-)

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