Friday, September 30, 2022

SM Green Finds is going beyond shopping

The SM Store’s Green Finds

When it comes to challenges as big as climate change, businesses and communities have to work together and consumers need to have concrete, practical options that can allow them to go green in their everyday life.

SM Supermalls President Steven Tan acknowledges that “People already know about the importance of sustainability. Their question is ‘What can I do?’ SM helps them find a way to make a difference.”

SM, the country’s largest retailer, is taking the lead in offering accessible eco-friendly options to its consumers through the recently launched Green Finds. Consumers simply need to spot items and products with a Green Finds badge. 

The SM Green Finds initiative helps customers develop a sustainable lifestyle through affordable and easy-to-find eco-friendly products showcased in convenient pop-up stores.

These kiosks feature several green shopping options from 22 participating brands which include Home, SM Fashion, Watsons, The Body Shop, Kultura, Baby Company, Ace Hardware, Supplies Station, Sports Central, Toy Kingdom, and Signature Lines.

Supporting local businesses

Many products featured in the Green Finds pop-up stores are made by local businesses. This is part of SM’s long-standing commitment to supporting Filipino small and medium enterprises—driven by its origins as a small shoe store in downtime Manila in 1958.

Today, SM works with almost 25,000 small and medium enterprises representing 27% of the total SMEs in the country. Aside from helping them reach consumers through several retail channels, it also gives free training on sustainability and social and environmental topics through the Green Movement Sustainability School.

Empowering consumers

SM is also offering multiple channels where consumers can pick out green items: from brick-and-mortar stores to online spaces.

“As the country’s largest shopping platform—with malls nationwide, the ShopSM website and app, and services like Personal Shopper and Click and Collect—we are in a unique position to make it easier for people to spot green finds,” says Cathy Ileto, VP for Corporate Communications, SM Retail.

“Our platforms empower consumers by giving them more choices, which drives the movement towards a green lifestyle.”

Community Engagement through the SM Green Movement

The SM Green Finds is part of a comprehensive program called the SM Green Movement, which brings together the customers, suppliers and partners, and communities in a joint effort to help protect the planet.

“The goal of the SM Green Movement is to get everyone involved in the effort to stop global warming and protect the planet,” Tan further stated. 

For several years, SM has engaged the local communities in environmental programs. This includes recycling programs like Trash to Cash Market, SM Electronic Waste Collection, and coastal cleanups. 

SM has also encouraged customers to use more eco-friendly transportation, through bike lanes and electronic vehicle (EV) charging stations in several of its malls.

Join the Green Movement

The SM Green Movement is a collective effort of SM, its customers, communities, and partners to promote green living, green culture, and a green planet. For more information, visit this website.

Yes, your family can now travel!

Itching to go on a family vacation but still wary of mingling with crowds? Don’t worry. You can still take that much-needed holiday without overexposing yourself and your loved ones with the help of the right planning and itinerary. Here’s a compilation of off-the-beaten-path travel ideas that could satisfy your wanderlust. 

Take to the outdoors

One of the easiest ways to shrug off two-year-long cabin fever is to take to the outdoors. Let the kids stretch their muscles and experience nature in full bloom by taking them on easy hikes. Beginner mountain trails on Mt. Oro in Rizal, Mt. Tayawan in Benguet, or         Mt. Samat in Bataan can be trekked by children from one to three hours, depending on their age, weather, and trail. Hikes not only teach kids to care for the environment, but it also helps them achieve a sense of accomplishment. 

Better by a campfire 

If you’re not quite ready to go on a trek, try camping instead. Various campsites are open to day trips and overnight accommodations. More often than not, these camping grounds also have access to natural resources like lakes, rivers, hiking trails, or breathtaking views. Don’t have camping gear? Not a problem! Some sites also offer tents, cookware, boat, sports gear, or sleeping bag rental. 

Sleep under the stars in style

Another option to this, of course, is glamping or glamorous camping. Glamping sites have either decked-out tents complete with beds, electric fans, or air conditioning, while some offer tiny cottages or container van cabins. To create a nature-inspired ambiance, some glamping sites also have pools, lagoons, or view decks. 

Your own private paradise

If you’re looking for a more secluded location that will guarantee your family some privacy, consider renting a private villa near a lake or beach, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, a private island. There are numerous beachfront properties for rent in Batangas, Zambales, and other parts of the country. While there are several private islands in Laguna, Palawan, and Occidental Mindoro that accept short-term stays. Having a place all to yourself not only limits your exposure to the virus but also encourages more bonding time with the family. 

Cross-country road trip

Got time on your hands? Plan a road trip across the country. Through the use of roll-on roll-off (RORO) transport access you can practically drive on and off from one province to the next. You can also opt to stay close to your home base. If you’re based in Manila, for example, you can plan a trip two-day trip to the north or a drive to the southern tip of Luzon. Make the trip more interesting and educational to young ones by incorporating stops at historical sites. You may also book experiential or cultural tours in each province where kids can learn either a handicraft, local dish, or cultural activity. 

