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Converge Advances in Prepaid Fixed Broadband Since Debut

The Rhien Store in Tondo, Manila was one of the first retailer outlets in the area that took advantage of the surging demand for the prepaid fiber product.

The bold venture into prepaid fixed broadband of Converge ICT Solutions Inc. continues to bear fruit, with its prepaid solution Surf2Sawa (S2S) connecting  115,000 customers since its official launch in March last year.

Advancing its vision to leave no one behind, Converge introduced its pioneering prepaid brand S2S, aiming to extend the capabilities of fiber to the masses, which comprises approximately 9.3 million households.

According to Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy, the rapid uptake in S2S subscribers demonstrates the inherently strong market demand for low-cost broadband services. 

Ann Lozareto, an S2S Agent from Binan, Laguna has been seeing a steady uptick in demand for the product since its launch last year.

“Surf2Sawa has truly been a game-changer for households that previously could not subscribe to a regular postpaid plan because of financial constraints. Offering both affordability and reliability, we are delighted to see how it's bridging the gap for many Filipino households as they engage in their digitalized lifestyle,” said Uy.

With flexible top-up options for as low as P50 for one-day service up to P700 for a 30-day unlimited connectivity, the product has gained popularity among disadvantaged households seeking to upgrade to fiber connectivity from mobile and wireless broadband.

“Hindi s’ya naging mahirap sa amin na ibenta kasi kasi ngayon ka lang makakakita ng internet na prepaid. Walang prepaid na internet; S2S lang ang mayroon no’n na napakagandang bagay sa mga estudyante na naglo-load lang,” said Ann Lazareto, S2S sales agent from Biñan, Laguna. 

["It wasn't difficult for us to sell because it was the first time a prepaid internet was introduced. There was no prepaid internet available before; only S2S had that, which is a good option for students who used to load for mobile data."]

The solution was initially launched to over 400 cities and municipalities nationwide, and has since received a positive response from the customers. In the first quarter of 2023, Surf2Sawa’s subscriber count had nearly doubled even before it had been fully rolled out in the market.

And as the company expanded the reach of Surf2Sawa across the country in the fourth quarter last year, S2S hit its all-time peak in customer acquisition with over 32,000 net subscriber adds, maintaining its consistent traction in South and Central Luzon, as well as the National Capital Region (NCR).

A family in Tondo enjoys the unbeatable speeds and a seamless connection of S2S for their livelihood and entertainment needs.

With capacity for six gadgets and speeds of up to 25 Mbps, S2S can be enjoyed by the whole family at an affordable rate of just P 700 per month.

In the same period, S2S had also made its presence in additional 100 cities and municipalities, making it available in more than 600 cities and municipalities and over 30 provinces in the country as of year end. 

Uy said that they expect S2S to maintain its growth momentum as they penetrate new regions to reach the unserved and underserved segments of the population.

“As we go all out in its delivery to more customers, we anticipate that S2S will maintain its traction given our strengthened presence in more areas, our partnerships with local distributors, and improved efficiency in our installation operations,” Uy added.

As of end-2023, Converge is serving almost 2.13 million residential customers in the country.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024


Suit your discriminating palate while keeping your Lenten goal. These days, the majority of eateries and franchises have produced hearty food options that you should sample without feeling overly deficient. To keep you satisfied and happy, try these delicious seafood and plant-based dishes at the SM malls in Marilao, Baliwag, and Pulilan.

Botejyu's wide selection of seafood specials, such as Prawn Tempura Rice Bowl, is a must-try this Lenten season. Visit Boteyju branches at SM City Marilao and SM City Baliwag. 

BOTEJYU Prawn Tempura Rice Bowl. Enjoy the Lenten season with Botejyu’s wide selection of seafood specials, from Prawn Tempura Rice Bowl to Salmon Teriyaki Steak and Assorted Sashimi. Botejyu’s variety of vibrant seafood dishes will satisfy your appetite during the Lenten season and beyond. Visit Boteyju branches at SM City Marilao and SM City Baliwag.

