Thursday, October 5, 2023

How to Deal with Uncertainty After Death

Arsenio was living the dream of many Filipinos: he was a successful professional in the Middle East. But, like many other Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), he missed his wife and children frequently. So, as his income allowed, he relocated his family so that they could be together.

For nearly two decades, Arsenio and his family lived comfortably abroad. Arsenio was actually living his Plan A, with his dream job, a rich lifestyle, and a family. As long as everything remained the same, maintaining the lifestyle he had acclimated his family to was not an issue.

Arsenio and his family would travel to his hometown in the Philippines on occasion to see relatives. During one of these vacations, Arsenio received unexpected news: the company he worked for had been forced to close due to financial difficulties. This meant that Arsenio was out of work. Worse, he would not be paid for his separation or retirement.

His family's savings were meager, except for a tiny investment. Arsenio and his family returned to the Philippines due to the high expense of living in the Middle East. Arsenio's mental and emotional state deteriorated as a result of his inability to cope with such circumstances. He fell gravely ill and died soon after. Arsenio's family, who were still in mourning, now faced an uncertain future.

Fortunately, Arsenio had planned for this terrible but inescapable outcome. Arsenio had spoken to a Financial Advisor (FA) at the BDO branch where he had his account a little over two years before his death. The FA stressed that his health and work would not survive indefinitely. A life insurance policy would be a suitable financial Plan B—a safety net for his family in the event of his death.

Arsenio was taken aback by this timely exchange with his FA. He knew how vulnerable his family would be if his financial plan, Plan A, was upset by serious illness or premature death. He knew how life insurance would mitigate that danger.

He discovered that paying the premium was not a problem; it was the solution. Arsenio was persuaded and acquired a substantial policy from BDO Life.

Arsenio's widow used the earnings of his policy to open a small local bigasan (grain shop) in their hometown. Arsenio's family's life will never be the same without him. Things can improve with life insurance. Exactly as Arsenio envisioned.

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  1. Nakakatuwa si sir Arsenio na mawala man siya ay iniisip niya na magiging maganda pa din ang buhay at kalagayan ng kanyang pamilya buti talaga nandyan ang BDO para matulungan siya at eto nga ang Plan B para maging secured ang kanyang pamilya mawala man siya.

  2. Very important talaga na magkaroon tau ng PLAN B ,dahil maraming WHAT IF'S sa buhay.Yes to BDO insurance,safe and protected ang buong pamilya.Best investment for life ❤️