Whatever travel option you choose, always follow the health protocols in the letter. You might also want to consider getting travel insurance to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from any travel emergency. Malayan Insurance Co. Inc.’s Travel Master provides a financial safety net in case you or your family gets COVID-19 or figures in an accident during the trip. For a safer travel experience, visit

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Daily treatment: key to managing asthma, according to new study

In the Philippines, the National and Health Nutrition Survey states that the overall prevalence of asthma was estimated at 8.7% based on wheezing for the past 12 months. And according to the 2017 WHO data, asthma deaths in the country reached over 13,000.4

According to this research, “New Versus Old: The Impact of Changing Patterns of Inhaled Corticosteroid Prescribing and Dosing Regimens in Asthma Management” by Professor Dave Singh, daily usage of inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) or maintenance inhalers, addresses both the evident and underlying asthma symptoms that patients experience, decreasing the number and severity of their asthma attacks. This also solves the tendency of patients' over-reliance or under-reliance on their needed medication. 

An additional study shows that nearly 50% of asthma patients in Asia have uncontrolled asthma, despite the same research stating that over 80% of patients consider their asthma to be controlled.  

Consistency over complacency

“When it comes to asthma, poor patient perception is a serious risk. The belief that patients usually have is that their condition is not as serious as it is. When in reality, they are already experiencing underlying complications, such as airway inflammation, airway remodeling, decreased lung function, and bronchial hyperreactivity,” says Dr. Gyneth Bibera, Country Medical Director of GlaxoSmithKline Philippines Inc. “The underestimation of their disease's severity often leads to complacency, assuming that they only need treatment to react to symptoms when experienced. What this does is heightens the risk of asthma attacks, emergency hospital visits, a decreased quality of life, or even death.” 

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that requires maintenance medication. An effective way to manage it is through a preventive daily treatment using ICS therapies, alongside other prescribed medication that a patient might have. It helps to address the underlying source of the asthma attacks,  as opposed to only using ICS as a reliever once symptoms are already present. By committing to early and consistent treatment, patients can avoid experiencing asthma symptoms and exacerbations.

“Patients must view their asthma treatments as preventive rather than a reactive measure to control their condition. In partnership with their physicians, it's about maintaining consistency of treatment to provide them the best outcome in managing a chronic condition like asthma.” Dr. Bibera ends.

Friday, September 23, 2022

OPPO X Spotify collaboration for smart and customized listening experiences on ColorOS 13

Global technology company OPPO recently announced its partnership with the popular audio streaming platform Spotify. Through this collaboration, they created an all-new simple, and customizable listening experience on OPPO smartphones with its latest ColorOS 13 Operating System.

With the app fully integrated with many new smart features in ColorOS 13, Spotify users can now enjoy music, podcasts, and audiobooks with easier access and convenient controls on the home screen of their OPPO device.

Smart Always-On-Display (AOD): The AOD gives Spotify listeners a whole new way to keep their music, podcasts, and audiobooks at their fingertips. Spotify users can now know what Spotify content is currently playing, without having to unlock their device. By simply glancing at the AOD and double-tapping the music control panel, users can access and control what they’re listening to on their OPPO gadget.

Smart Always-On-Display supports Spotify controls and information display

Shelf: The new Shelf feature in ColorOS 13 includes an in-built Spotify Card, where users can access not only their favorite tracks but also content recommendations from the app with just a slide away.
In-built Spotify Card in Shelf in ColorOS 13

Home Screen Widgets: The Spotify widget can also be added to the ColorOS 13 home screen to provide quick and easy access to the Spotify app.

Spotify widget on ColorOS 13 home screen

Clock[1]: Users can now wake up every morning to their favorite Spotify tracks, playlists, and podcasts, thanks to an alarm integration in the ColorOS 13 Clock app.

Spotify alarm integration in the ColorOS 13 Clock app

“Our partnership with Spotify represents a new exploration into the possibilities of smartphone operating systems,” said Gary Chen, Head of OPPO Software Product. “Through smart, convenient, and human-centric features developed with our partners, we are bringing a more intelligent and efficient operating system to users, enabling them to spend more time enjoying music and the other most-loved features on the OPPO smartphones.”

Ian Geller, Global Head of Consumer Business Development at Spotify said, “At Spotify, we’re always working to offer our users the best listening experience out there. Through our partnership with OPPO, we aim to elevate the Spotify experience through OPPO ColorOS 13’s smart and human-centric features, delivering value for existing and new consumers of both brands”.

ColorOS 13 is the latest Android-Based Operating System from OPPO. Designed for simplicity and comfort with its Aquamorphic Design, ColorOS 13 features a series of smart and intelligent features that include Multi-Screen Connect, Meeting Assistant, Smart AOD, and Home Screen Management. Based on the Android Operating System, ColorOS provides exclusive, intelligent, and user-friendly experiences to over 500 million global monthly active users. It is available in 67 languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Hindi.