Kenny Rogers’ guilt-free Grilled Fish is a certified favorite this Lenten season. Discover meat-free menus at Kenny Rogers branches in SM City Marilao and SM City Baliwag.

Kenny Rogers’ Grilled Fish. Trade in your roasted chicken meal for guilt-free KRR’s Grilled Fish, made with fresh and quality fish fillet dipped in a mixture of lemon-basil, garlic, and carefully selected herbs and spices to give you a mildly sweet and smoky taste. It is available in plated combinations with your choice of one or two sides and a corn muffin. Discover Kenny Rogers branches in SM City Marilao and SM City Baliwag.

Give in to Filipino favorite sisig the ‘guilt-free’ way with Kuya J’s Sizzling Tofu available at their branches in SM City Marilao and SM City Baliwag.

Kuya J'S Sizzling Tofu. Enjoy the bold flavors of Filipino favorite sisig in a vegetarian way with Kuya J’s Sizzling Tofu, available at their branches in SM City Marilao and SM City Baliwag. This sautéed cheesy tofu dish with assorted vegetables topped with chopped spring onion and fried garlic will surely satisfy your taste buds!

Wendy’s introduces their Fish Sandwich, made with a delightful blend of classic fish fillet, all smothered with tartar sauce. Grab yours at Wendy’s, located at the ground level of SM City Marilao.

Wendy’s Fish Sandwich. Experience the wonders of the sea with Wendy’s Fish Sandwich. With its delightful blend of classic fish fillet all smothered with tartar sauce, it makes up a perfect harmony of crunch and flavor. Head on to Wendy’s at the ground level of SM City Marilao.

Crave all you want with Jollibee Tuna Pie, made with a delicious combination of crispy crust and creamy tuna. Head on to Jollibee branches in SM Center Pulilan, SM City Baliwag, and SM City Marilao.

Jollibee’s Tuna Pie. Dive into the delicious combination of crispy crust and creamy tuna filling with Jollibee Tuna Pie. It is also available in a trio pack to let you share the best of both the savory and sweet worlds with your family and friends. ‘Pie all you want’ at Jollibee branches in SM Center Pulilan, SM City Baliwag, and SM City Marilao.

Meanwhile, you may also opt to make your meals more personalized with delightful home recipes. Make use of frozen and fresh catch fish and seafood, or go all out with more nutritious dishes from freshly harvested vegetables and fruits from the local farmers available at SM Hypermarket. Head on over to SM malls in Marilao, Baliwag, and Pulilan and enjoy these delicious meat alternatives.

Embracing Diversity and Reducing Gender Inequality: Converge Emphasizes the Importance of Empowering Female Tech Leaders

With Converge President and Co-Founder Maria Grace Uy (first row, 4th from left) as a co-captain in the company, Converge has been an empowering organization for women despite being in an industry where men tend to outnumber women in terms of leadership and technical roles. 

Converge ICT Solutions Inc., a leading provider of fiber broadband and technology, is demonstrating support for women in honor of Women's Month by highlighting the contributions made by the female workforce and the significance of empowering women leaders, particularly in the technology industry. 

Grace Uy, President and Co-Founder of Converge, stated that the company intentionally fosters a collaborative workplace where women's participation is respected and everyone has the opportunity to achieve based on their merits and abilities, despite operating in a primarily male industry. 

“In the company, we give equal chances for everyone to speak up and come up with suggestions regardless of gender. As a woman in the organization, I see to it that our women employees would see themselves as equal to anyone without thinking they will not be heard just because they are a woman,” she said.       

Setting as a role model for the women workforce in the industry, Uy received several awards as a testament to her contributions in the local telco space. Just this month, she was recognized in the Inquirer Women of Power Awards which celebrates female leaders who made tangible impact in their respective fields. She was also hailed last year in the acclaimed Stevie Awards for Women in Business, winning the Gold Stevie for Woman of the Year - Technology category.

Converge President and Co-Founder Maria Grace Uy

Uy said Converge is a company that values diversity and inclusivity, allowing everyone to climb the leadership ladder and succeed in their respective roles. 

