Friday, January 5, 2024

Foundever™ Launches a Donation Drive for Cancer Patients at the Pediatric Ward in Tarlac

FOR HOPE AND HEALING: Foundever™ in Tarlac, Philippines holds a donation drive for cancer patients at the pediatric ward of the Tarlac Provincial Hospital. Pictured are the Foundever associates decked in costumes during the party organized for the young patients and the turnover of donations. 

Foundever™, a leading global customer experience (CX) provider, has continued to hoist its commitment to making a positive impact on the communities it serves by holding a donation drive for cancer patients at the pediatric ward of the Tarlac Provincial Hospital.

Associates from the Foundever office in Tarlac eagerly embraced the opportunity to contribute to the cause, showcasing the company’s strong sense of community and compassion. The goal was simple yet profound: to bring comfort and cheer to the young patients battling cancer and their families facing challenging times.

“At Foundever, we believe in the power of collective kindness,” said Foundever Account Engagement Manager, Kenneth Esperame. “This is not just a donation drive for us; it’s an opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of young patients and provide support to their families during challenging times.”

The donation drive, which spanned about a month, engaged Foundever associates in a collective effort to contribute donations for the young patients at the pediatric ward. The response from the employees was overwhelming, demonstrating the company’s commitment to social responsibility. The donation drive gathered more than 800 toys that were given to about 400 kids in the pediatric ward.

The monetary donations gathered were used to purchase essential supplies for the hospital playroom as well as to organize a memorable party for the patients of the pediatric ward. “Our commitment goes beyond material contributions; it’s about creating lasting memories and positive experiences for these brave children,” stated Esperame.

Upon presenting the donations to the pediatric ward at the Tarlac Provincial Hospital, Foundever HR Generalist, Miggy Dela Torre, emphasized the importance of community collaboration saying “Our relationship with the local community goes beyond business transactions. This initiative reflects our shared responsibility to uplift those who need it most.”

He added, “Knowing that our collective efforts can make a positive difference in the lives of these children and their families fills us with a profound sense of purpose.”

This donation drive further testifies the unwavering commitment of Foundever to being a force for good, dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the communities they serve. As the global CX leader looks forward to future initiatives, it remains firm in its belief that by working together, businesses and communities can create a harmonious and compassionate world for all.

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  1. Goodjob sa mga nasa likod nitong magandang foundation malaking tulong sa mga pasyenteng nangagailangan.Godbless more power