Thursday, June 15, 2017

#LoveKitaPa: Thank you for always waiting--McDonalds latest video as tribute to dads in waiting

Remember that time when your DadPapaTatay, or Tay would stay up late waiting to pick you up from a school event? Or when he quietly sat in the corner while you tried several dresses on?

McDonald’s latest online video in celebration of Father’s Day is spot on as it features dads from all walks of life patiently waiting for their sons and daughters

Watch it HERE and we can guarantee you’ll be able to relate to the different times your dad waited for you as wellthe day you took that entrance exam, shopped for new clothes, partied on a Friday night—all actually starting with when he quietly and lovingly waited for you to be born.  Such is a simple yet meaningful gesture of love that often goes unnoticed or taken for granted.

Each scene in the online video rightfully portrays how selfless fathers can be and how they will always be there for us no matter the circumstance.

Share this video with him today and say #LovekitaPa! Treat him to his favorite McDo meal this June 18 at any McDonald’s restaurant, and he can get a free McCafe Premium Roast Coffee coupon. 

Check out McDonald’s Facebook page for more details.

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