Thursday, February 24, 2022

BDO Makes Banking Easy and Convenient in the New Normal

We really don't keep a lotta cash at home. It's all in the bank it's safer that way and besides, there are ATMs everywhere and can be used anytime. We're confident that when we do need cash, we can always withdraw via ATMs. 

Then pandemic strikes, no one's prepared. Establishments closed, even banks were affected. There were a lot of days that we experienced machines (atm) went offline and this proved to be quite a hassle. 

As we continue to live through the pandemic, everyone should learn the value of going digital, since this is the new normal. Good thing that BDO Unibank offers digital services that are easy to understand and access, convenient, safe and reliable that we can do banking transactions at the comfort of our homes. Now we can do banking transactions anytime and anywhere! 

We are happy that BDO Unibank is constantly finding ways to provide customers with the highest possible standards of service amidst the challenges during the pandemic. Focusing on the customers and going the extra mile. 

BDO has multiple digital services to offer such as: BDO Pay, ATM, Phone Banking, Cash Deposit Machine, Online Account Opening, Facebook Messenger, Cash in to Partner Apps, #BDOAntiScam, and the latest, BDO Online. 

What we love the most from their digital services, and what we use a lot during lockdown and up until now and definitely after and beyond the pandemic, is the Cash in to Partner Apps. We love to do online shopping and we love to eat and we order online. 

Using Cash in to Partner Apps is so easy! Just link your BDO Digital Banking account to the Lazada App and GrabPay wallet and you're good to go! 

Topping up our Lazada and GrabPay wallets using our BDO accounts is just one OTP away! Talk about convenience! It works everytime. BDO knows the needs of their clients, they always think out-of-the-box and the execution of their services is seamless. 

You can rely on their digital services even during emergencies and even after the pandemic. 

What do we, as a client need? 

We have busy lives even those who cannot leave their homes. 

We need accessibility, convenience, security. 

We need our concerns to be resolved. 

BDO has all these, and more. 

Go and experience BDO's digital services today! For more information, visit .


  1. Easy banking details and designed to a better idea of being convenient time for us!

  2. At this day and age, mas lamang at mas ideal na rin talaga ang gumagamit ng digital services. No hassle na rin since naging friendly at hassle-free na ang mga online apps. At isa nga ang BDO sa nanguna at naging reliable pagdating sa online banking. Great job BDO!

  3. always find ways and better life with BDO

  4. In online banking,we choose and loved BDO,super convenient.

  5. Everything you need for a bank, BDO has.. 💙👍🏻

  6. Bat maghahanap pa kung Lahat Dito okay na .. 💙

  7. Naka BDO online Bankingdin ako easy to pay kahet san transactions.

  8. Very well said!! Isa si BDO sa dapat pagkatiwalaan at perfect maging partner sa buhay. They always find a ways para mas mapadali at mapagaan ang araw araw natin. Super convenient pa!

  9. Ang galing talaga ni BDO always finds ways pra masa mapadali at maging safe ang ating banking experience

  10. Ang galing talaga ni BDO always finds ways pra masa mapadali at maging safe ang ating banking experience

  11. BDO is one of the most trusted bank here in the Philippines. Ang galing lalo pa nila pina-easy at convenient ang online transactions bagay na bagay sa panahon natin ngayon na pandemic para iwas virus na din, online transactions na lahat at syempre mas safe kasi walang mananakaw o mawawala sayo na cash if ever nasa labas ka.

  12. Talagang maaasahan natin ang BDO pagdating sa ating mga cash,safe and secured.