Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mother's Day Sparty with Uratex : Giving Moms the Gift of Sleep

" It's okay honey, 2 (two) hours of sleep is all I need " - - - says no mom. EVER. haha
Sleep deprivation makes you act a little drunk, eh? You know you are a MOM, when your fantasies are all about sleeping. Ü #Hugot

There is nothing quite as difficult and as fulfilling as it is to be a parent. For mothers, it means having to balance her commitments to her spouse, family, work, household, and social life. They are an embodiment of the empowered women - women of strength, patience, perseverance, and passion.

I was one of the pleasured (YES!) mommy bloggers to celebrate Mother's Day and have that much needed break from our hectic schedules when Uratex held a SPArty last May 6 at the Ronac Lifestyle Center, Magallanes. 

We went to a mini tour in the Uratex Premium Gallery wherein we learned more about the essence of good sleep. Since I was one of the early birds (Uratex provided us with shuttle to and from our destinations. How cool is that? )  I got to try their top of the line mattresses.

Premium Touch ( Viscoluxe) - Advanced pocket spring system and body-molding memory foam combine for a mattress of soothing indulgence. Overall, the mattress brings about an all-over feeling of relaxation and a comfortable sleep with less tossing and turning.

Senso Memory ( Ultima) - is the first in Philippines that features a gel beads technology infused with Senso Memory foam for an extremely comfortable and supportive sleep surface.

Orthocare (Balance) - to help sleepers with back pain problems, a hospital quality matress that combines a high density foam with multi-zone topper which helps relieve contact pressure - ensuring better blood circulation.

XSensor Machine
I was also able to make use of their XSensor Machine, an image-pressuring device that helps sleepers detect which mattress best fits their needs.

And here are the results after I tried the 3 beds with XSensor Machine on it.




Among the 3, with the help of XSENSOR MACHINE, it seems that the best bed for me is the  Ultima. It cradles my body in a way it dramatically eases pressure and feels superbly comfy.

Btw, we are currently using Uratex at home but especially designed for my kids who loves jumping on the bed. Hehe

Yep! They are my kids! Ü Ü Ü The 3 of them! 

After trying out their first-rate mattresses, I came across these Olympia Chairs.

I love the sleek,bold design of this chair with matte finish and anti-slip foot pads that keeps chair in place. 
How I wish my bed is as big and as comfy as this one. If you are following me on Instagram, you've seen this photo already. And the caption. Hehe.

While relaxing on a Uratex Premium Mattress, I watched a short informational video by Dr. Keith Aguilera, ENT/ Sleep Specialist from the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine on tips for a healthy sleep. The lady (sorry forgot to ask her name) manning the area asked me question afterwards and since I listened attentively, I got to answer her question and she gave me a tumbler! Yehey!!!

 Here are the tips I learned to have a healthy and good night sleep

  1.  Comfortable bedding
  2.  Good ventilation and right temperature
  3. Get rid of all noise and light
  4. Stick to a regular bedtime and waking time
  5. No naps longer than 45 minutes
  6. NO alcohol 4 hours before bedtime
  7. No caffeine 6 hours before bedtime
  8. No to heavy, spicy and sugary foods before going to sleep
  9. Exercise regularly
  10. Reserve bed for sleep !

After I finished the tour, I was asked to go downstairs for a  fun-filled pampering activity – It's SPArty time!!!

Mommies were treated with  mani- pedi , hand and foot paraffin (so relaxing and softening) by Celebrity Nails,  and a  make over . We were like queens and celebrities that day.  :)

The delectable buffet was catered by The Creamery.

'Twas indeed an afternoon well spent with my co mommy bloggers. Happy to finally meet them in person. The reason why I love attending events is to meet new people and have a mini chit chat about life and parenthood as well.

Thank you Uratex for pampering us. ♥

Oooppps! I almost forgot, aside from Downy, Power bank, Tumbler, gift from Celebrity Nails, and bath robe each one of us went home with SENSO MEMORY CELESTE TRADITIONAL GEL PILLOW. You are the sweetest, Uratex! You love us moms that big that you wanted us to always have a good night sleep.

 Uratex Philippines

For more than 48 years, Uratex remains to be the country’s industry leader in manufacturing quality foams and mattresses that help everyone sleep better. As a commitment to excellence, it continues to innovate itself by using the latest technologies to deliver exceptional comfort and support in each mattress. For more information, visit .

Superior quality of sleep is the only break you can not afford to miss! ♥♥♥

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