Based on the company’s 2023 data, one in every three leadership posts across the company is occupied by women, from managerial, senior leadership, or executive positions, while female employees make up 36 percent of the company’s total workforce. 

Furthermore, Converge SVP & Corporate Compliance and Data Protection Officer Atty. Laurice Esteban-Tuason urged local tech firms to continuously empower women in leadership roles, which is essential for driving innovation and achieving organizational success. 

“A diverse workforce performs better than a homogenous group. A more diverse group of workers bring a larger breadth of ideas and talent to the table than one that is not. This diversity is something that our President Grace Uy has recognized and continues to champion in the workforce,” said Esteban-Tuason during the She Slays 2024 forum.

Converge SVP & Corporate Compliance and Data Protection Officer Atty. Laurice Esteban-Tuason (second from right) spoke in the recent She Slays 2024: Women Leading Technology, highlighting the efforts of Converge to promote gender diversity and inclusivity within the organization.

As part of its corporate governance initiatives, Converge enforces a Board Diversity Policy, which indicates that the selection for the board of directors must be done irrespective of gender, race, nationality, or cultural background. This was exemplified in the addition of former Senior Associate Justice Estela M. Perlas-Bernabe as a second female member of the Converge Board.

By setting this tone from the top, Converge likewise recognizes that gender equality must be established in the workplace. “Skills and expertise should always come first. Even in the ICT field, the company has no gender bias. We value the contribution of women engineers who work in the technical departments and senior leadership positions,” Esteban-Tuason noted. 

She also mentioned that Converge embraces an equal-opportunity perspective when developing talent, and in terms of promotions, and recruitment, skills are the most important factor they consider. 

Under the leadership of Uy, Converge employs different programs to support female employees in the company.

Last year, Converge launched its Grace Under Pressure: MentorSHE program, a woman-to-woman leadership training that provides mentoring sessions for next-in-line women leaders in the company. The initiative is seen to boost the opportunities of women in Converge to move forward in their careers in the organization. 

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Charge up your EV while recharging your energy at SM Supermalls!

Good news for eco-friendly EV owners! You can find free EV Charging Stations (EVCS) at 50 SM malls nationwide. As the largest network of EVCS, SM Supermalls makes powering up your E-Vehicle quick, convenient, and gives you access to countless activities and entertainment.

Here are just a few of the activities you can enjoy while powering up your EVs at SM Supermalls.

1. Have a hearty meal at your favorite restaurant - or try something new!

SM City Grand Central and SM City Valenzuela have numerous food options you can grab a bite from while waiting for your EV to charge. Dine in at your favorite restaurant like DOOKKI Korean Topokki Buffet, or be adventurous and try something new at their SM Foodcourt. Either way, you’re in for a treat, and maybe you’ll find yourself driving back to eat there again next time!

2. Get your steps in by walking around the mall, and taking the perfect selfie!

SM City Grand Central is well-known for its vast collection of destination shops and IG spots, while SM City Valenzuela boasts of its Cyberzone, which offers the latest gadgets and gizmos. There are a lot of places to discover at SM City Grand Central and SM City Valenzuela, but if you just want to relax, you can get a massage, a facial, or maybe get your hair and nails done at the mall while you wait.

3. Catch up on the latest movie offerings!

Everyone knows watching a movie is the ultimate pastime, so why don’t you catch one while your EV is charging up? SM Cinemas have some of the latest blockbuster hits that you can choose from, with great snacks available at the Snack Bar. If you’re going to wait for your charging EV, spend it by keeping yourself entertained!

4. Shop, shop, shop!

Time flies by when you’re having fun, and what’s more fun than going shopping around The SM Store? Browse each floor for everything and anything you’re interested in. Want a new pair of shoes? How about a brand-new outfit for the next time you go out with family or friends? Or maybe you’re looking for items to spruce up your home - whatever it is, everything’s at SM!

SM Supermalls has a variety of options to choose from to make waiting more productive and fruitful. 

