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Is your child school-ready? Help prepare them with HIGHER IQ and EQ

Find out how your child can be school-ready with the help of this breakthrough ingredient 

Did you know that 90% of a person’s brain is developed before age 6? Brain development is critical in the early stages of a child’s life, making proper nutrition critical for a strong foundation for their brain development. During this time, kids need proper nutrition to help boost their developmental milestones, particularly cognitive and emotional skills.

Studies have shown that children with purely solid food diets are more likely to be challenged by inadequate nutrition. Hence, providing them with milk address their nutritional concerns to support their development. But not all milk formulas and nutritional benefits are equal. 

Apart from DHA there is another ingredient that can further boost the development of a child’s brain during the first five years of their life – that crucial period in brain development.

MFGM, the holistic support for EQ and IQ development

The Milk Fat Globule Membrane, or MFGM, is a naturally occurring membrane that research has shown can play an essential role in developing a child’s brain structure and function – particularly in its cognitive development throughout childhood.

Thanks to MFGM’s complex structure made of several important cellular components such as phospholipids, sphingomyelin, oligosaccharides and proteins – they all work together to support brain function and immune health. This breakthrough nutrient holistically supports a child’s IQ and EQ development.

A boost in IQ means a child gets an increase in their learning capacity, as well as their cognitive skills and overall intelligence. Studies have found that MFGM uniquely supports kids’ Emotional Intelligence by developing their ability to regulate their behavior & understanding, as well as control their emotions.

EQ is just as important as IQ when it comes to being school-ready. Nowadays, we know that emotional and social development is just as important as intellectual development. As kids begin school, their next stage of life, they are bound to face new challenges and social experiences and they need to be equipped to face these.

Nurturing both during the early years of a child’s brain development will help them become better prepared when they grow up. With proper nutrition and guidance, this boost in IQ and EQ development can help give a growing child a certain advantage.

Nourish both Mind and Heart with Enfagrow A+ Four

Today’s parents need to give their kids as much developmental advantage as possible during the early years of their lives – as getting this could define their capabilities in the future. So, give them the boost by providing them a milk formula with MFGM.

Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro and Enfagrow Gentlease 3+ are the only milk formulas with MFGM (among staged milks). MFGM is clinically proven to help give higher IQ and EQ development that will last until school age (vs formula without MFGM and with proper nutrition and stimulation). For kids with sensitive tummies, there is Enfagrow Gentlease 3+ with PHP (partially hydrolyzed proteins), a nutrient that aids a child’s digestion and gut health (with proper nutrition and stimulation). 

With Enfagrow A+ Four Nurapro and Enfagrow Gentlease 3+, parents can confidently give their children the proper nutrition. It is a proactive way of helping kids develop fully, and help them be school-ready (with proper nutrition and stimulation). 

For more information about Enfagrow and its benefits, please visit https://www.enfagrow.com.ph/.


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