About OPPO
OPPO is a leading global smart device brand. Since the launch of its first mobile phone - “Smiley Face” - in 2008, OPPO has been in relentless pursuit of the perfect synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology. Today, OPPO provides a wide range of smart devices spearheaded by the Find and Reno series. Beyond devices, OPPO provides its users with the ColorOS operating system and internet services like OPPO Cloud and OPPO+. OPPO operates in more than 40 countries and regions, with 6 Research Institutes and 5 R&D Centers worldwide, as well as an International Design Center in London. More than 40,000 of OPPO's employees are dedicated to creating a better life for customers around the world.

About Spotify
Spotify transformed music listening forever when it launched in 2008. Discover, manage and share over 80 million tracks, including more than 4 million podcast titles, for free, or upgrade to Spotify Premium to access exclusive features for music including improved sound quality and an on-demand, offline, and ad-free music listening experience. Today, Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service with 433m users, including 188m subscribers, across 183 markets.

J&J Philippines Leads The Fight Against Prostate Cancer Through Better Awareness And Education


Working towards “a future where the disease is a thing of the past” – to take a step towards this goal, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Philippines, will again be supporting the initiatives of the Philippine Urological Association (PUA). For 2022, PUA is ramping up education on one specific type of cancer that both patients and healthcare personnel still lack ample awareness of prostate cancer, one of the top five cancers affecting Filipino males across the country (WHO Globocan Report 2020 - Philippines, March 2021).

“A lot of prostate cancer cases are detected late because of this lack of education and awareness, but prostate cancer can be ‘curable’ if diagnosed early enough,” says Dr. Erwin Benedicto, J&J Southeast Asia portfolio medical director. “There are also new therapies now available, even to advanced prostate cancer patients, that do not require chemotherapy.”

Evidence of this can be seen in the comparison of prostate cancer mortality rates between developed and less developed countries in the Asia-Pacific region, adds Benedicto. According to the World Health Organization, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan have seen a steady decline in their prostate cancer mortality rates, while rates in the Philippines and even Thailand have largely increased over recent years.

“Refinements to treatment and management of early-stage prostate cancers, and easier access
to these treatments in more developed countries would be the key drivers to lower mortality rates in these developed countries,” Benedicto adds.

Here in the Philippines, Dr. Aristotle Bernard M. Roque, 2022 President of the Philippine Urological Association says that the early signs and symptoms of prostate cancer are often mistaken for signs of aging, which explains why most cases detected are already in the advanced stages.

“A significant number of elderly male patients are hesitant on getting a prostate examination, even when it is recommended in executive check-ups. DRE or digital rectal examination is an accepted standard and readily available way of screening for prostate cancer,” adds Roque.
In terms of public programs and policies, a national information campaign for prostate cancer has yet to be initiated, like the ones being rolled out for breast and lung cancer. Advanced prostate cancer can also be challenging to treat as it tends to progress quicker, and treatments for these stages are not typically covered by PhilHealth.

“Novel treatments for advanced prostate cancer are also not part of the drug formulary so these
medicines cannot be availed of at government facilities, only chemotherapy is available,” explains Roque. “Not all patients would tolerate chemotherapy well, especially if the patient is already weak.”

In time for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month this September, J&J Philippines is providing support to the PUA’s Cancer Committee to help lessen the burden of this disease on Filipino families. Last September 10, a free online forum was held via Facebook Live (@puaprostatecancerawareness), where topics such as prostate cancer signs and symptoms, risk factors, and available support were discussed. This was then followed by free online consultations for men 50 years old and above, conducted by different institutions specializing in urologic care on September 17.

Aside from these activities, free training for primary care physicians on Prostate Cancer Early Detection and Screening will be provided by PUA throughout the whole of September (visit their Facebook page or for more information).

“Armed with the right knowledge, we can fight prostate cancer and improve the survival of those suffering from this disease,” says Benedicto.

About Johnson & Johnson

At Johnson & Johnson, we believe good health is the foundation of vibrant lives, thriving communities, and forward progress. That’s why for more than 130 years, we have aimed to keep people well at every age and every stage of life. Today, as the world’s largest and most broadly-based healthcare company, we are committed to using our reach and size for good. We strive to improve access and affordability, create healthier communities, and put a healthy mind, body, and environment within reach of everyone, everywhere. We are blending our heart, science, and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity. Learn more at Follow us at @JNJNews.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

25 Years of Success: How Jolly Has Remained A Market Leader in the Packaged Food Industry


The food industry is a tough market to crack in the Philippines. With so many new competitors vying to place first in consumer awareness, it takes a well-formulated and executed business formula to come out on top in such a competitive landscape. 

A perfect example of a brand that has mastered this kind of standout marketing leadership is Jolly, a packaged fruits and vegetable brand under Fly Ace Corporation. Backed by heritage and a steadfast dedication to fulfilling the needs of its market, Jolly has retained its position of being the leader of its niche twenty-five years since its launch. Now, the brand continues to gain success by following a simple formula: staying true to its consumer promise.  

