Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Planning for your Financial Freedom


The pandemic that caused a lot of trouble to both the economy and the health system around the world can be regarded as a great equalizer. No one is spared from the effects of it. The rich feeling the downturn in their investments, the middle class either losing their job or getting lower income due to the revenue plunge of their employers, and the poor being the most vulnerable because of the disruptive effect of the pandemic to their livelihood.

No one can say they were ready for what happened in 2020. Now that everyone is slowly picking up the pieces and trying their best to live with the virus towards the new normal, here are some tips to turn finances around and repair one’s credit. 

Understanding Your Current State. It is important to know your current financial stand to appreciate the situation and prepare how you will go about it. Look closely at what your present financial capacity is and evaluate what your current standing is. Are you on track to growing your assets, or are you in a situation when you have more debts to pay than what you are earning? Assessing your current situation will help you identify the next steps to turn your finances around and plan to mitigate existing challenges.

Knowing Where You Want to Go. After determining your existing hurdles and leads, define where you are heading and put a timeline on when you think you should get there. Knowing your course would help you prepare and identify the resources you will need to get there, the time you will require to achieve your goals, and perhaps the help you might need to further boost your success. Like planning for an important project, it will be helpful to come up with a blueprint of your vision as it will put more order on how you should go about achieving your objectives for the future.

Doing What You Need To Do. Now that you have defined your destination, it is time to create your personal project plan. Putting in the activities or the roadmap to where you want to go gives you a clear picture of how to go where you want to go. Parallelly, it allows for you to identify the resources you will require for each step you will go through as defined in the plan – the right people to connect to, opportunities to explore to help increase your financial capabilities like investments in the form of a new business venture, insurance, cash bonds, forex trading, stocks, cryptocurrency and other forms of financial investment depending on your risk appetite and readiness to get into a venture based on your defined timeline. Similarly, it allows for you to identify steps that will help you mitigate your current liabilities like paying off debts, setting up a realistic budget to spend for your needs, assessing your spending for those that are not really needed, reconsidering if you really need a credit card – things that will help you control the flow of money outwardly.

As you start filling up the activities, timeline, and resources you will need to build your plan, it will also be important to define key success measures that will tell you that you are meeting your set targets and lead you to your ultimate goal. One example of a success measure is defining your disposable amount from your total income against the amount that you can set aside for future needs. A disposable amount will be allotted for paying the necessities, debts, and other obligations. The amount for future needs will be allocated to savings, investments, emergency funds, and some amount to celebrate special events and mini successes that will be beneficial for your total wellbeing. 

Keeping Yourself Motivated. After putting together all of this important information in your project plan, you should already have a good appreciation of what it looks like to go on a journey of financial readiness and wellness. But before you say you are ready to move ahead, do not forget the primary reason why you are doing this. Ask yourself what your general purpose is why do you want to turn your finances around and repair your credit. Know your higher intention aside for having better credit. The path to getting to your target will be very difficult, that at times, you will feel like you would like to give up and limit yourself to achieving the easier way to get things done. Having an answer to your why will allow you to keep yourself motivated and see through the challenges that await your path to success. It's best to always find someone so you could both talk to win.

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  1. This ain't a joke! This is very important matter to tackle and to every scenario,and even on the future plans! I'm into it ! Thanks for reminding us this

  2. Thank you for sharing this mommy

  3. Napakahelpful po nitong mga financial tips para sa future ng ating pamilya.

  4. This is really worth reading. Big help to us lalo na sa panahon ngaun. Super hirap ang budgeting. Hndi maiiwasan ang mangutang. "Mars pautang" chaar lang. 😅