Thursday, March 23, 2017

The AsianParent PH and Lactacyd First ever Baby Bash

Do you have parenting questions like:
"I've just given birth, what should I eat to increase milk supply? "

"My son just bit my hand till it bled just because I didn't give him his toy. What should I do? "

"My husband keeps on beating and shouting at our kids whenever he gets annoyed with their kakulitan. What is your side about corporal punishment? "

"I haven't had sex with my husband in years, what's your advice?" 

... but are afraid you might be bashed, embarrassed and laughed at? Worry no more as I will share with you what I've discovered.

Last month, Princess Y and I attended the first ever Baby Bash of the Asianparent PH and Lactacyd Baby 
(The Science of Love) at Whitespace Makati.

It was an afternoon filled with fun, learning and bonding. Bonding with the family, with other moms and with my Unica. 

The venue was breastfeeding mommy-friendly as the organizers set-up an area for moms who needs to breastfeed their little ones. There were other fun stops too!

Baby Weaning Station

Free and Easy (Play Area)

Sensory Bottle Station
Sensory Bottle Station- this is where Princess Y spent most of her time. She enjoyed doing her own sensory bottle

ParentTown Station

The aim of the event was to help and guide first-timers/ experienced moms and dads with their babies and growing-up toddlers. Tips on baby weaning were also given. I believe that's what the AsianParent PH is all about; to assist and a how-to guide for parents.

Sanofi executive intoduced the newest line of Lactacyd Baby: the 2 in 1 moisturizing cleanser and liquid powder.

Lactacyd Baby is a line of mild, cleansing products made with safe and mild,natural ingredients, which fight skin infection and irritation.

Lactacyd Baby bath is formulated with newborn and infant bathing in mind. It can also be used as an adjunct treatment for infections like diaper rash, pruritus, eczema, and seborrhea dermatitis, promising to provide the best care for your little one. 

Did you know that Baby powder can be DUST-FREE lotion? That's why Lactacyd Baby came up with liquid powder because they believe that babies can inhale the very fine grains of talcum powder, which could cause lung and other problem. 

The 2in1 moisturizing cleanser has a Dual Hydration System that moisturizes and protects against skin conditions like dryness and dermatitis. It is specially formulated with extra moisturizing ingredients to hydrate baby's delicate skin and create a defensive barrier to prevent TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss)

For Sanofi: 
 "when babies are free from harm, parents are free from worry."

That's the Science of Love. That's Lactacyd Baby.

Pediatric Dermatologist was also present and discussed about skin care for newborns and infants.

On the event, Parent Town was also introduced. 

What is ParentTown? 

It is a mobile app designed for parents who have parenting concern. New parents often feel like they are stumbling in the dark and have a million questions. Literally overnight they are expected to know everything about pregnancy and raising a family.

Most turn to Google for answers or post their question on a Facebook group, hoping to find the right answer. Often when searching on Google, the results that come back are irrelevant or outdated. And Facebook groups offers you no anonymity.

From conception to raising kids, ParentTown is your trusted guide for everything parenting.

After the talks, attendees were treated with sumptuous buffet, exciting raffle prizes and gifts. 

Thanks to the AsianParent PH co-sponsored by Sanofi and its minor sponsors - Naturali, Profreeze, Whitespace, VPharma, Mega- Malunggay and Thesis salon.

Follow theAsianParent Philippines on Facebook, Instagram for vital parenting information and watch out for their upcoming events. 

Sanofi-aventis, a global life sciences company, is committed to the continuous advancement of health and wellness. It upholds the same commitment to improving health as well as a person's quality of life through therapeutic medicines, breakthrough products, and major advances in research, making a significant and lasting contribution to the health and well-being of Filipinos for generations to come.

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