Friday, June 14, 2024

Surf2Sawa: Empowering a Batangas Sales Head to Excel in Career and Family

Jenny Ann Balayan, a single mother and career-driven woman, values a job that not only provides for her family's needs but also allows her to dedicate time to her son, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in childhood.

Her journey took a positive turn when she discovered an opportunity to work for Surf2Sawa (S2S), the prepaid fiber brand of Converge. S2S offers affordable fixed-broadband internet plans with flexible top-up options, catering to budget-conscious customers in need of reliable connectivity.

Joining S2S as a leader coordinator, Jen's exceptional skills and unique leadership style propelled her to the position of area sales head for Batangas and Mindoro. In this role, she supports S2S community distributors, ensuring that households in the area have access to high-speed internet through their community partners.

Recognizing the importance of internet connectivity in today's world, Jen emphasizes the impact of Surf2Sawa in providing accessible internet solutions to households in Batangas. Her dedication to her work is fueled by her love for her son, motivating her to excel while balancing her responsibilities as a mother.

With the flexibility to work from home, Jen can prioritize her son's needs, especially as he undergoes occupational therapy. She emphasizes the importance of time management in balancing work and family, underscoring the significance of being present for her child.

Through Surf2Sawa's initiative to bring connectivity to underserved households, Jen's success story reflects the positive outcomes of supportive employment. Witnessing the growth of community partners' businesses with Surf2Sawa brings fulfillment to Jen, highlighting the mutual benefit of their partnership.

Jen's journey with Surf2Sawa exemplifies how supportive employment can empower individuals to achieve success in both their career and family life, showcasing the transformative impact of accessible connectivity solutions.

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