“The vision of Jolly is to be part of every Filipino household,” shares Larry Cochanco, one of the directors of Fly Ace Corporation. “We want to develop a trusted brand that is delicious and nutritious for the common Filipino to use.” By providing fresh and nutritious ingredients that are easily accessible to everyone, Jolly gives consumers the capacity to be more creative in the kitchen.  

This consumer promise is rooted in the history of the brand itself. Lucio S. Cochanco Sr. and Ederlina Cochanco established Jolly General Merchandise in the 1970s with the vision of providing high-quality products that are accessible to Filipinos. Together with their children Jun, Larry, and Louie, the family launched Fly Ace Corporation in 1997.  

Since then, Jolly has remained focused and consistent in meeting the needs of its market. What set it up for success, in particular, is its discernment of the needs of Filipino families. The brand understands that having nutritious, delicious, and convenient meals is what every homemaker wants access to, and they have remained steadfast in meeting this need despite the ever-changing market landscape. By learning the aspirations, challenges, and things that delight their market, Jolly was able to come up with innovations that became helpful to the daily lives of their consumers.  

Jolly’s commitment to its brand vision has earned them a steady lead in the market. The brand is now the top choice of many because of its “siksik sa laman” value, the quality of its products, and its accessibility. Moreover, it remains to be the undisputed market leader for the canned vegetable category according to the Kantar Worldpanel Household Panel Study. In terms of consumer awareness, Jolly remains to hold the lion’s share in the market. 

So what's next then for a 25-year-strong market leader like Jolly? According to Cochanco, the brand will remain focused on delivering the consumer promise that they've fulfilled in the past decades. “After 25 years, the plan is for the Jolly brand to be available everywhere. We believe that eating healthy, nutritious, and delicious food should be accessible to Filipinos. We want all Filipino families to be creative with their recipes and make their families more Jolly.” As he succinctly puts it, “Yan ang Jolly Love.”  

Know more about the story of Jolly here:  

Do you want to know more about Jolly and Fly Ace Corporation? Check out Fly Ace Corporation’s official website and Jolly’s Facebook, and Instagram accounts! 

Monday, September 19, 2022

Industry leaders share best practices on entrepreneurship at Canva Philippines’ Negosyantrends Summit


Canva Philippines holds a get-together to cap off its Negosyantrends: MSME Summit which ran from July 19 to August 6, 2022.

To cap off the Negosyantrends: MSME Summit 2022, Canva Philippines held a get-together at its Makati headquarters featuring successful entrepreneurs Marvin Agustin, president, and owner of Secret Kitchen, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, president and founding partner of Rags2Riches, Nian Ellao, CEO and founder of Vyous Digital, and Andrea Sumida, CEO, and founder of Kohi Social. Canva’s design experts also treated the participants to a free brand consultation to help them with their branding needs.

Before the onsite gathering, Canva Philippines also held a series of online talks on designing for e-commerce, social media advertising, leveling up your online sales strategy, and creating and scaling your business through video content with speakers from the Department of Trade and Industry, TikTok Shop, Lazada, and

Here are some of the lessons shared by industry experts and partners throughout the Negosyantrends: MSME Summit 2022 that inspired Filipino entrepreneurs to dream big and scale their businesses.

Embrace technology to make your business more efficient

Agustin, who is known for his food ventures SumoSam, Wolfgang's Steakhouse, John and Yoko, Tai Koo Hong Kong Roast, Kondwi, and Secret Kitchen among others, admitted that he loves to challenge himself. For him, it is an opportunity to learn something new and find out what works best for his business. Like many other entrepreneurs whose businesses were challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, Agustin found himself embracing technology more. He began to use and trust it more and used it to his business’ advantage by engaging with his customers online and embracing food delivery apps as their new partner.

For Ellao who provides digital consultancy services to most brick-and-mortar businesses, the challenge wasn’t so much on adapting to technology but on encouraging her clients to also understand it and transition to it.

Having been operating an online store for more than a decade, Fernandez-Ruiz shared that while they didn’t have to adjust their online operations as much, it was coordinating their logistics that became a challenge during the pandemic. She stressed the role that technology played to sustain their production and manage collaboration and communication. “Be the kind of leader and business person who will coordinate and orchestrate this kasi kung hindi, tools lang ‘yan, hindi sya magiging useful if you don’t use them,” she said. 

Connect with your audience and be true to your brand

Canva’s design experts conduct brand consultations to help MSMEs with their branding needs.

Powerful branding is also an important tool for businesses. Branding is more than just a business logo, it’s also the promise that brands deliver to their customers. In her virtual session, Clo Palamos, art director at Canva Philippines, highlighted the importance of branding, especially for new businesses which may be competing with many other brands for their customers’ attention. The key is to treat your brand as a person and make that person relatable to others, according to her.

Some branding tools that businesses can have are their logo, brand colors, fonts and typography, and images among others. With tools like Canva, businesses can create their style guide and streamline their branding through Brand Kit, a feature that allows businesses to build a brand from scratch or add their existing brand assets so everyone in their team can stay on brand.

