Saturday, December 21, 2019


Araneta City’s entertainment mecca, the Smart Araneta Coliseum, brings in to the country the multi-awarded performances of the China National Acrobatic Troupe in a Christmas Show titled  “The All-new Grand China Acrobatic Circus.”

The Grand China Acrobatic Circus presents the daring, the splendid, the bold and the spectacular. It features mind-blowing tricks, death-defying acts, graceful choreography loaded with color and excitement deftly presented by internationally renowned and multi-awarded Chinese acrobats.

The Circus themed performance is set to give Filipinos personal firsts experience of heart-stopping shows, daring and thrilling performances guaranteed to be a hit among audiences young and old. 

One never-to-missed act is the Rose Bud contortionist, a mythical fox in a trance of contortion and coquetry. Another jaw dropping act is the Peking Opera’s Huadan (heroines) in Diabolo, where performers in majestic suits intrinsically play the Chinese Yo-yo.
The All-new Grand China Acrobatic Circus will run from December 25, 2019 to January 4, 2020 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Enjoy a 25% discount on every purchase of ten (10) tickets by using a Mastercard Debit, Credit, and Prepad card in any Ticketnet outlets. The promo can also be availed via and the Araneta City Mobile app by using the promocode MCARANETA25

Interested buyers may also call 8911-5555. 

The Grand China Acrobatic Circus Mastercard Promo runs under DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-21402 Series of 2019.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Press Release: PH volleyball teams grateful for support that took them to the 2019 SEA Games

Despite challenges in the beginning, crucial support for the men’s and women’s volleyball teams came through.

 PH men and women’s volleyball team for the 30th SEA Games

For the Philippine volleyball teams, their drought of medals at the SEA Games for over a decade is a huge challenge to overcome—especially after a long, storied history of victory and domination in the regional tournament back in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

While the mission was always to get Philippine volleyball back to its winning ways, the road to accomplishing that was not always easy. For various reasons, the sport was plagued by a lack of tangible support. If previous national teams were able to win, they had to do so in spite of all of these circumstances.

Sports enthusiasts and volleyball fans cheer for the Philippines’ finest athletes competing at the SEA Games in Manila

In 2019, however, things changed for both the Philippine indoor and beach volleyball teams. Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas, Inc., the organization that helped form the Philippine volleyball teams, reached out to companies such as Rebisco for a partnership, allowing them to step up and provide everything the country’s volleyball delegates need in order to train and perform even better not only at this year’s SEA Games, but also in other tournaments around the world.

“Rebisco showed interest in helping the national team and initiated everything. With their help, as well as contributions from different organizations, we were able to train for the games earlier,” said men’s indoor volleyball team captain John Vic de Guzman. “We also received income and allowances every time we trained, as well as better training facilities and equipment such as the Arellano University gym which we were able to use thanks to Mr. Pete Cayco, and the Ronac Fitness Center, which we were able to use thanks to Ms. Peachy and Dindo Medina from Uratex.”

“Before, only 12 to 14 players could train, but with the support of different organizations and Rebisco, around 20 players can now join, allowing for bigger tune-ups and scrimmages,” said women’s indoor volleyball team captain Aby Maraño. “We also got more local exposure after featuring us on social media and commercials, as well as international exposure as they helped us participate in more tournaments and training camps outside the country.”

“Each athlete dreams of representing their country, there’s no better feeling. Now we’re more prepared because more corporations like Rebisco are helping our team,” said women’s beach volleyball representative Sisi Rondina.

Lahat lalaban, para sa bayan,” says Alyssa Valdez on the PH team’s campaign in the 30th SEA Games. (Photo from Alyssa Valdez (@AlyssaValdez2) on Twitter)

With the crucial support Rebisco is giving the Philippine volleyball teams, the country’s delegates stand a stronger and better chance to win big at the 2019 SEA Games and reclaim the glory of years past. There’s still time to support all teams as the SEA Games indoor and beach volleyball tournaments are currently running at the PhilSports Arena in Pasig and the Subic Tennis Center, respectively, until December 10.

