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103.5 Klite : I finally found THE ONE who makes me feel complete! ♥

Have you found that "someone" or "somebody" who makes you feel complete?

Lately I realized my life is incomplete. Being a career woman for 10 years, music was taken away from my system. (Btw, I'm a music lover! Maybe because I grew up in a family who loves music?! ) Anyways, my daily routine back then was home duties - work - home/ mama duties. It's like my life's always in a rush. The only time I got to listen to music and relax was during my travel time from house to work and vise versa. I don't have a choice but to listen to what radio station the driver is tuned in to. Commuter problem. There came a time that I'd want to stop the clock just to breathe and chill out and just listen to soothing music. I don't know if it's just me or others had the same feeling as I had.

I'm grateful to God that after my craniotomy, I became a homemaker na. Had meningioma not happened to me, perhaps up until now my life is sooo boring.(I love my previous job though. It's our bread and butter) But I'm still thankful to God, despite what happened.

After my operation, I don't like to hear loud music. I'm easily irritated with noise. This time Mr. MITM, brought out our old radio ( from baul perhaps?! ), and luckily I came across 103.5Klite. From then on, our old radio was glued to this station. Apparently, our old radio gave up on me..huhu. BUT, here comes my hero. He bought me a new cutie radio as an advance birthday present since I know he can feel my emptiness without music (for almost a month!) . Hehe..ahh.. thanks, Mr. MITM! You saved me again.

Now, I want you to meet the people who brought music back into my life. Tadaaa!!! Photos grabbed from the owners' social media account(s).

The DJs of 103.5 Klite ( Mondays -Fridays)

Trish Cabral - 6am-9am #Jumpstart
Follow her on FB : Trish Cabral
Instagram: @trish_cabral
Twitter : @trish_cabral

Cadillac Jack - 9am- 12pm #MidMorningLite
 Follow him on FB: Cadillac Jack
Instagram : @cjack1035
Twitter : @CJackKlite 

Claudine Najera : 12pm -3pm #TheTurnAround
Follow her on FB: Claudine Najera
Instagram : @claudineonradio
 Twitter: @ClaudineOnRadio 

Janice Racelis -3pm -6pm #HappyHour1035
Follow her on FB : Janice Racelis
Instagram : @janiceondisplay
 Twitter: @JaniceOnDisPlay 

Georgia Manila - 6pm-9am #LiteDrive
Follow her on FB: Djgeorgia Manila
Instagram : @Djgeorgiamanila
Twitter : @djgeorgiamanila 

Romeo Borromeo -9pm -12am #LiteNitesSyndrome
Follow him on FB: RJ Borromeo
Twitter : @Romeo_1035

Jason Sanchez 3am -6am
Follow him on FB : Jason on the Radio
Instagram : @jasonontheradio 

These DJs are very friendly, cool, instructive, entertaining, accomodating and you will have a homey-feel with them. Their playlists make me remember good old times "kapanahunan", that bring smile to my face when they cross my mind. This station put joy in my heart that can't be replaced. Not only that, aside from the good music they play, they have a lot of giveaways every now and then. Isn't that a big bonus?! You get to enjoy the tracks and win stuff pa from them?!

I must admit my loyalty to this station was tested ONCE. I almost lost diamonds in search of stones. BUT that won't happen again.

Let me put that with some lines and song titles. ALL MY LIFE, I promise to never fall in love with a stranger (kc and jojo). I've been searching for so long SO IT'S YOU, where were you all along? (Raymond Lauchengco) I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE, who makes me feel complete (Bryan Adams feat Barbra Streisand) from now on... I'LL STICK WITH YOU, guys ( Pussycat dolls) and STAY WITH YOU ( John Legend) FOREVERMORE (Side A). Sorry if I'm thinking out loud (Ed Sheeran). Lol

103.5Klite -plays your hits and lite favorites 
Textline:( 0999) 1121328 
Twitter: @1035KLITE 
Hotline: (02) 6381035 

Don't fret if you are out of town or out of the country. You can still tune in via

This is not a paid ad. If you will notice since my very first post, until now they are all about my winnings and events I attended. And the people who have touched my life. I just want to show them my sincerest gratitude for all the happiness they brought not only to me but to my whole family. There even come a time when the DJ jokily asked me to stop joining their giveaways, to just tune in and to give chance to others. haha. STILL I love that DJ to bits. What am I going to do? This is what I do when I'm hooked into something. I'll stick with you no matter what.

To record some of my winnings.(I'm not bragging here. Just want to share what I got for constantly hanging tough)

Roses for Mr. MITM ( I think Island Rose thought it's him who ordered that's why it's pink. Hehe.. He's surprised and happy anyway)

Hearty BRUNCH at The Bowery with my mom, sis and eldest son on Mother's Day. 

Bouquet of Yellow roses from Island Rose for my mom and Posh Nails Hands and Feet Grooming Package GIft Certificate

Block Screening of Jurassic World on our 103rd monthsary! ♥

Luscious liquer-infused dark chocolate -BLACK LUXE Collection from Island Rose for my Mr. Selfless, Mr. MITM ♥♥♥ Again, he was surprised at work. 

Will make a separate post about Mr. MITM experience here at The BACK ALLEY ...soon! 

If you are tuned in to this station, you can never go wrong! This simple write-up is not enough to express how grateful I am for all of these and how they are helping me to get through everyday.

 " Without Music Life would be a mistake! - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Music is a language the whole world speaks!"

"Happiness is like a radio station, broadcasting all the time. You just have to learn how to tune in and receive it properly. Stay tuned and be happy always" ;) - Anonymous


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