Next time you find that you need to charge your EV, head on to your nearest SM mall for an aweSM experience. You can find the EV charging station at SM City Grand Central on the lower ground parking level, and at SM City Valenzuela on the ground level parking of the mall.

SM Supermalls’ EV Charging Stations support The SM Green Movement towards a greener planet. For more information on SM Supermalls’ sustainability efforts and a list of EV Charging Stations, visit and follow @smsupermalls on all social media accounts.

Grace and Power: Converge president recognized at PDI Women of Power Awards


Maria Grace Uy, President and Co-Founder
Converge ICT Solutions Inc. 

Maria Grace Uy, the president and co-founder of Converge ICT Solutions, received recognition for her outstanding accomplishments at the Inquirer Women of Power Awards, which honor women leaders who have spurred innovation in their sectors and had a real impact on their communities.

The final winners were chosen based on a number of factors, including professional accomplishments, contributions to innovation and creativity, effective mentoring or empowerment through education, community impact as a champion of the environment and sustainability, promotion of inclusivity and diversity, change management or crisis resolution, and groundbreaking work in tech or digital spaces. The Philippine Daily Inquirer organized the event. The senior editors of the publication made the nominations. 

“Malasakit is deeply ingrained in the lives of the women that are here tonight. If you hear their stories, you will see that they have actually helped women advance in their careers, giving them a hand up. You will see that they actually celebrated the successes of people they’ve mentored and have acknowledged those that have mentored them,” said CEO of the Inquirer Group of Companies, Sandy Prieto-Romualdez. 

Uy has been widely recognized for her leadership at Converge, breaking the glass ceiling in the male-dominated ICT sector. She has also led the way into giving a stronger voice to female leaders and developing more women leaders at Converge through a women mentorship program.

“As we celebrate women’s month, may we all be reminded of our victories - big and small. I commend all women who are making waves of change whichever industry they are in; may all these women continue to speak up and make their voices heard,” said Grace Y. Uy. 

“I’m grateful to receive this award on behalf of all the women in Converge who make significant changes to make the company what it is today,” she added. 

Now in its second year, the Inquirer defined power as “not only positions of high authority or clout in our society, but a broad measure of one's empowering actions or influence in organizations, niches or entire sectors.”

Uy joins other well-respected honorees this year, including Magsaysay Group of Companies President and CEO Doris Magsaysay-Ho, Lisset Laus-Velasco of the Laus Group of Companies, Artists Movement Founder Mae “Juana Change” Paner, renowned chef Margarita Araneta Fores, and Negrense Volunteers for Change CEO Millie Kilayko.

As the co-pilot of CEO Dennis Anthony Uy, Grace steered Converge through another trailblazing year as the company introduced Surf2Sawa and BIDA fiber in 2023. Staying true to their mantra to leave no one behind, Grace and Dennis aimed to effectively widen internet access to the lower C and D market, estimated at 17 million low-income households.

Under Grace’s watch, Converge made the crucial pivot in 2023 to more value-added services, introducing entertainment streaming service through BlastTV while, at the same time, pushing hard on its own offering of Converge Vision for a broader entertainment package for consumers. 

Again feeling the pulse of what customers need, Converge also widened the solutions it can offer to MSMEs as it introduced a Workplace solution for Hospitality. It also began offering network managed services as it rolled out connectivity in the Philippines transport gateways like NAIA Terminal 3 and 4. 

On the same page as Dennis on technology, Grace also enabled the company to optimize network operations, paving the way for artificial intelligence to inform network management and troubleshooting through a multi-award-winning technology platform. 

As Converge gears up for more innovation-driven developments in 2024, it will continue to rely on the strategic decision-making and sound leadership of Grace Uy. 

Today, Converge stands as the country’s only pure-play fixed broadband provider, operating the country's largest fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network with over 7.9 million ports nationwide and an extensive 685,000-kilometer fiber backbone.This network now reaches 16.7 million homes, covering 62.9 percent of the Philippine population.

SM Bulacan Malls Celebrate WMN 2024

SM Marilao puts the spotlight on women this March with the Beauty Fair and captivating installations at the Mall Atrium

This March, SM malls in Marilao, Baliwag, and Pulilan will celebrate International Women's Month.

