Monday, September 7, 2015

Jergens Skincare Fair at Gateway Mall : Reveals Their Newest Variant

Last September 5, Jergens held a #GetGlowingwithJergens skincare fair at Gateway Mall Activity Center. I was lucky to be part of the first 70 participants to complete the stamps on the completion card. Yay! I was able to receive a gift pack from them.

We were greeted by these beautiful girls.

Each participants enjoyed healthy  concoctions from Jergens Juice Bar.
L-R Cherry almond, Lemon Orange water, Aloe Juice and Coconut Water

I was able to talk to a skin expert and a nutritionist. And according to the nutritionist, "ideal" partition of Go, Grow, and Glow foods have to be like this to have a healthy body and glowing skin. (Ouch! Almost 3/4 of my plate is GO food. Extra rice please! Haha.) I can do this! I must adhere to this healthy food plate.

Learned basic Typography. Oh well, calligraphy is really not for me. I tried. Promise. I did try. But believe me, you wouldn't want to see my work.. haha. I enjoyed the activity, though. ;)

Have my picture taken. Mandatory photo- op.

I can still remember when I was still a kid I used to see Jergens lotion on my mom's dresser. I think it's the original variant. My sisters and I pronounce it as "Jerjens" back then. Haha. Silly us. I must say I acquire my mom's vanity when it comes to taking care of my skin. She's really a great influencer. ♥

Here are the different variants of Jergens Moisturizer

1. Jergens Skin Lightening Moisturizer - it has a dual UV protector which protects the skin against the sun and gently penetrates beneath the skin's surface to soften, lighten and maintain fairer skin. Lightens skin and dark spots in as early as 5 days.

2. Jergens Soothing Aloe Refreshing Moisturizer - the ONLY refreshing moisturizer in the Jergens product line. It has a combination of cucumber extract and pure aloe vera to soothe dry skin and will leave a cool and soothed feeling because of its special formula.

3. Original Beauty Lotion Dry Skin Moisturizer -the first in line of the long list of Jergens Moisturizers we know today. A classic favorite because of its Cherry almond scent.

4. Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer - it contains Vitamins C, E and B5, which nourishes and heals extra dry skin for visibly healthier skin. It can penetrate through 5 layers of skin's surface to repair and deeply nourish extra dry skin.

5. Jergens Anti -Bacterial Antiseptic Moisturizer - it contains moisturizers and Anti -bacterial BC -System to nurture skin and protects daily from bacteria and germs. An antiseptic moisturizer that protects and softens skin.

6. Jergens Age Defying Multi- Vitamin Moisturizer - restores dry skin's healthy look and visibly diminish the signs of aging. Helps achieve visibly and more rejuvenated skin.

The newest variant of Jergens Moiturizer product line...

Jergens Hydrating Coconut - it has ultra-hydrating coco water and coconut oil to hydrate and soften skin. Has an illuminating effect as soon as you apply it. I love its yummy smell too, that's why I put some on my arms before I left. Gateway Mall is just 11 "kembots" away from our house, no, I don't do the kembot thing going home. I walked. Haha. I love that I don't feel any sticky -feeling walking under the sun. Love it, it's very lightweight.

People nowadays are very conscious about their skin color. Most perceived that having a white skin or bein "mestiza" , is the "in" thing. That's why they would choose whitening lotion over moisturizer. To be honest, I use 2 different lotions one with UV protection/whitening in the morning and moisturizer at night. Now, why have 2 different brands of lotion when you can have both with Jergens. Every skin color is absolutely beautiful. It doesn't matter if you are dark-skinned, white, or fair as long as you are confident and your skin is glowing you are your most beautiful you. Regardless of what you are wearing, your best accessory is a healthy and glowing skin.

Skin is the foundation of beauty. It's never too late to start your healthy skin care habit. Give your skin the care it needs with Jergens Moisturizers. Choose the variant best suits your skin needs.

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  1. I also say it at "Jerjens" before! Just like you, I was influenced by the vain peeps around me. We would all love "Jerjens" from abroad! Gladly, Jergens is already available here in our country. :-)

  2. Haha. Hi May! I knew it! I betcha there are still some who would say it as JerJens. Yeah, I think my mom's lotions back then were from my dad abroad as well. Well, our mothers know best. At 62, she is still glowing :)