In her video message, Janice Villanueva, CEO, and founder of MommyMundo, encouraged the participants to always go back to the people they serve. “We ask ourselves, as a brand, how do we stay useful as a community and how do we keep exciting them? Always, always go back to the market you serve. Beyond serving their needs and wants, how can you delight them?” she said. Recognizing the many players available in the market now, Villanueva also emphasized the importance of being creative and thinking out of the box.

Participated by over 5,000 business owners, the Negosyantrends: MSME Summit 2022 is Canva Philippines’ first-ever business summit of this scale and is part of the company’s 8th-anniversary celebration in the country. The event was held in partnership with CNN Philippines, The Philippine Star,, adobo Magazine,, and Esquire Philippines.

To know more about Canva, visit or follow Canva on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Canva is also available for download on App Store and Play Store.

About Canva

Launched in 2013, Canva is a free online visual communications and collaboration platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design. Featuring a simple drag-and-drop user interface and a vast range of templates ranging from presentations, social media graphics, posters, and apparel to videos, plus a huge library of fonts, stock photography, illustrations, video footage, and audio clips, anyone can take an idea and create something beautiful. Canva is available on desktop, web, iOS, and Android.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

6th SEABCS: ICANSERVE To Launch An Online Manual For Breast Cancer Patients


Alya Honasan, a breast cancer survivor, revealed the cover of the ICANSERVE Patient Manual. The Patient Manual will be launched officially on the last day of the 6th Southeast Asian Breast Cancer Symposium (SEABCS) happening on September 23-25. It will be downloadable for free at the ICANSERVE website. Looking on is ICANSERVE president Nikoy de Guzman.

Philippines-based ICANSERVE Foundation, Inc. launches its online Manual for breast cancer patients on the last day of the 6th Southeast Asia Breast Cancer Symposium (SEABCS), to be held virtually from September 23-25, 2022.

ICANSERVE’s comprehensive and engaging Manual is designed to guide breast cancer patients, survivors, and their caregivers throughout every step of their journey, from understanding their diagnosis to living beyond cancer. Written entirely by breast cancer survivors, the Breast Cancer Patient’s Manual conversationally delivers vital information to help patients feel less overwhelmed and intimidated.

A source of information and encouragement, the Manual combines information gleaned from studies and established sources, such as the American Cancer Society, the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins University, Philippine Cancer Society, and more, as well as individual experiences and anecdotes from breast cancer survivors. It covers a wide range of topics, from the medical (understanding treatment options, managing side effects), to the personal (how to tell your family and friends), to the practical (financing cancer treatment). “We made sure to tell real stories, in a language and manner that every survivor or advocate can relate to,” says Manual’s editor Alya B. Honasan. “For every member of the editorial team, it was all about reaching out to sisters who needed help.”

ICANSERVE goes back to its roots with this project. Founded in 1999 by four breast cancer survivors—Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala, Crisann Celdran, Becky Fuentes, and Bet Lazatin—its first project was a printed guidebook that was distributed for free in the days when information on breast cancer was much harder to come by. The foundation has since evolved into one of the Philippines’ most active cancer patient advocacy groups, taking part in policy-making and institutionalizing breast cancer control programs.

The Manual will be available for free as a downloadable book after the launch. The SEABCS, hosted for the first time in the Philippines by ICANSERVE and Global Focus on Cancer, was previously held in Vietnam (2016), Myanmar (2017), Malaysia (2018), Thailand (2019), and Indonesia (2021- virtual conference).

Join the conversation. Registration is free. Register for the virtual conference at


The Southeast Asian Breast Cancer Symposium (SEABCS) is a gathering of the region’s cancer survivors, patient advocates, health professionals, researchers, and policymakers in an event to exchange ideas, share successful strategies, the latest in breast cancer, as well as the many challenges that face the breast cancer community on a personal, local and, national, regional and international level.

The ICanServe Foundation is a Philippine-based advocacy group of breast cancer survivors and volunteers that co-creates breast cancer control programs with local government as part of its initiative to promote early breast cancer detection, access to accurate diagnosis and timely treatment, survivorship care, palliative care, hospice care, and patient navigation.

Saturday, September 3, 2022



Covid- 19 is still here, but a new virus threatens us again. Yes, I'm talking about Monkeypox.

As of August 22, we have 4 reported cases of Monkeypox in the Philippines but the information about the virus remains largely unclear to many Filipinos. 

Although experts think that Monkeypox will unlikely become a pandemic, the cure and nature of the virus give the public heightened fear and anxiety. 

Philcare recently held a webinar with the help of an infectious disease expert, Dr. Christoper John N. Tibayan, RMT, MD FPCP DPSMID,  to shed light on this health threat, including how to prevent and treat it.

What is Monkeypox? 

Monkeypox is a virus usually transmitted from animals to people. However with the current outbreak right now, there's a transmission from one person to another. 

Monkeypox was first discovered in Asiatic monkeys found originally in tropical rainforests in Africa. Squirrels and rats can also be sources of the said virus. 