The Women's Beauty Fair at SM Bulacan Malls is the spark that starts the celebration. It promises a distinctive shopping experience with beauty bazaars and an opportunity to find items tailored to personal preferences in partnership with leading SM beauty brands and MSMEs.

SM City Baliwag celebrates WMN 2024 with a Women's Beauty Fair, IG spots, and installations perfect for capturing memories. 

Girl Power is strong at SM Center Pulilan's Women's Beauty Fair, with photo spots dedicated to ladies celebrating womanhood this March

The celebration of Women's Month this year will highlight how Generation Z has redefined beauty standards by stressing individualism, self-expression, and self-care. People in Generation Z are renowned for being fearless in trying out unorthodox appearances and fashions, pushing the envelope, and showcasing their creativity on a variety of platforms.

Celebrate with us as popular beauty brands like Watsons, The SM Store, The Body Shop, The Face Shop, Miniso, and more, supporting equality and inclusivity, are featured in SM malls in Marilao, Baliwag, and Pulilan.

Women definitely rule this March at SM City Marilao with the Women's Beauty Fair, fun IG spots, and installations to celebrate the season.

Women can express their creativity through SM's installations and Instagram spots. These fascinating areas are devoted to glam photography and memory-keeping in honor of womanhood.

At SM, we value diversity and independence, embrace bravery and fearlessness, and support beauty in all its forms—letting each person determine what beauty means to them. In Bulacan, visit your preferred SM malls to commemorate WMN 2024!

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Recognizing the real transformative power of community  sports, Gatorade launches “Fueled Liga,” a barangay grassroots program that will engage 150 communities across Luzon in the spirit of friendly competition with exciting sports skills-building activities and essential proper hydration education.

Fueled Liga is a key program under Gatorade’s “Sweat Unites Us” campaign – a massive nationwide movement that inspires players to play better and give more to their team. Fueled by Gatorade, the world’s leading sports drink, players “sweat more” for their teams, which fosters deeper connections, promotes greater teamwork and socialization, and creates more opportunities to have fun while keeping healthy and fit. 

Gatorade acknowledges that every time players play the sport they love, every pass or assist sparks genuine camaraderie and strengthens bonds, which leads to more epic team moments. The more they play and sweat together, the more they connect, united in the excitement of winning and achieving their team goals. 

In each Fueled Liga barangay leg, Gatorade will host fun basketball and volleyball challenges to test each participant’s sports skills. Anyone can participate in these activities – they just need to present a Gatorade glass bottle crown or “tansan” during the event. 

Those who win the challenges will take home fantastic brand merchandise and prizes.

Gatorade will also choose Barangay MVPs to participate in the upcoming Gatorade Fueled Liga camps happening between June to August, which are exclusive basketball and volleyball clinics powered by Gatorade Brand Ambassadors LA Tenorio, Alyssa Valdez, and Dwight Ramos.

Gatorade Brand Ambassadors will attend Fueled Liga events to encourage aspiring athletes by sharing their “Laking Liga” stories, focusing on how their community leagues helped them grow as excellent athletes throughout their journey.

In addition to holding the Fueled Liga sports skills-building challenges, Gatorade will also sponsor several court refurbishments, such as replacements for basketball and court backboards and volleyball nets – to improve playing experiences in the communities.

“At Gatorade, we uphold sports’ transformative, bond-strengthening power, which is truly evident in activities like community leagues. Most Filipinos, in fact, play for the social aspect of these games – not only do they get to play the sport they love, but they also enjoy the chance to socialize with their teammates and have fun,” says Katrina Suarez, PepsiCo Philippines Marketing Lead for Non-Carbonated Beverages.

“This opportunity inspires them to give more to their teams, ultimately promoting better teamwork and skills. And through all that, Gatorade will provide the proper hydration and the right fuel to ensure they remain on top of their games, enabling them to give more and sweat more for their teams. For this reason, we are going to different barangays with our Fueled Liga program to host these much-anticipated sports activities and provide proper hydration education.”