Aside from backing the Philippine volleyball teams, Rebisco also continues to do its part in advancing the local volleyball scene in the country. The company hosts the Rebisco Volleyball League, a grassroots tournament that showcases the Philippines’ up-and-coming players, and the Rebisco Beach Volleyball International Open with 20 teams from around the world; the company also fields two teams in the professional Premiere Volleyball League in the Creamline Cool Smashers and the Choco Mucho Flying Titans.

For more info and updates on the Philippine volleyball teams, follow Rebisco Pilipinas on Facebook (, and on Twitter and Instagram at @RebiscoSambansa. For updates on beach volleyball, follow @PHBeachVolley on Twitter.

Monday, December 9, 2019

OFW Guide: how to avoid illegal recruiters when finding job abroad

In hopes of landing great career opportunities and providing better lives for their families, aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) had to spend a hefty amount of money, do a lot of paperwork, and leave their loved ones back in the Philippines. 

However, not everyone is as lucky as they thought. With more and more Filipinos willing to secure a job outside the country, many of them were deceived by unauthorized recruitment agencies – false documents, assigned with a different job from what was promised, and robbed of their hard-earned money. Just like this guy in this video: 

You might think this is funny but being a victim of illegal recruitment is no joke. To make sure you or the people you know will not be a victim of illegal recruitment,, the Philippines' leading overseas job site, shares important reminders when looking for a job abroad. 

✔ Apply only at POEA-licensed recruitment agencies

First thing that a jobseeker has to check is if the agency they are dealing with is authorized by Philippine Overseas Employment Authority (POEA) to operate. Transact only with authorized representatives and agencies that have official job orders. The license number should be conspicuously displayed upon the entrance of the agency or you may visit to verify if an agency is indeed licensed.

Alternatively, also generates the data from POEA under the “Validate POEA License” tool where you can verify if a particular agency is authorized. 

✔ Transact only within the registered business address 
It is advised to not engage in any recruitment activities done in malls, residential areas, and restaurants outside their registered business address. If recruitment is conducted in the province or during a job fair, aspiring OFWs should check if the agency has a Special Recruitment Authority (SRA) or Job Fair Authority issued by POEA or ask the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) of the concerned LGU. 

✔  Be mindful of fees
Victims of illegal recruitments reportedly paid an exorbitant amount of money for placement and processing fees when they should not. reminds employees that a placement fee is only equivalent to one month’s salary, exclusive of documentation and processing costs. Employers should also shoulder all the payments for visa, airfare, and processing costs. Most importantly, do not pay without signing a valid employee contract and official receipt.     
✔  Accept job offers using work visa 
Many illegal recruitment agencies send Filipinos abroad only with a tourist visa. Keep away from possible legal conflicts in other countries by only accepting job offers that give you work visa. Beware of unclear and unspecific job orders as it can also be a sign of an unauthorized recruitment. 

✔ Report an illegal recruiter immediately 
Should an agency seem to be suspicious or fail to meet the standards mentioned above, immediately report them to POEA by calling 722-11-44 or emailing

Although a promising job offer abroad is pretty tempting, it is also one’s accountability to be on the lookout and be wary of unauthorized recruiters. 

To explore more career opportunities overseas through POEA-accredited recruitment agencies, visit

Thursday, December 5, 2019

#HappyBEARday : SM Bears of Joy unveiled the Joy Squad

SM supermalls nationwide celebrated its first ever #happyBEARday last December 1, 2019 at The Galeon Museum in Mall of Asia. A special day dedicated not only to the cuddly and cute SM Bears of Joy- a staple side of Christmas at SM for the past 8 years, but also to pay tribute to families and kiddie supporters who take part in SM Cares, Toy Kingdom, and SM Supermalls' annual Christmas charity project that aims to bring smiles to more kids during the holiday season.