The usual symptoms of monkeypox infection in humans are fever, swollen lymph nodes, and a rash that forms blisters and then crusts over. However, some people could present asymptomatically or with no symptoms at all. The time from exposure to onset of symptoms ranges from five to twenty-one days. The duration of symptoms is typically two to four weeks.

Monkeypox belongs to the Poxviridae family, the same family virus as cowpox and smallpox. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as of August 19, 2022, there are about 41,000 cases worldwide. Monkeypox can be transmitted from animal to human (primary infection) and human to human (secondary infection). Transmission is spread through skin to skin contact,  respiratory droplets, lesion materials, body fluids, contaminated materials, and surfaces that were touched or used by the case. 

According to Dr. Tibayan, Monkeypox is not considered a sexually transmitted disease, but it is often transmitted through close and sustained physical contact. Such can include sexual contact with those who have rashes or open lesions.

It is important to isolate if you think that the rash looks like that of monkeypox and consult your doctors for proper guidance.

I know most of us are worried about how this virus affects us physically and if our HMO provider will cover this type of condition.

So if you want to ensure you're prepared this time, like me, log on to and choose from Philcare's affordable Prepaid Health Plans suited for you and your family's needs. Have the peace of mind that your HMO has your back!

PhilCare understands that healthcare goes a long way. They know that achieving overall wellness requires focus on many aspects of life, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is why they come up with health plans designed to cover the distinct health needs of Filipinos. Along with this, PhilCare is taking advantage of the rapid technological advancements to ensure the quality and ease of customer experience.

Check out Philcare's Prepaid Health Plans :

๐Ÿ’™ Dengue Assist (P599 Health Plan)- Dengue Assist is a single-use online plan that gives you up to P30,000 coverage on actual hospitalization expense incurred due to Dengue Disease.
๐Ÿ’™ Dengue RX Plus for Adults (P299) - A health plan that covers a multiple-use benefit up to Php 30,000 for hospitalization due to Dengue. Accepted in more than 500 accredited hospitals.    
๐Ÿ’™ Dengue RX Plus for Kids (P799)  -A health plan that covers a multiple-use benefit up to Php 30,000 for hospitalization due to Dengue. Accepted in more than 500 accredited hospitals nationwide.
๐Ÿ’™ Dengue RX Plus for Family (P1,999)  - A health plan that covers a multiple-use benefit up to Php 30,000 for hospitalization due to Dengue. Accepted in more than 500 accredited hospitals nationwide.

๐Ÿงก PhilCare Agapay 700 (P700) - PhilCare Agapay700 is a health plan that covers a single-use benefit up to *Php40,000 for ambulance service, out-patient emergency care and hospitalization for viral, bacterial illnesses and treatment of injuries resulting from accidents (excepts for stroke) in 500+ PhilCare-accredited hospitals.

๐Ÿงก PhilCare Rush (P1600) - PhilCare Rush is a health plan that covers a single-use benefit up to *Php50,000 for travel emergency assistance, ambulance service, out-patient emergency care and hospitalization for viral, bacterial illnesses and treatment of injuries resulting from accidents (excepts for stroke) in 500+ PhilCare-accredited hospitals.

Digital Health Plans
๐Ÿ’™ Single-use DigiMed Consult (P450) - This HeyPhil Digimed service provides one-time digital consultation access through the HeyPhil app. It covers primary care consultation with Family Medicine Specialists, Internal Medicine, and General Physician. Get access to virtual care for various conditions like allergies, asthma, hypertension, diarrhea, mild injuries, or other infections.

๐Ÿ’™ Unli-DigiMed Consult (P999)  - This HeyPhil Digimed service provides all year round digital consultation access through the HeyPhil app. It covers primary care consultation with Family Medicine Specialists, Internal Medicine, and General Physician. Get access to virtual care for various conditions like allergies, asthma, hypertension, diarrhea, mild injuries, or other infections.

Emergency Health Plans
ER shield (P800) - ER Shield is a single-use health plan that provides up to P50,000 coverage for outpatient emergency care for viral and bacterial illnesses and treatment of injuries resulting from accidents (except for stroke) in 500+ designated PhilCare-accredited hospitals.

❤  ER Vantage Plus 40 for Adults (P1050) - A single-use healthcare plan that provides coverage of up to P40,000 for emergency care and hospitalization for viral and bacterial illnesses, treatment of injuries resulting from accidents (except for stroke) in 500+ designated PhilCare-accredited hospitals nationwide.

ER Vantage Plus 40 for Kids (P2950) -
A single-use healthcare plan that provides coverage of up to P40,000 for emergency care and hospitalization for viral and bacterial illnesses, treatment of injuries resulting from accidents (except for stroke) in 500+ designated PhilCare-accredited hospitals nationwide.

❤  ER Vantage Plus 60 for Adults (P1350) - A single-use healthcare plan that provides coverage of up to P60,000 for emergency care and hospitalization for viral and bacterial illnesses, treatment of injuries resulting from accidents (except for stroke) in 500+ designated PhilCare-accredited hospitals nationwide.

