Friday, August 30, 2019

#ChooseGentle: The New JOHNSON’S® Advocates for a Gentler World for Babies

J0HNSON’S® launches a parenting movement that aims to inspire parents to #ChooseGentIe from the products they use to the way they raise their children

JOHNSON’S® gentle parenting advocates John Prats, Bianca Gonzalez-lntal, Sunshine Garcia-Castro, Saab Magalona-Bacarro, Divine Lee-Go, and Paolo Valenciano, together with JOHNSON ’S® Baby South East Asia Marketing Director Maimai Punzalan {middle} rally parents to #ChooseGentIe. 

Hundreds of parents with their babies and kids experienced the JOHNSON'S® Gentle House as the brand launched a parenting movement that encourages parents to #ChooseGentle, from the products they use to the way they raise their children. 

JOHNSON'S® Baby South East Asia Marketing Director Maimai Punzalan welcomed the attendees to the JOHNSON’S® Gentle House. 

Parents-of-two and JOHNSON ’S® advocates Bianca Gonzalez-lntal and John Prats, with 9-month-old Freedom shared their own worries and experiences when it comes to parenting and disciplining their kids. 

"JOHNSON’S® understands how difficult, confusing, and scary it has become to raise children in a world where babies and kids are becoming more and more exposed to harshness. As parents, our first instinct is to toughen our children up because we think that this is what will prepare them to face an equally tough world," shared JOHNSON’S® Baby South East Asia Marketing Director Maimai Punzalan. “We at JOHNSON'S believe that what we need today is to build a better,  gentler world where every child can thrive something that we can achieve through the immense, transformative power of gentle."

”It's easy to scream or get mad at our kids when they do something we don't like, especially when we're tired," said JOHN SON’S® gentle parenting advocate ]ohn Prats. “The #ChooseGentle parenting movement is a reminder for us parents to be mindful with our choices. Instead of choosing to raise our voice at our children, we are reminded to approach them instead with care, love, and gentleness,” added Bianca Gonzalez-lntal, JOHNSON’S® gentle parenting advocate.

The attendees went through the three rooms of the JOHNSON'S® Gentle House to learn more about ‘three Cs,’ based on Sarah Ockwell-Smith’s ‘The Gentle Parenting Book,’ which will guide parents in practicing gentle parenting: from building strong CONNECTIONS with their children through daily habits of positive interactions with them, practicing positive COMMUNlCATlON that looks beyond a kid’s ‘naughty behavior,’ and to being CONSISTENT with them by becoming more present and mindful with their actions.

The key to becoming CONSISTENT is having a calm mind. 

In the bed room, Yogi mom Jo Endaya taught different types of breathing activities to help the parents, including Sunshine Garcia-Castro and John Prats, be more calm, present, and mindful. 

A strong CONNECTION is built through daily habits of positive interactions. 
In the play room, Teacher Marah Estuesta, Directress and owner of Mindbuilders Preschool, Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, and Paolo Valenciano facilitated a mirroring game that will help strengthen parents’ bond with their children. 

Practicing positive COMMUNICATION.

In the living room, Rhona Remo, Training Consultant at MOMENTO and an advocate of positive discipline gave tips and strategies on how to practice positive discipline. She was joined by Saab Magalona-Bacarro and Divine Lee-Go.

In an effort to raise awareness about this gentler form of parenting, JOHNSON'S® partnered with contemporary artist-designer Leeroy New to create a one-of-a-kind interactive installation that aims to remind parents to always #ChooseGentle in their parenting choices. The installations will be exhibited in different public places in the Philippines.

JOHNSON’S® unveiled one of the two sculptures created by renowned contemporary artist-designer Leeroy New as part of the brand’s #ChooseGenntle parenting movement.

“As JOHNSON'S® transforms its products into its gentlest ever, we hope to rally parents to make better, gentler choices and help build a gentler world for our babies and kids,” closed Punzalan who is also a mom of 3. 

The New JOHNSON'S® gentlest products now have 50% lesser ingredients, with no parabens, phthalates, dyes, sulfates, petroleum ingredients and fragrance allergens.
To know more about the JOHNSON’S® #ChooseGentle parenting movement and the New JOHNSON’S® gentlest products,visit .

The JOHNSON ’S® gentle parenting advocates joined by Johnson & Johnson Philippines President & Managing Director Raghu Krishnan, J0HNSON’S® Baby South East Asia Marketing Director Maimai Punzalan, J0HNSON’S® Brand Lead for Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore J-Anne Aruta, J0HNSON’S® Baby Philippines Senior Brand Manager Bea Bravo, Parent-experts Marah Estuesta, Jo Endaya, Rhona Remo, and the rest of the JOHNSON ’S® Baby Philippines team. 


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