Thursday, June 14, 2018

Empower your child to create the future at Benedictine International School , A Systems Thinking School

Are you looking for a private, non-traditional and a systems thinking school for your children in Quezon City? Look no further. Benedictine International School (BIS) has got you and your family covered.

Children learn in different ways. You know how your child learns better than anyone. That's why you are such an important partner in his education. And finding the BEST school for your children is crucial. BIS , a private school in Quezon City is a non-traditional school, with competent and experienced teachers that allows children more flexibility to do work on their own and at their own pace. Less pressure on the child's part. 

What is Systems Thinking?
Systems Thinking can be loosely defined as a way of thinking that sees the bigger picture and how the parts of a system interact with each other, making an individual more critical and emphatic as he makes responsible choices. Given adequate training and exposure to this way of thinking, an individual increases his chance at personal success. 

BIS aims to educate your children to adapt to the demands of time using new approaches. BIS is recognized by the Department of Education to operate for Kindergarten, Grade School, Junior Highschool & Senior Highschool. 

As a learning institution, Benedictine International School commits to develop 21st century learners equipped with the 5 C's:

COMMITMENT- Dedication to the choices one makes, desired future, and life-long learning 

COMPETENCE- Understanding of the nature of system thru critical thinking and the utilization of the necessary tools and habits

CARE- The awareness of self in others, which translates to empathy and stewardship of nature 

CONFIDENCE- The capacity to develop personal mastery in terms of managing emotions and in facing challenges and innovations

COMMUNICATION- The ability to engage well in constructive and collaborative communication

A learning organization ready to continuously learn, grow and embrace the future with its students.

Empower your child to create the future. Choose a Systems Thinking School. 

"Real learning gets to the heart of what it means to be human.
Through learning, we re-create ourselves.
Through learning, we become able to do something we were never able to do before.
Through learning, we 're-perceive' the world and our relationship to it.
Through learning, we extend our capacity to create, to be part of the generation process of life." - Peter Senge, Scientist, Authot, MIT Senior Lecturer and Gounding Chair, Society for Organizational Learning (SoL)

For more information, you may contact
Benedictine International School :
Tel No. (02) 951-7454 

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