ER Vantage Plus 60 for Kids (P 3950) - A single-use healthcare plan that provides coverage of up to P60,000 for emergency care and hospitalization for viral and bacterial illnesses, treatment of injuries resulting from accidents (except for stroke) in 500+ designated PhilCare-accredited hospitals nationwide.

ER Health Assist 40 for Adults (P 1670)- ER Health Assist 40 is a health plan that covers multiple-use benefits for unlimited medical and dental consultations to Philcare Makati and MOA Clinics only and a single-use benefit up to Php 40,000 for outpatient emergency care and hospitalization coverage for viral, bacterial illnesses, and treatment of injuries resulting from accidents (except for stroke) in 500+ Philcare accredited hospitals nationwide.

Specialized Health Plans
๐Ÿ’œ VidaCare CORE (P11,120) - Vida Care Core is a health plan that covers multiple-use benefits for unlimited medical and dental consultations to all accredited physicians nationwide and unlimited laboratory and diagnostics procedures available at Philcare-owned clinics only.

๐Ÿ’œ VidaCare PREMIERE (P 13,270)  -Vida Care Premiere is a health plan that covers multiple-use benefits for unlimited medical and dental consultations to all accredited physicians nationwide and unlimited laboratory and diagnostics procedures available at Philcare-owned clinics only. This also covers a single-use benefit up to Php20,000 for outpatient emergency care for viral, bacterial illnesses, and treatment of injuries resulting from accidents (except for stroke) in 500+ Philcare accredited hospitals nationwide.

Medical Check-up Plans
๐Ÿ’š unli-CONSULT for 65 + (P5000) - This health plan allows you to avail unlimited consultation services for one (1) year from PhilCare-accredited network of medical specialists and dentists.

๐Ÿ’š unli- CONSULT for adults (P3600) - This health plan allows you to avail unlimited consultation services for one (1) year from PhilCare-accredited network of medical specialists and dentists nationwide.

๐Ÿ’š unli- CONSULT for kids (P3700) - This health plan allows you to avail unlimited consultation services for one (1) year from PhilCare-accredited network of pediatricians and dentists nationwide.

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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Today’s Classics : Uniqlo's Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

Japanese global apparel retailer UNIQLO redefines what classics are with the launch of its Fall/Winter 2022 collection. Dubbed Today’s Classics, the new collection of LifeWear is filled with wardrobe staples that have been reinvented to adapt to the needs of today’s lifestyle.

“There is a reason why our LifeWear pieces such as the tweed jacket, trench coat, or cashmere sweater are loved through the years. They are designed well and effectively serve their purpose. UNIQLO, however, believes that even these classics can evolve with the times. That’s the inspiration behind this season’s collection,” says Geraldine Sia, UNIQLO Philippines’ COO.

For Fall/Winter 2022, UNIQLO has designed warmer and lighter jackets, water-repellent coats, and knitwear made using *WHOLEGARMENT® technology. Emphasizing sustainability, this new collection features denims that require much less water during production, and jackets and fleeces made from recycled plastic bottles.

*WHOLEGARMENT is a registered trademark of SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD.

Below are some of the highlights of Today’s Classics:


UNIQLO has expanded its collection of outerwear to suit a wide range of lifestyles and settings, from shirt jackets to chic wool coats.

Women’s Ultra Light Down Jacket

The Ultra Light Down Jacket has been redesigned to make it more fashionable. Now lighter and softer but still durable, the water-repellent coating protects the wearer from rainy days, while the pocketable feature allows it to be stored when not in use.

Women’s Corduroy Cropped Jacket

The cropped length in a boxy fit gives this jacket a sleek look, but the relaxed fit and dropped shoulders make it cozy to wear. Its classic corduroy fabric is washed for a softer look.

Women’s Fluffy Yarn Fleece

This is the ultimate in coziness: the fuzzy fleece is made with long-pile yarn for a warm, light, and soft feel with a natural stretch. The length extends to the hips for added warmth and coverage.

Men’s MA-1 Blouson

This wardrobe essential comes in a modern silhouette with classic details. Its voluminous and relaxed fit is complemented by its lightweight yet durable nylon twill outer layer. The water-repellent coating protects the wearer from the rain.


Men’s Over Shirt Jacket (Jersey)

The workwear-style texture gives the jacket a rugged look, but the comfortable and lightweight jersey fabric features a loose-fitting cut for a relaxed fit.

Men’s Utility Parka

The parka has been updated for a more relaxed and casual fit. Its design is practical with five pockets at the waist, chest, and the interiors.


Continually evolving knitwear is a UNIQLO masterpiece. This season, the highest quality has been achieved by employing the latest in knitting technologies, further refining the silhouette and enhancing comfort.

Women’s 3D Knit Cotton Dolman Long Sleeve Sweater

The 100% cotton sweater is gentle on the skin. It features textured knitting and a stylish silhouette, with dolman sleeves for added volume.

Women’s 3D Knit Cotton Crew Neck Half Sleeve Sweater

This sweater is made with 100% cotton and is designed with a relaxed fit and voluminous sleeves. The stylish straight fit with slits at the sides promises a comfortable fit around the waist. This garment can go from dressy to casual depending on the styling.