Fueled Liga will run from March 23 to July of this year. For more information and updates, please follow and

To watch the Gatorade Sweat Unites Us film, please visit

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Subic Riviera Hotels and Residences aims to make mark in hospitality industry in Olongapo


Subic Riviera Hotel and Residences, being a newly opened establishment, wants to make sure it has a reliable and quality digital infrastructure in place, hence, secured a Converge subscription in 2023.

The Subic Freeport Zone has long been a center of hospitality in Olongapo City - its landscape is dotted with numerous hotels and accommodations each offering their own flavor of Philippine conviviality and warmth. This competitive space is where Subic Riviera Hotel and Residences decided to enter and with much enthusiasm, presented their brand of exceptional service supported with fiber connectivity that’s second to none.

The Subic Riviera Hotel and Residences was established by Mr. Myung Kook Kang in the middle of the global pandemic and opened its doors just in November 2023. As a new business, management had its own share of hesitation and nervousness, especially catering to a post-pandemic market.

“We opened in November 2023, and at first, there were not too many customers because they don’t know the place,” said Mr. Kang.

“Medyo ninenerbyos after the grand opening kasi inisip namin noon na baka walang pumasok na guest,” affirmed Ivy Grace A. Garcia, General Manager of the hotel.

Patrons and guests can avail of a connection as fast as 300 Mbps for their personal use.

Fortunately, the stellar amenities and offerings of the hotel - which includes a sky lounge, the Essa cafe, a restaurant, 150 rooms, function rooms, and two private villas with a private pool - word about the hotel quickly spread around town.

Now, said Mr. Kang, the hotel is almost always fully booked and attracts foreign travelers as well as local ones.

Touted as a ‘family-friendly’ hotel, the hotel’s two villas are always in-demand by families wanting to celebrate special occasions with their own private pool and extensive rooms, noted Garcia.

Supporting the word-of-mouth campaign in the promotion of the hotel is of course the hotel’s social media, powered by the fiber connection of Converge.

“Malaking bagay si Converge because it’s through the internet that we update and promote our Facebook page. Without it, wala kaming communication with our clients,” Garcia added.

Subic Riviera Hotel and Residences is located in Olongapo, in the central hub of development in the city, the Subic Freeport Zone. 

Subic Riviera Hotel and Residences continues to reach out to vacationers and travelers through its social media, all while offering 300 mbps speeds to its patrons which can be accessed anywhere in the hotel.

This fast and high-speed connectivity will all the more enable the hotel to grow its business as it takes its place as a mainstay in the hospitality scene in Pampanga.

“Right now, wifi is crucial for our communications and we’re happy to have wifi that we can depend on for our operations,” added Mr. Kang.

Mr. Kang is confident that Subic Riviera Hotel and Residences will become a permanent feature of the hospitality landscape in five year’s time, at which time he will put up another branch of the hotel.

“After five years, I plan to have another hotel branch in Subic,” notes Mr. Kang.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Time to Shine: Make Your Mark for Earth Hour at SM Malls

Mall goers are invited to take small actions and make a big difference during Earth Hour at SM malls.

Small actions can make a big difference. This year, SM Supermalls invites everyone to #GiveAnHourForEarth by joining millions around the world in the annual Global Lights Switch Off on March 23 from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. This 2024, SM marks 16 years of commitment in supporting the annual campaign initiated by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) since its inception in the Philippines in 2008. You can make your mark too by participating in various eco-friendly activities across SM malls.

Shop and dine in the dark

Mall-goers can enjoy a candlelit dinner at participating restaurants, explore Green Retail Finds at the SM Store, or indulge in gadget-free entertainment at board game cafes and arts and crafts hubs. Customers can also check out solar light solutions at ACE Hardware or glow up while they power down with beauty and wellness treats at Watsons. More exclusive Earth Hour deals await via SM Deals, SM Malls Online, and at an SM mall near you.

Shop for a sustainable home, dine in the dark, and recycle with SM Supermalls.

