Sunday, April 9, 2017

Our Dada is not a Good Father

"The greatest GIFT a father can do for his children is to love their mother." - John Wooden


Have you seen the latest video ad of UNILAB? If I personally knew the brilliant mind behind the ad, I would think that he/she based the concept on our story,my family's story. I would have asked for a payment for the rights. Lol.

Watch this Video .

I grew up in a family where Biogesic, Neozep, Solmux are readily available when needed.

Lately I've been under the weather, so it's hard for me to do even simple household chores. As the old saying goes" bawal magkasakit ang mga nanay, walang magaalaga". But in our case, I'm grateful that I have MITD with me and proud of him. He's got my back. I'm such a lucky mum. Let me do some bragging here. For almost 11 long years, he's never let me wash our clothes. Yes! I don't know if he doesn't trust my ability or he just loves me that much. I hope it's the latter. I know, I'm one spoiled momma. That's why I can't complain if my fave white shirt was stained by a colored shirt.

When UNILAB had this Enervon "share happiness" campaign, I joined. I wanted MITD to be happy naman. A simple way of showing I appreciate everything he has done and been doing to our family.

Couple of years ago, when meningioma happened to me. MITD was the father and the mother of our home. Until now he would do  some chores before going to work to make sure everything we need for the day are set and clean.(squeaky clean house, our food,my meds, kids taken their Ceelin) And when he arrives at night, he would still do some more. That makes him not a good father, but the BEST Dada in the world. Makes me feel so loved. Ako na si Rapunzel ang haba ng hair.

Our Family's trusted quality healthcare through the years, Unilab yan!

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