Women’s Extra Fine Merino Ribbed Half Sleeve Short Sweater

This piece is made with extra fine Merino wool for a glossy sheen and smooth feel. The sleek wide-ribbed fabric skims the lines of the body, while the short length gives a balanced style.


Men’s Middle Gauge Knitted Crew Neck Vest

The vest features a thick yarn that produces a light and comfortable feel. This garment changes its style depending on the size. Wear the usual size for a neat look, or go for a bigger version for a casual style.

Men’s Extra Fine Merino Crew Neck Long Sleeve Sweater

This classic item uses extra fine Merino wool for a premium and smooth touch. The knit has been updated to make the sweater look more beautiful. 


This season, UNIQLO focuses on trendy and fresh-style wide pants. The wide range of variations and styles includes everything from clean-looking pleated pants to casual baggy jeans.

Women’s Drape Flared Pants

These pants are made from crepe fabric with an elegant drape and the center pleats create a flattering effect. They are wrinkle-resistant for easy care.

Women’s Corduroy Wide Pants

The supple, fine-wale corduroy has a high-waisted and wide-leg cut for a flattering effect. Its silky sheen also adds an elegant touch.

Women’s Baggy Jeans

The jeans showcase the authentic look of rigid denim even if it’s made with 100% cotton. Its full-length inseam and double-needle stitching create a leg-flattering effect.

Men’s Pleated Tapered Pants

UNIQLO updated its Pleated Tapered Pants with a new wide cut. The pants also come in a warm fabric while its pleats create a relaxed feel and an elegant drape.

Men’s Wide Fit Work Pants

Its design is based on classic painter pants, in a wide fit for casual styling. The moleskin fabric creates a warm and casual feel. 


Sport Utility Wear is designed for today’s varied and ever-changing active lifestyles. The pieces are designed with functionality and style in mind, so they can be worn during sports, outdoors, and even as everyday wear.

Women’s Dry Sweat Cropped Full Zip Hoodie

UNIQLO combined polyester and rayon to create a sweatshirt with a comfortable fit and a high-quality, durable texture. The loose-fitting silhouette and cropped length give it a versatile and casual feel. DRY technology wicks moisture away from the skin and dries it quickly.

Women’s Ultra Stretch Active Jogger Pants 

These high-performance pants are quick-drying and allow easy movement. The crisp fabric flatters the body’s contours and the sleek cut is flattering.

Men’s Sweat Full Zip Long Sleeve Hoodie 

The hoodie is updated with a trim design and a fabric that is less prone to shedding. Its relaxed fit is roomy around the shoulders and chest to make it a great outer layer.

Men’s DRY-EX Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

The performance shirt has ergonomic mesh holes for greater breathability. It is a great choice for sportswear: the raglan sleeves make it easier to move during sports, while the underarm paneling was removed to minimize seam contact with the skin.


HEATTECH is made with bio-warming material, providing warmth without the bulk. It also uses technology to convert body moisture into heat, keeping the wearer comfortable during the cold season.

Women’s HEATTECH Ultra Stretch High Rise Leggings Pants

These leggings feature a warm brushed lining with HEATTECH technology for comfort and a high-rise design that works well with a cropped top or with a top tucked-in. It also has a pocket, a stitch work, and buttons expertly designed for a pants-like look.

Women’s HEATTECH Ultra Stretch Slim Jeans

UNIQLO’s HEATTECH Ultra Stretch Slim Jeans has an updated fabric for a more authentic denim look while keeping the roomy fit around the waist with its warm brushed HEATTECH lining.

Men’s HEATTECH Warm Lined Pants

These pants are lined with HEATTECH fleece for softness and warmth and have practical zippered seam pockets for convenience. It is also updated with a sleeker cut, an easy waist buckle, and a water repellent coating.


UNIQLO’s special collections and collaborations showcase how the innovative, forward-thinking principles of LifeWear meet the signature styles and perspectives of the world's best designers and fashion brands.


Artistic Director Christophe Lemaire and his team in Paris reimagine everyday clothing using innovative materials and contemporary silhouettes. These LifeWear essentials are designed with the highest precision in the pursuit of a simplified and modern wardrobe. 

Hana Tajima

UK-born fashion designer Hana Tajima is changing the way women dress all over the world with her designs that channel refined elegance and effortless comfort. This season features elegant forms and soft silhouettes in dresses with simple yet iconic stylings.

Ines de la Fressange

Ines de la Fressange embodies modern Parisian chic in her collections. This season brings effortless French style to the world through the idea of the uniform, an eternal standard in fashion and one of de la Fressange’s essential styles.

JW Anderson

JW Anderson is regarded as one of London’s most innovative and forward-thinking brands. For Fall/Winter 2022, the two brands were inspired by the season in the British countryside. Think comfortable, worn, and cozy.

UT Archive

From the original art of the Pop Art movement to legendary manga and streetwear gods, the UT Archive lineup offers revived t-shirts that reflects the origins of a diverse array of cultures and artists.

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