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Box-Office Queen Kathryn Bernardo and Global Fashion Icon Heart Evangelista Unite for Uratex’s 55th Anniversary

Kathryn Bernardo and Heart Evangelista, two universally beloved actresses, unite for the 55th anniversary of Uratex Philippines. 

As two of the brightest stars in the local constellation, they are the powerhouse endorsers of the country’s leading foam manufacturer, which has been consistently recognized by Reader's Digest with 14 consecutive Platinum Awards in the mattress category.

Kathryn is the face of the Uratex Classic Line while Heart fronts the Premium Line. 

“Kathryn is a highly influential and marketable celebrity in the Philippines, particularly among the younger generations (Gen Y and Z). She is well loved by Filipino households and commands a significant presence in the broader mass market, making her the perfect fit to endorse Uratex’s top-selling classic mattresses,” explains Stephen Cheng-Lee, the Sleep Business Unit director. 

Offering products that help enrich lives and create meaningful moments such as mattresses, pillows, toppers, and so much more in its 55 years of existence, Uratex remains committed to providing comfort through its products and services.

“We are proud to only get brand ambassadors who are actual Uratex users and Kathryn has been a Uratex user since she was very young. This is also the reason why ‘It’s always been U, Uratex’ is our campaign slogan for our brand ambassadors this year,” adds Cheng-Lee, 

“I have many childhood memories with Uratex. Growing up I’ve been using Uratex, and up until now. I remember when I was still a kid, we would go to our parents’ room. My siblings and I have all these foldable mattresses, and we always loved to sleep in one room,” Kathryn recalls her initial encounters with Uratex. 

The box-office queen adds: “So every night, we would bring our mattress and lay them down and the next day, fold them. So that was our routine growing up when we were still in Nueva Ecija. Up until now, in our new house in Manila, and before Uratex even offered me to be their ambassadress, Uratex has always been my bed. I swear!”

So when Uratex offered her to be one of its powerhouse endorsers, Kathryn didn't hesitate to accept it. 

“I said yes, naturally. I grew up with the brand. I think with all Filipinos, no one doesn’t know Uratex. It’s a brand that we trust,” Kathryn says. “It gives us a sense of comfort that we always look forward to going home to sleep knowing that we would feel relaxed. So, yes, there’s no reason to say No to Uratex.”  

On the other hand, Uratex is truly honored to have global fashion icon and Kapuso actress Heart Evangelista promoting the importance of a good night’s sleep for all. 

“Our long relationship with Heart has undeniably played a pivotal role in amplifying our commitment to promoting healthy sleep habits. With our current collaboration through the #ItsAlwaysBeenU campaign, we’re hoping to influence more people to prioritize their well-being through quality sleep,” says Peachy Medina, Managing Director.

“I've been part of the Uratex family for a solid four years. And let me tell you, it's been a wonderful journey. As someone who’s after classy comfort all the way, Uratex has become my go-to, the one I trust above all. It's like my mattress soulmate, always delivering on the cozy vibes because it’s the real deal in comfort and quality,” Heart enthuses. 

As a longtime ambassadress, Heart Evangelista supports Uratex in sharing the value of having a good night’s sleep for its #ItsAlwaysBeenU campaign.

“Getting good sleep is very important to me. It’s like giving my brain a beauty rest and it keeps me looking and feeling fabulous despite having a busy schedule! So for me, quality sleep is not just a necessity; it’s the secret ingredient to my daily glam routine,” says Heart. 

What gives Heart the best sleep she could ever wish for is the Uratex Premium Touch Viscoluxe. It is made of Smart Reflex® pocket springs that cleverly adjust to the body’s every move. It also has Senso Memory® foam that conforms to the shape of the body, distributes weight evenly, and helps alleviate pressure points. Its Power Edge® support foam provides a supportive seating edge. 

The Premium Touch Viscoluxe uses a mattress cover made from Tencel®, a natural cellulosic fiber that regulates moisture and body temperature. Its fabric is treated with Sanitized® which effectively protects against the growth of bacteria, odor, mildew, and dust mites, keeping the mattress clean and hypoallergenic. 

“It’s hard to choose which Uratex product is my favorite because I love all of them. But, if I have to pick a favorite, it would be the Premium Touch Viscoluxe— it's been my sleep companion for a while now because it keeps me super comfy at night,” Heart says.

As for future collaborations, Heart has some exciting news: “I’m currently working on some exciting stuff with Uratex and I honestly can't wait to spill all the details with you soon.”

Uratex’s quality products for sleeping have been consistently recognized as a Trusted Brand in the mattress category by the Reader’s Digest Awards. Uratex has won this award for 14 consecutive years, including the 2023 edition.

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