Saturday, September 22, 2018

Mondelez Philippines launched Cheez Whiz Mild

Growing up, we always had Cheez Whiz at home. Now that I am a mom, it's always been a staple in our home and in most Filipino households, whether it be for a quick bite during breakfast especially when I woke up late and the kids will be late for school or for a fun snack times as baon to school or to play dates. For most moms, cheese spreads are the best go-to since kids love biting into that gooey, rich texture that the best cheese spreads in the market produce.

Cheez Whiz, the number one cheese spread brand in the Philippines understands what moms and kids are looking for when they want to whip up and consume a hearty fill of sandwich spread. Cheez Whiz knows how important it is to make snacking fun, nutritious and inventive all at the same time. 

#PrincessY up the Inflatable Velcro Wall

Our DIY pillows and Cheez Whiz Mild 😉

Last September 19, Cheez Whiz introduced the newest variant, The New Cheez Whiz Mild- a milder and milkier way to enjoy our cheese spread. Princess Y and I had so much fun at the launch. We designed our own pillow from Googley Gooey's booth, #PrincessY bounched away at the Inflatable velcro wall and we got a lot of cheez whiz mild. 😍

"Mondelez Philippines, the maker of Cheez Whiz Mild, aims to be the best snacking company in the country. To do this, we continue to work in providing consumers with exciting flavors and provide new taste experiences for Filipinos. We are always listening to consumers and we have found that moms and their kids also want to experience a different cheese taste, something milder and tastes milkier. Thus, Cheez Whiz Mild was born," says Rachelle Virata, Cheez Whiz Brand Manager.

Made with real cheese that perfectly balances the rich tastes of milk cheese, Cheez Whiz Mild will transport your taste buds into a world where everything is deliciously mild. The new product promises a milder and milkier cheese experience to conpliment your snacking moments.

Cheeze Whiz is now available at all groceries and supermarkets, Cheez Whiz Mild comes in a 220g jar for only P83.00 and in 62g sachets for P25.75.

To know more, like CHEEZ WHIZ on Facebook and Instagram at @CheezWhizPH. 


  1. Wpw try ko din ito one time,, mukhang yummy din. Kakatakam umg hitsura. Favorite namin ng bagets ko ang cheeze wiz pimiento at I try namin itong mild.

  2. I would agree that Chiz Whiz is a staple in our homes 😄 meron din sa mesa namin right now. Its my breakfast this morning, rolled oats naman kay baby. Kasi..... late ang gising 😅

  3. One of my favorite spread sa tinapay..mapa anu klase p basta cheese ay cguraro ubos agad namana din ng mga anak ko..ang sarap kasi lalo n cheeze whiz perfect na palaman sa tinapay,png spread sa suman,at minsan toppings sa ulam try ko sya sa humba aba masarap!👍👍👍

  4. Cielo Jonna: Proven and tested na po! Masarap talaga!!

  5. Yay! Favorite ko po talaga ang cheezwhiz momshie

  6. ilove this masarap tlga to dnkakaumay😍😍😍