The Joy Squad with SM Little Stars Achievers and the children from Tondo

Four new bears aka JOY SQUAD were introduced to delight and inspire kids to reach for their dreams. Representing some of the top dream jobs of kids worldwide, the Joy Squad is composed of AJ (Ariana Joy) The Star, FJ (Franco Joy) The Savior, PJ (Paul Joy) The Hero, and CJ (Carina Joy) The Achiever. SM shoppers can now collect and bring home the four bear characters for a joyous Christmas treat for their loved ones and children charities.

(L-R) CJ, AJ, PJ and FJ
Get a pair of these toy bears for P200  ̶  one to keep and the other for charity. 

SM Bears of Joy is an annual Christmas initiative by SM Supermalls, SM Cares, and Toy Kingdom and is available in SM malls until December 25.

For more information on the SM Bears of Joy campaign and SM’s other fun-filled holiday activities, visit  

Monday, November 18, 2019

Make Brush Time Hapee Time

What's your favorite bonding moment with your kids? For us it's when we brush our teeth! We even sing that Barney song "Brushing My Teeth". 🎶Oh, I'm brushing my teeth on top
It's so much fun, I hate to stop
But while I'm brushing my teeth and having so much fun
I never let the water run, no I never let the water run ...🎶  we had fun and they learn at the same time to conserve water. This brushing time can be more exciting with Hapee Kiddie and its range of delicious flavours and colorful characters. 

Brushing our teeth is an important part of our dental care routine.  It's because our teeth are important in many ways. If we take care of them, they'll help take care of us. 

Strong, healthy teeth help us chew the right food to help us grow. They help us speak clearly. And yes, they help us look our best 😁. 

Today there are plenty of toothpaste choices: lots of colors and flavors to choose from, and some are made just for kids.  

Kapag kami pumipili ng toothpaste for our bagets dapat may right amount of flouride, just like Hapee Kiddie Toorthpaste. Because fluoride makes our teeth strong and protects them from cavities. And masarap ang lasa para ma encourage sila mag toothbrush kasi parang candy pa rin. Hehe.

Kayo din pwede niyo din gawing bonding time ang pagsisipilyo.  #MakeBrushTimeHapeeTime with Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Mommy Bloggers PH Halloween Party 2019 at McDo BGC Forum and Kidzania Manila

Happy Mommies and Kiddos

We recently attended a Halloween Party by Mommy Bloggers Philippines (MBP). It was our second time to attend, the first time was three years ago. No scary costumes because MBP believes that Halloween should be enjoyed by kids and is not supposed to scare them. As a result, the kids who attended were so cute wearing their costumes! 

It was a wonderful event, the attendees enjoyed including the mommies because of McDo's hosts and the games they prepared. What they did was out of the ordinary, it was not your usual parlor games because everyone is involved. How I wish someone could've captured our laughter via video. Moms were obviously having fun, like taking a break from their usual routine as a parent.  We, for a moment, forgot our problems and worries. Of course, the kids loved the games,  giveaways and the program prepared by McDo especially when Grimace and Birdie arrived and danced for them! You can see the smiles of joy in their eyes. Princess Y wants her next birthday celeb done at McDo!  🙏🙏🙏

Basta #McDoParty, love ko 'to! 

Mommy Lanie, Admin and Founder of Mommy Bloggers PH with Grimace and Birdie

Congrats to Mommy Lanie, founder of MBP for another successful event for the whole family. As usual ang daming generous sponsors. Thank you!!!


McDonald's - #McDoParty
Kidzania Manila - @kidzaniamanila
Absolute Distilled Water - @absolutedistilledwater 
#AbsoluteLove #PureLove
@hygienix_ph #showerrangers
Hapee - @hapeetoothpaste
RealCaliforniaMilk - @realcaliforniamilkphl #RealCaliforniaMilk
Dazz Dishwashing - @DazzDishwashing
LiceAliz - @licealiz
MayaPancakes- @mayahotcakesandmore #MayaHappyMugs #HappyComesEasy 

But wait, there's more 😬 After the #McDoParty, attendees headed to Kidzania Manila for a Halloween Funfair experience. Again, everyone went home elated :) 

Thank you, MBP for inviting us.💛

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Why GCash is planting trees at the Ipo Watershed

Earlier this year, Manila was gripped by a water crisis. At its peak, large parts of Metro Manila had zero water supply, prompting water rationing from local governments and concessionaires. There were viral videos of condominium dwellers fetching water from their pools and barangay residents fighting around water trucks. 

