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Cool Your Summer with Home Credit’s Abot-Kayang Inverter Appliances

Take advantage of the best 0% interest offers on the freezers and air conditioners you've always wanted to start the best dry season ever. 

Maintaining a comfortable house for the upcoming hot days is a top concern this summer, but using cooling appliances to battle the heat can be expensive, especially with skyrocketing electricity costs.

According to a Clasp study from 2022, 62 percent of Filipino customers said they regularly reduced their use of air conditioners in order to save money on energy bills. If you're searching for a solution to stay cool while cutting costs, using inverter equipment is one option to think about. 

Because of their cutting-edge inverter technology, which adapts power usage to your demands, these appliances provide steady cooling without the energy spikes associated with traditional units.

This technique can dramatically lower electricity consumption by 30 to 64 percent in air conditioner models and up to 50 percent in inverter refrigerators, according to tests conducted by one of the nation's electric distribution corporations.

Abot kaya ang inverter appliances with Home Credit

This summer, Home Credit, the nation's top consumer loan firm, is offering its customers the hottest 0% interest offers from March 15 to May 31, 2024, to help you make the switch to inverter appliances. You may now get your ideal inverter appliances, from refrigerators to air conditioners, with flexible payment plans that range from six to eighteen months without interest.

These are some nice inverter appliances that you may get with Home Credit while you're choosing which one to buy.

Keep your home cool with inverter air conditioners

One of the inverter air conditioners you can consider this summer is the Panasonic 0.9HP Window Type Basic Inverter Air Conditioner. With a cooling capacity of 1.0HP, this is a good option for cooling small to medium-sized rooms spanning up to 22 square meters. Powered by the All-DC Motor, this Panasonic appliance provides energy-efficient cooling, alleviating concerns about high electricity bills during this season. Additionally, it features an antibacterial filter to make sure that only clean air enters the room.

Adding to your options for conquering the hot weather is the TCL 1.5HP KE Series Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner. This model boasts a 1.5HP cooling capacity, making it easy to cool sizable rooms effectively. As it embodies a split-type design, you can easily install and use it straight out of the box. While it boasts powerful cooling performance, it consumes minimal energy thanks to its advanced inverter compressor. It also operates quietly, with only 62dB of noise. 

Aside from these choices, there is also the Condura 1.0HP Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner, which you can use for rooms ranging from 14 to 17 square meters. Featuring 1.0HP cooling capacity, this appliance is equipped with a Smart Cooling feature that automatically adapts settings according to the temperature of the area to prevent high energy use.

Ensure your summer refreshments, snacks stay chilled with inverter refrigerators

If you are also seeking inverter refrigerators to keep your groceries and drinks cool this summer season, Home Credit has the Condura Two Door Refrigerator 8.0cu ft. This refrigerator offers ample space for your food and beverages while ensuring efficient cooling with its inverter compressor. It also requires low maintenance due to its No Frost System, which avoids manual defrosting. Additionally, it showcases tempered glass shelves, LED interior lighting, and a crisper drawer to help you keep your produce neatly organized and fresh.

Next on the list is the Fujidenzo No Frost Upright Freezer 7.0cu. ft with a high-quality build and powerful technology. Packed with R600a refrigerant and an energy-saving compressor, this home appliance delivers exceptional cooling performance for your food without hurting the environment. Featuring an easy-to-open handle, tempered glass shelves, drawers, and a bright LED light, it combines convenience with functionality.

Last but certainly not least on your list of options is the Condura No Frost Inverter Chiller 12.0 cu ft, White providing a reliable and efficient cooling companion for your kitchen. With its No-Frost Chiller feature, coupled with its Negosyo Pro cooling technology, it maintains your food’s freshness while providing consistent performance, and it can also handle your everyday use. On top of that, it offers enough space for your food and sports a sleek, modern design to complement your kitchen aesthetic.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of Home Credit's hottest 0% installment deals and get your ideal inverter appliances today! Simply visit any Home Credit partner store nationwide or browse online through You can even get pre-approved by downloading the My Home Credit Loan App or speaking with a Home Credit representative at a partner store. Don't let the summer heat get to you. Cool down your season now with Home Credit's abot kayang inverter appliances!

To know more about the latest updates from Home Credit Philippines, visit its official website, You may also follow its official Facebook,Instagram, and TikTokaccounts. Customers are also encouraged to download the My Home Credit App on Google Play to learn more about the latest promos and see what’s new in the Marketplace.

Get your appliance repaired or replaced from damages for no extra cost! It even extends your appliance's warranty for one year after the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired. Just add the Home Credit Protect Appliance Protection to your installments so you can enjoy peace of mind for up to two years for as low as P3 per day.

Home Credit Philippines is a financing company duly licensed and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). 

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