Monday, October 15, 2018

Cohen: Lose Weight the healthy way, the right way

Losing weight and sustaining it requires major lifestyle changes. While most want to lose weight the easy way,that usually involves unhealthy options that may come with bad short and long-term effects. It is important to lose weight the healthy way, the right way.

The healthiest way to lose weight does not require starvation, streneous exercise, weight-loss pills and supplements, artificial food or drink, injection, or eating unhealthy food like fat.

Barbara Young, CEO, Cohen's Lifestyle Center

Last October 10, Cohen hosted a lunch meet at Milky Way Cafe in Makati City spearheded by Ms. Barbara Young, Chief Executive Officer of Cohen's Lifestyle Center. For nine years, Cohen's Lifestyle Program Centre Philippines has helped thousands, including celebrities and professionals, lose weight rapidly and healthily and alleviate serious health conditions.

Cohen's Lifestyle Program is a personalized eating program based on each client's unique blood test results (not blood type). It is based on scientific and medically sound research. Without requiring exercise, injection, artificial food and drinks, or intake of weight loss pills and supplements, the program delivers fast result, with clients usually losing up to 8 to 10 pounds a month the healthy way.

Cohen's Lifestyle Program provides individualized food 'prescription' such as the precise amount of food combinations. Cohen's Lifestyle Program Centre also teaches lifestyle changes that have been researched to balance the hormones that cause weight gain (Insulin, Serotonin and Human Growth Hormone). The food combination triggers the body's natural ability to release fat as source of energy. In the process, the body does not just shed weight but viral organs are also released from harmful toxins that disrupt its natural physiological function and cause disease.

(L-R) Ian Montenegro, Dr. Mary Anne Tangcangco, Marian Romero, and Barbara Young, CEO , Cohen's Lifestyle Center

Businesswoman Remo, 32 years old, says "I suffered from bulimia. I went to the gym yet I'd eat junk food and then throw after to lessen the guilt." Her lack of self-control caused her weight to reach 213 lbs.

Changing her lifestyle was difficult at first. "I had to give up salt,sugar, carbohydrates, oil and dairy, but my main goal was to lose weight and cure my polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)," she says. Her commitment was rewarded as she slimmed down to 121 lbs and her PCOS symptoms were eliminated.

At 200 lbs, human resources manager Montenegro tried calorie counted food delivery and drank protien shakes, vitamin supplements and tea concentrate to lose weight in the past. She even hired a personal trainer to customize and exercise program. However, none of them worked for her.

She had a lot of weight-related issues. She suffers from sleep apnea, knee pain, insomnia, sinusuyo congestion, and shortness of breath. Her blood chemistry test results were also not good. She had difficulty finding clothes that fit, her mobility was limited and her self-esteem was at its lowest.

"(With) my medical results and my insecurities, I called Cohen's Lifestyle Centre for an appointment," she says. "After the session, I knew that it was the right program for me. Instead of buying an expensive machines for sleep apnea, it made more sense to go into a sustainable diet program that would not only address the problem but the other medical conditions I had."

"It's the mindset that is difficult to change, but the lifestyle was not as tough as I thought," she says. Her determination to stick with the program and find time for meal preparations paid off as she slimmed down to 111 lbs and achieved what she calls "her healthiest self."

Internal medicine doctor Tangcangco, 42 years old, thinks she has also tried almost everything (except drugs) to lose weight. She tried fad diets, Pilates and aerokaebo, a combination of aerobics, karate and boxing. She lost weight when she was younger but she gained back. Later on, nothing seemed to work for her anymore not even with calorie counting, Bangkok pills, diet teas and coffee.

She used food for emotional comfort especially after she lost her mom. "I used to eat when I was happy and celebrating. I ate when I was sad and stressed," she says. She reached her heaviest weight at 189 lbs, and she had to take medicines for high blood pressure.

Dr. Tangcangco was inspired by another doctor, a senior consultant, who lost weight on the Cohen Program. "I turned to the Cohen Program because I wanted to do it right and I needed the right people to help me." When no other weight-loss methods seemed to worked anymore, Cohen's Lifestyle Program proved to be the most effective. Not only did she lose extra weight, she is glad to report that she is no longer hypertensive and does not need maintenance medications anymore.

"Cohen is a lifestyle. It changed my perception of food. It is eating the right kinds of food without depriving myself of nutrition that my body needs," says Dr. Tangcangco. "If we correct the way we eat we can correct our entire body as well. We can't just exercise and eat bad food. It won't and will never work."

Now down to 128 lbs, she is no longer hypertensive and is able to wear clothes she only dreamt of before. Best of all, she no longer felt lost after her mom's death. "My dad told me if my mom were still alive, she would want me to do something good for myself. In joining Cohen, I found a piece of me."

She says, "It is always worth it to love ourselves and live a healthy life. Love life. Love your life. Love yourself. Do it with Cohen."

You too can lose weight the right way, the healthy way with Cohen. For more information, visit Our branches are conveniently located at Medical Plaza Makati and Davao to reach out to more Filipinos.


  1. Very intresting read. πŸ€— There are other people kasi na payat/slim nga but not healthy in the inside.

  2. She says, "It is always worth it to love ourselves and live a healthy life. Love life. Love your life. Love yourself. Do it with Cohen."ganda nmn ng sinabe nia po dito😍😍😍