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Perks of a Bella - My Simple yet Relaxing Birthday Celebration

Who wants a do-it-yourself type of massage?!

Me and Mr. MITM do! and I know lots of people out there doesn't want to be touched by anybody for a massage to have their tensed muscles relaxed as well.

Last June 17, I celebrated my birthday at our "happiest place on earth" at Ace Water Spa , with my family. It's been 5 years since we started to love Ace Water Spa. With or without occassion, whenever we feel like we need a break, bond and chill out, this is one of the first place that will come to our mind. We used to go to their branch in Banawe, Quezon City. But we love their branch in Pasig the more.

ACE Water Spa in Pasig

Ace Water Spa is the best place to bond with your family, friends and colleagues. I also like how the spa is PWD ( person with disability) friendly. Aside from the fact that they do give discounts for PWD, (provided you have a valid ID) I love how they give considerations to PWDs.

What you need to bring when availing a spa service?

All you need to bring are fitted swimwear and a towel. Ace Water Spa has all the amenities you need for a complete and relaxing experience. They provide swimming caps and life vest for kiddos. But if you want to bring your own, you are free to do so. A locker will also be provided where you can safe keep your belongings.

What I personally love about AWS, aside from their Hydrotherapy Massage is their Hot Herbal Pool. Whenever I'm out of sight, my family would know where to find me. They have four (4) hot herbal pool with different temperatures ranges from 34° to 40°c. I love to dip in their Lavander pool, the hottest pool with 40°c as its temperature. Thank God for my high tolerance for extreme heat. I love lavander scent, it refreshes my body at the same time keeps my skin smooth and soft. And after that I would take a fast dip into their cold pool (as if I accepted the ALS Ice Bucket challenge). But I need to do this. This process is called Contrast Therapy Plunge. It is a special hydro-therapy experience wherein an alternate plunging in the hot herbal pool and cold pool is involved. Immersion on hot herbal pool will open your pores to allow the release of body toxins while stimulating blood flow to the core of the body while tightening the pores. Alternate immersion is recommended to keep your body temperature and heart rate at a healthy level.

Since picture taking is not allowed in the spa area, I grabbed some of AWS's photo from their website.
Hot Herbal Pool -in Banawe, Quezon City Branch

Who says that only masseuse can offer soft, moderate and hard massages? AWS has these one push-of-a-button equipments. They have:

 4 soft massages facilities
1. Bubble bed- my son's favorite next to kid's pool
2. Bubble pool
3. Bubble massage
4. Hydro-acupunture bed

Bubble bed- my kids' to kids pool

Bubble pool

 6 Moderate massages
1. Rainfall acupunture
2. Hydro-buoyancy massage
3. Eight nozzle shower
4. Buttocks massage- my personal favorite
5. Jet chair
6. Jet chair foot massage

Rainfall Acupunture

 7 Hard Massages
1. Head & shoulders massage        5. Water falls
2. Muti-point massage                     6. Chest jet massage
3. Waist jet massage                        7. Upper body jet massage
4. High pressure massage

They also have Steam, Sauna and Lapping pool. For more information on the purpose of each facility, click here.

What is Hydrotherapy Massage?
Hydrotherapy massage- is a kind of therapeutic massage that utilizes "Utrasonic Jet System" that massages specific areas of the body with its aquatic jets strategically located to relax and soothe tired and aching muscles. This treatment is best done in heated water.
Kids pool ♥♥♥

ACE's interior in Pasig

I'm so happy to have a Belle de Jour Power Planner 2015. I won mine in Chesca de Mesa's ( @chescademesa) birthday giveaway. The planner has 2 kinds and they costs P598 and the leather P680. It comes with a booklet with 72 discounted coupons. Get over 40,000 worth of discounts and freebies with these BDJ coupons. Fair enough?! That's too much savings for the price of the planner. Luckily, they have this Buy1, Take1 on a 4-hour hydrotherapy massage. Yay! That'a big discount! (P550!) #PerksofaBella #wisemama move again. I think this planner will be a must-have for me every year and to all of you out there who love freebies and discounts! Go to for the list of current participating partners and to know how to get this planner.

My BDJ Planner and booklet ♥ 


Adult                                                                     P550.00
Kid(4ft &below)                                                  P250.00
Senior Rate                                                          P392.86
-(Good for four (4) hours for all facilities)

Lapping Pool Only                                             P250.00
Senior Rate                                                          P178.57
(Good for three(3) hours. Monday-Friday 6am-12nn except Holidays)


Female : Bathing Suit (one piece or two piece) Cycling Shorts, Rashguard

Male: Cycling shorts or fitted trunks rashguard Boardshorts and boxer shorts not allowed.

Trunks                                                        PHP 100.00
Swimsuit                                                             200.00
Kiddie swimsuit                                                150.00
Kiddie trunks                                                     100.00
Towel                                                                   150.00
Top                                                                       100.00
Cycling                                                                100.00


1. Towels are not provided. Please bring your own or you may rent.
2. Beach shorts and boxer shorts will not be allowed. Only fitted swim wear, preferably spandex material.
3. Children twelve(12) years old and below should have at least (1) afult companion inside the spa area.
4. Six (6) years old and above boys should use the male locker.
5. Kid two (2) years old and below is required to use swimming diaper.
7. Cametas and cellphones are not allowed inside the spa area.
8. One (1) ticket is ine time access priviledge.
9. In excess of four (4) hours, P100.00 per hour per person will be charged.
10. My gentle and sweet reminder- Please do not pee on the spa!!! Respect other people. There are children and other oldies there that might drink water from the spa. I'm happy that my kids are well-disciplined. Whenever they feel like peeing, they would tell us right away and we'll go to the bathroom, pee and wash before going back to the pool/spa.

We love Ace Water Spa

No matter how much pressure you feel at work, if you could find ways to relax for atleast 5 minutes in every hour, you'd be more productive -- Dr. Joyce Brothers

How much more if you spend 4 hours to relax? You'll be more productive. So, head on to Ace Water Spa and de-stress. Take it easy. You won't regret every minute and every penny spent.

Thank you Lord for another wonderful year! 'Twas a Happy and Relaxed Birthday indeed.

Happy birthday to me! ;)

 "Life sometimes takes you into troubled waters not to drown you but to cleanse you." 

Thank you for visiting my blog! I would love to hear your thoughts . Your comments are always welcome and appreciated!

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