It was traced to the late onset of the rainy season, coupled with demand that has outgrown available infrastructure. Much was heard about the then declining water supply at the Angat Dam, Metro Manila’s main water source, and the La Mesa Dam, the emergency reservoir.

But there wasn’t much talk about the Ipo Watershed, the deforestation of which is believed to be one of the root causes of depleted water supply in the reservoirs. 

The Ipo watershed was declared a protected area by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) but forest cover in the watershed is now only at 40%, a drastic drop from 85% several years ago, according to WWF-Philippines. 

Metro Manila relies on the Angat-Umiray-Ipo watershed system for nearly all of its water supply (98 percent, to be exact). This makes it imperative to prevent the watershed’s further degradation, which has been blamed on human activities such as illegal logging and charcoal-making by illegal settlers in the area. 

The Philippines’ leading mobile wallet GCash has partnered with WWF-Philippines for the reforestation of the Ipo watershed, aiming to plant 365,000 trees in a year. The partnership launched GCash Forest in June, a feature in the GCash app that allows users to plant trees at the Ipo watershed using green energy points. 

Green energy points are earned through frequent use of the app in transactions such as scan to pay and bank transfers, among others. Green energy may also be earned through shifting to more environment-friendly everyday practices, including switching to reusable food containers and utensils in place of single-use plastics. 

On Oct. 12, GCash brought its first batch of tree-planters to the Ipo watershed to plant yakal trees within the 300 hectares that GCash has adopted for GCash Forest in Norzagaray, Bulacan. These were GCash users who had earned over 20,000 green energy points. 

WWF-Philippines will monitor the growth of trees planted by GCash and identify other native tree species suitable for planting in the watershed. 

Through GCash Forest, GCash users are able to do good by Mother Earth while at the same time helping ensure water supply for themselves and future generations.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

J's Diamond Grand Launch at Ayala Malls Manila Bay

J's Diamond Grand Launch
at Ayala Malls, Manila Bay 

Grand Launch of J's Diamond Ayala Malls, Manila Bay Flagship branch (from left to right (Marion Uno, Noah, Samuel, J's Diamond Executives, Enzo, P.rinz, Sage Nathan and Andrej Euan.

Last October 17, 2019, J's Diamond a renowned jewelry brand that originated in Hong Kong and has established itself in the Philippines since 2012  held a grand opening of its fourth boutique, in one of the luxurious malls in the country, Ayala Malls Manila Bay.

The flagship store presented a sensational showcase of their latest captivating designs. Their new boutique possesses the unintimidating yet modish atmosphere, emanating the millennial vibe. It is designed to mirror the magnificence of their modern jewelry collection and to shine a light on their flawless creations that are well-crafted by professional artisans. 

J's Diamond Grand Launch at Ayala Malls, Manila Bay Ribbon Cutting by J's Diamond Executives.

J’s Diamond initially started with an exquisite collection of timeless pieces of rings tailored for engagement and wedding occasions. It has been patronized by customers for its specialty in bridal accessories and for the refined and sophisticated craftsmanship of its jewelry pieces.

J's Diamond Grand Launch
at Ayala Malls, Manila Bay 

The stylish and classy jewelry pieces are always fashioned to celebrate the gift of love. Each piece is purposely created to symbolize the different values – a love that lasts for a lifetime, a joy that is profound, an undying devotion, and steadfast loyalty and fidelity. 

Find a treasure trove of bedazzling pieces of jewelry that you will forever adore only in J’s Diamond.  

Visit Js Diamond branches at Lucky Chinatown, SM  Dasmarinas, LSM Southmall and  Ayala Malls, Manila Bay.

