Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Air Fryer Potato Bibingka for the Holidays

Air Fryer Potato Bibingka

It’s the BER months and the holiday season is in full swing so I decided to make one of my favorite Pinoy Christmas delicacies – the delicious bibingka.

Do not fret, this delicious bibingka is a dish you can easily make at home! Topped with salted eggs, and grated coconut, this classic Filipino rice cake is the ultimate Christmas treat!

My version is not your traditional bibingka because its main ingredient is… POTATO! Yes, not rice flour or “galapong”, but U.S. dehydrated or instant potato. Intrigued? It's very simple to make. A must-try! 

Why use potatoes? The spud is a superstar in more ways than one. Potatoes, particularly U.S. potatoes, are the stuff kitchen dreams are made of, whether you’re in-charge of cooking or the eating.

Heath-wise, potatoes contain vitamin C, potassium, iron, vitamin B6, protein and dietary fiber. Great for the body and the belly!

Three U.S. potato forms are available in the Philippines: fresh or table-stock, frozen, and dehydrated or instant. Off to the grocery you must go!

Their versatility as a kitchen ingredient is beyond compare! You can use them in any dish and any cuisine because they present a great number of food applications.

Potatoes are affordable, available just about everywhere, and easy to store – a dependable kitchen companion.

So, without further ado, here's my easy-peasy, smooth and creamy, 3-step Air Fryer Potato Bibingka using U.S. dehy potatoes. 


3 large eggs

120 grams sugar

210 grams all-purpose flour

10 grams baking powder

280 grams mashed potatoes*

200 ml coconut milk

120 ml water

wilted banana leaves

salted eggs, sliced

freshly grated coconut


1. Beat eggs with sugar, then add flour, baking powder, and mashed potatoes. Mix in coconut milk and water.

2. Line bibingka pans with banana leaves. Pour mixture into lined pans, then top with salted eggs and cheese (optional).

3. Bake in a preheated oven at 350°F for 20 minutes or until it has set.

4. The bibingka may also be cooked the traditional way, which is with a charcoal flame under and above the bibingka.

5. Serve warm with grated coconut toppings. Enjoy! 😋

*Making mashed potatoes with dehydrated potatoes - a standard method of preparing mashed potatoes is to combine 170 ml. warm water and 65 ml of warm fresh milk in a bowl. Gradually incorporate 50 grams of U.S. standard potato flakes into the mixture, stirring gently with a wooden ladle. Season with salt and pepper to taste. This method will supply 280 grams of prepared mashed potatoes.

For more information on U.S. potatoes, visit www.potatogoodness.ph or like and follow Potatoes USA-Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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