Get moving and recycling

Promoting an active and sustainable lifestyle, customers are encouraged to walk or bike around the mall during Earth Hour. Furthermore, individuals can make a meaningful impact by dropping off recyclables at SM's plastic waste collection booths in partnership with Friends of HOPE, or by disposing of e-waste responsibly at designated collection bins located at Cyberzone or information booths.

Through the collective efforts of SM Supermalls, its tenants and customers in supporting Earth Hour in 2023, SM malls saved 4825.61 kwH of energy, equivalent to CO2 emissions from charging 417,940 smartphones. Shoppers can make an impact and #GiveAnHourForEarth at SM malls, showcasing how raising awareness on the climate crisis can be a vibrant and enjoyable experience too. 

Discover your kids' digital artistic skills with Basecamp’s ‘Creativity Camp’ workshop series


Kids and teens nowadays exhibit remarkable proficiency in digital technology. Their natural adaptability and early exposure to screens significantly contribute to their digital fluency. To nurture their skills further, Power Mac Center (PMC), through its official training arm Basecamp, has launched Creativity Camp: Workshop for Kids & Teens

The primary goal of the program is to empower young learners and foster their digital creativity and critical thinking skills. Creativity Camp provides engaging and age-appropriate digital courses covering topics such as digital art, calligraphy, coding, 3D design, and graphic design, as well as non-digital courses focused on painting and drawing. These training sessions are scheduled to commence in April and continue until July, welcoming children aged 6 to 15.

“Basecamp blends digital and non-digital skills, offering valuable educational experiences for kids and teens during their school break. Whether they’re delving into coding, creating digital art, or honing their painting and drawing techniques, these workshops cultivate a diverse learning environment. We invite parents to enroll their kids and teenagers in any of our workshops to not only enhance their technical abilities but also deepen their appreciation for creativity and self-expression,” said Maleng Raysag, Basecamp’s head.

Artistry Unleashed: iPad Edition

Young creators will embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of digital art using iPads. Unleash your kid’s artistic potential with the “Draw and Share on iPad” course. This program enables kids and teens to make digital art and craft impactful posters with meaningful messages. Meanwhile, “Calligraphy on iPad” will help young artists refine their handwriting skills so they can merge calligraphy’s timeless elegance with modern technology.

Does your grade schooler enjoy discovering new apps? Why not teach them to code their own? “Code and Play with Hopscotch on iPad” is an engaging workshop tailored for young learners, allowing them to have fun while honing essential coding abilities.

Honing digital skills using Mac

Creativity Camp also offers “3D Art on Mac,” allowing kids and teens to transform their ideas into 3D masterpieces. By the end of the sessions, they will have developed the discipline and expertise to produce remarkable three-dimensional visuals.

Explore the realm of graphic design with the “Canva Graphics on Mac” program. Whether your kid is creating for educational endeavors or personal projects, this workshop ensures that the design process is both captivating and enjoyable. Enroll your teen in the “Code and Create on Mac” workshop and watch them learn to spearhead their own coding projects.

Non-digital prowess

If your kids yearn for a more traditional and hands-on creative experience, look no further than Creativity Camp. Basecamp offers two exciting workshops that will spark your child’s imagination.

Kids can enroll in the “Coffee Painting” workshop, where they’ll explore their artistic side using this unconventional and eco-friendly medium. As they create, they’ll be enveloped in the rich aromas of coffee, adding an extra layer of sensory delight to their artistic journey.

Meanwhile, the “3D Pen Magic” program employs seemingly magical pens to transform kids’ two-dimensional drawings into cool, original three-dimensional objects.

Creativity Camp courses are priced at P5,500 per student per course. Each course spans four days, with two-hour sessions each day. Additionally, Basecamp also offers a package deal priced at P15,000 per student, which includes any three courses, with a total duration of 12 days, maintaining the same two-hour sessions each day. Visit <> for the full schedule.

