Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Micro-entrepreneur ‘hybrid-sells’ with the help of fiber broadband connection

The Dasco family is subscribed to BIDA fiber, which allows up to 6 gadgets and 35 Mbps speed. Even with simultaneous use, the family enjoys uninterrupted and reliable connectivity.

Everyone, but especially entrepreneurs who are slowly recovering from the pandemic slump, must be flexible and adaptable in the post-pandemic environment. One online Facebook seller uses her business knowledge not only in the virtual marketplace, but also in real life, as she engages in "hybrid selling" of her consumer goods.

Rogelia Dasco, a Cebu-based homemaker who buys and sells imported goods from the United States, does most of her business online. 

“The items, like lotions and perfumes, are from the US. My sister sends them, I take a picture of them, and I post them on Facebook Marketplace,” she shares. 

However, unlike most online sellers, she doesn’t stop in the virtual world; When she gets to her buyer’s address, she then goes house to house in the community. The strategy pays off - she is able to sell out her goods in one afternoon instead of waiting for online sellers to finish off her inventory. 

“When someone buys from me, for example, I go to their house but I bring my other items too. After I deliver to the buyer, I go to the neighbors and offer my other goods. Right now, I’m all sold out. The next shipment will come at the end of the month,” Dasco proudly says. 

Supporting this diligent hybrid approach is BIDA fiber, the new mass market offering of Converge targeting the lower C and D income classes. 

BIDA fiber is the most affordable postpaid broadband plan in the market today, and the cost savings makes a difference for smaller entrepreneurs. 

“It’s so affordable and I’m able to save too. My old plan was priced at P 1,299 with an additional P 200 every month so that’s P 1,499. With BIDA, I’m able to save more than P 500,” said Rogelia Dasco. 

Rogelia enjoys watching on her smart TV, streaming content from YouTube or local online channels. 

The reliable connection - that can go up to 35 Mbps - also makes sure Rogelia keeps her ties with her supplier sister strong as every night they call each other through video. Even with a 3-hour video call, her husband watching YouTube videos, and her son playing Mobile Legends with friends at home, Rogelia’s connection never falters. 

“I’ve really maximized my connection. It’s really good, even if we all use the internet at the same time,” she added. 

BIDA fiber is now available in more than 300 cities and municipalities in the Philippines and has more than 40 partner distributors selling the postpaid plan. 

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