Monday, January 15, 2018

Meet The New Maginoo

I was never a fan of pomade. Never liked how it smells and how sticky and greasy it feels.

Reminds me of an uncle who likes to use pomade everyday. He puts it in after taking a shower and even has it on before going to bed. 😂 I just had to bear with the smell of it because he’s the grown up.

My eldest son uses a famous brand of hair wax. His favorite for years. 

I had him try Slick Tight Pomade, and here’s what he said:
*washing his hands with water is enough to remove the pomade completely.

*it’s not sticky / greasy

*keeps the hair style in place. 

*makes the hair shiny. 

*smells great! and the scent gives a calming feel.

I tried Slick Tight Pomade once and yes, my son is right. So from being a hater, I'm now a lover of pomade (note: Slick Tight only!) And my son is a "switcher" 😉 

And now... meet #TheNewMaginoo 😍 here

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