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Kris Aquino, the main brand ambassador of Ever Bilena shares her secret

Dioceldo Sy, CEO of Ever Bilena and the "main" ambassador Kris Aquino

Today January 27, 2018 the "Queen of All Media" and "The people of the Year" awardee Kris Aquino partners with Philippines' iconic brand and the country's no.1 color cosmetics retail company, Ever Bilena.

Ever Bilena's success is built on credibility and that is what the newest ambassador brings. Over the years, the brand has evolved along with its growing market by providing fresh and trendy color cosmetics to women of different lifestyles. They have been in the business for 35 years ( whoa! I was only 3yo then). Not only is Ever Bilena the leader in color cosmetics but also it is a Filipino brand. (I should be proud! We should love local brands 😍) My mom and I are #EB ladies,btw.

Contract signing

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Like most retail products, Ever Bilena is facing a new generation of users. "Makeup trends, such as fashionable colors, change  so quickly because of social media and online platforms. We welcome this challenge with innovative products for everyone who wants to be beautiful and confident," says Ever Bilena CEO Dioceldo Sy.

As the newest ambassador for the cosmetics brand the "Queen of All Media" is all set to try Ever Bilena's over 1000 (!!!) products. From eye shadows, mascaras, BB creams and concealers, to fragrances, lipsticks, palettes and tools, makeup lovers can expect a lot of excitement from the partnership.

"Looking good is no longer a luxury," said Sy. Ever Bilena's products are affordable 👌 (swak na swak sa budget), but known to be of high quality and trusted by generations. "It's easy to make money, but it's very hard to earn credibility, which should always be the foundation and capital of any business," Sy said.

During the Q&A,  Kris Aquino shares makeup tips...

1. Swatch - test the product first to know if you are "hiyang" or if there'll be allergic reactions before buying and the best part to swatch is on the neck. 

2. Hoard - if you found something that you really love and suits you ... hoard na !

3. Lippies -  lippies can last for up to 3 years( average) as long as it is still sealed and not placed on direct sunlight

4. Go to a professional and ask help to fix your kilay (eyebrows), because we all know that #KilayIsLife. "Kapag maganda ang kilay mo, kahit wala kang kahit ano sa mukha... maganda ka na.", says Kris.

Let's talk about B-E-A-U-T-Y

Beauty quotes/tips from Kris:

1. Beauty comes from not engaging to negativity. 👌

2. Beauty is making other people feel good about themselves. 😍

3. Ageing gracefully is important.
   a. Take care of your skin by avoiding the sun between 10am-2pm. 
   b. Drink lotsa  water!!! Did you know that Kris drinks 5 liters of water a day? Yes, it's true. Watch the interview here . 

4. Appreciating your flaws and highlighting what you know is good about you. 

Lessons she learned from the late President Cory Aquino, her mom:

1. Half- no debts. Huwag umutang!

2. Everything is temporary. - when the times are tough you know that dadaan yun. But when the times are good, savor every minute of it, coz it's not gonna last forever.

3. Your children come first. - make time for what matters most. Learn what to prioritize.

4. Be good to the people who work for you and support you. -treat your people well, so there will be loyalty. Give them due respect .

5. Power of prayer - do not stop praying. Anytime, anything good happens to your life make sure to thank God and share the blessings. 

6. Choose your battles wisely

To learn more about Ever Bilena and its brands, visit, and 

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