Sunday, October 9, 2016

Through the years with Tupperware Brands

Seeing these tupperware products out of the cabinet in October thrills me because I can feel and smell Christmas already. YES! We only get to see and use them on special occasions, that's how my mom treasures her Tupperware babies. My mom would only use some of them on special occasions but some we use on regular days since I was small.

I can still remember when my mom and I would attend  "Tupperware parties " on her friends' house. Eventually, my mom also hosted the same in our home. They were all happy then, all those laughters and hoorays I still can recall. I really don't understand why? All I know is that they were all giddy with excitement 😁

Now, I will share some of my fondest memories on some of their products.
Salad bowl

This special salad bowl is always the star on our Noche Buena feast table. We still have the vintage , but it's in the province. Fruit cocktail, pineapple chunks, lychees, coconut, cubed apples, cheese, raisins, grapes, corn kernels, nata de coco and kaong are just "some" of the ingredients.😉 You name it! That's why it is special. My mom would prepare in the morning of December 24. So when the clock strikes 12am ... Yay! The rest is history... ðŸ˜

One of my favorites as well is this "baunan". I won't mind having fish as my "baon" (some doesn't want fish as their baon,  they would prefer cold cuts kasi nahihiya sila) as long as it's on a Tupperware I'm still classy! Lol. My everyday buddy since grade school to high school. 

Thank you Tupperware for being our family's all-time trusted and loved brand. You have never let us down through the years. With you in our home, we are always complete.
My son's companion during Lunch breaks

From generation to generation, with Tupperware products in our home, even though some are gone, we are always complete because of the special memories our family made together with Tupperware.

Oh how can I forget my mom's specialty- Beef Mechado! It's always placed here. Sure it can be greasy but, since it's tupperware, it's easy to clean. 

No matter how simple the food served on the table is, as long as we are together and we are using  Tupperware brands, it will always be special.💞💞💞

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DISCLAIMER : I am not compensated for this post. I just want to share my fondest memories with Tuppeware for years as they are also celebrating their Golden Anniversary.

Happy 50th Anniversary, Tupperware Brands! 

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