Reservation is on a first-come, first-served basis. Parents need to fill out the online registration form and make a payment via bank deposit. Once submitted, participants will receive an email confirming their registration along with all the essential workshop details. Note that slots for face-to-face classes are limited to only 10 students per session. The Basecamp training center is located at 3/L Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Makati City. 

Ready to spark your kids’ curiosity and cultivate their creativity? Book a course now via <> or +63 908 885 6277. Follow Power Mac Center on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube to be updated on promotions and special deals on Basecamp training fees.

Home Credit’s Travel Essentials for an Epic Summer Getaway

Cool adventures ahead! 

Capture your sun-soaked memories with the hottest smartphones, available via Home Credit's 0% interest installment deal this dry season

Now that summer has arrived, we are preparing for amazing out-of-town travels to truly enjoy the summertime feelings. It's time to enjoy the season to the fullest and beat the scorching heat, whether that means going on a leisurely road trip, discovering breathtaking nature, or cooling off in cold pools or beaches.

You need to have the proper equipment so you can enjoy your vacation worry-free and make sure this summer getaway is the most memorable one ever. One of the top consumer loan firms in the nation, Home Credit, is here to assist you by offering a travel needs guide for an amazing summer getaway.

Capture every moment with an excellent smartphone

Your smartphone becomes your best travel companion when you go on vacation. You may quickly record amazing vistas and life-changing moments with the camera with only a tap, allowing you to revisit these memories at a later time.

To highlight your experiences, you may also post about your excursions on social media with ease. In addition to giving you instant access to essential tools like navigation, smartphones also let you stay in touch with your loved ones and friends while on vacation. 

If you are looking for a powerful smartphone for your summer escapades, consider upgrading to these models you can check out through Home Credit’s When it comes to flagship features—from camera capabilities to overall performance, you can opt for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 256GB/12GB Phone and the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB, Space Black Phone. 

For a stylish yet powerful smartphone that can complement your travel outfits, the Vivo V29E 256GB/12GB or the Realme 9 Pro Plus 256GB/8GB Phone are excellent choices. Meanwhile, the Honor X8b 512GB/16GB and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus 5G 512GB/12GB are also worth considering if you are searching for a device with sizable storage for your photos but also comes equipped with ultra-clear cameras to capture your experiences.

With a new smartphone, be sure to also invest in a waterproof phone case, especially if your summer destinations include beaches or pools with water activities. This can protect your phone from potential damage caused by water splashes and enable you to use your device even in wet conditions.

Keep your devices powered up with a power bank

During your travels, it can be difficult to find a power outlet to charge your phone, particularly if you are in a foreign place. This may also take away from the enjoyment of your encounter. Having a high-capacity power bank with you guarantees that your smartphone and other gadgets stay charged, allowing you to keep taking pictures, listening to music, and using other features. Of course, keep in mind to pack your charging wire in case the one included with your power bank isn't integrated. 

Bring portable speakers or headphones to enjoy your favorite music.

When it comes to creating the atmosphere and tone of your holiday, music is a great instrument that may help you make enduring memories. Bring your portable speakers or headphones on your much-anticipated vacation so you can enjoy your favorite music and make the most of the summertime with your loved ones.

Utilize water bottles to stay hydrated.

It could get really hot when you're on summer vacation. Because of this, it's essential that you pack water bottles so that you can stay hydrated. It helps reduce the usage of plastic bottles while keeping you refreshed for your summertime activities. If you want to keep your refreshments cool even in hot weather, you might want to pack insulated water bottles.

Apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the heat.

Being outside exposes your skin to UV (ultraviolet) radiation from the sun, which can cause severe sunburns and other skin diseases. Protect your skin by packing on and using high-SPF sunscreen that offers a robust barrier. This gives you the freedom to engage in outdoor activities without worrying about your skin. Make sure to reapply as needed for ongoing protection, particularly after swimming or heavy perspiration.

Organize your belongings using a travel backpack.

Select a travel bag that is both roomy and lightweight, featuring many sections to accommodate and arrange all of your necessities, including a power bank, water bottle, sunscreen, and summer clothing. This guarantees that you have all you need for a well-planned and memorable vacation.

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