J's Diamond Grand Launch at Ayala Malls, Manila Bay 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019



½ cup glutinous rice, rinsed well.
5 cups water
1 pc pandan leaf, tied (optional)
1 pc125ml NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream
½ small can condensed milk (108g)
¼ cupsugar
4 tbspMILO® powder


1. Simmer glutinous rice in water with pandan (optional) while covered for 45 minutes. Stir occasionally.

2. Stir in NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream, condensed milk, and sugar.

3. Pour into serving bowls and top with MILO® powder. Serve warm.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Celebrate With The Whole Fam At Kidzania Manila’s “Halloween Funfair”

On its greatest Halloweek yet, KidZania Manila transforms into a ‘carnival’ for a grand “Halloween FunFair,” giving families a lively bonding experience from October 29 to November 3. 

BGC’s premier play city holds thrilling games for this year’s All Hallow’s Eve celebration, incorporating carnival games like buzz wire, target shooting, tic tac toe, and ring toss for non-spooky, wholesome activities for everyone.     

There will be a Treat Jamboree exclusive for BKidZanian CitiZens where kids, with the help of their parents, can get as many treats as they can within a specified amount of time. Expect goodies from event partners McDonald’s, Milo, Milo Nuggets, Jack ‘n Jill Chiz Curls, Quake Overload, Presto, Cream-O, Magic Creams, X.O., Dynamite, Lush, Goldilocks, and Oishi Lava Chips. 

Adventure-seekers, meanwhile, will be thrilled to become astounding performers, splendid artists, magnificent tightrope walkers, and more as the jobs are tweaked for the circus at many KidZania establishments.

Come in colorful costumes or dress up as your favorite non-scary characters for the Halloween costume contest happening on Oct. 31 (Thursday). The Best Boy in Costume and Best Girl in Costume will receive cool prizes from Toy Kingdom and Jack n’ Jill, while the Best Family in Costume will win an overnight stay for two adults and two kids in Seda BGC. 

The Halloweek celebration is one of the well-loved festivities at KidZania Manila, one of the world’s most inventive, most awarded, and fastest-growing kids’ educational entertainment concepts. It operates under ABS-CBN Themed Experiences Inc., a subsidiary of the country’s leading media and entertainment company that seeks to bring unique Kapamilya experiences in engaging and interactive themed attractions.

Want to take full advantage of the weeklong fun? Get the Halloween FunFair Pass (P3,740), an unlimited pass for one adult and one kid valid for six days from Oct. 29 to Nov. 3. For more details, visit or follow the Play City’s social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram) @kidzaniamanila.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Banana Kitkat Ref Cake

Running out of ideas for merienda? Yesterday, I whipped up a delicious and creamy snack for the family - Banana Kitkat Ref Cake.

Simple yet special because it is made with love and made even more special with the New Nestle All Purpose Cream 125ml pack. Yes. The brand we use in fiestas, holidays and special gatherings Nestle All Purpose Cream is available in a smaller pack for simple feasts to cap off daily wins of the family.

There are a lot of creamy creations at Check it out now! It's so easy, I'm gonna do some of it now!

Servings: 6
Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Chilling Time: Overnight
Recipe Difficulty: Intermediate

12 pcs graham crackers, crushed
3 tbspbutter, melted
1 tbspsugar
1 pack250ml NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream
2/3 cupcondensed milk
2 pcs ripe banana, sliced
2 packs 4-finger KITKAT®, crushed

1. Mix graham crackers, butter, and sugar. Divide into 2 portions. Lightly press 1 portion at the bottom of a serving container. Line with sliced banana. (10 minutes)
2. Whip NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream until light. Mix ¾ of the KITKAT® and condensed milk. Fold in whipped cream. Pour half of the mixture in the container. (10 minutes)
3. Repeat layers of graham mixture and KITKAT® cream mixture. (5 minutes)
4. Top with ¼ of the crushed KITKAT® and refrigerate overnight. Serve well chilled. (overnight)

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Make Saturdays twice as fun with Rebisco Topps Sarap Toppstar TV Season 2 only at GMA Network

Mark your calendars!

Starting October 5, your ordinary Saturdays will be filled with fun as GMA Network and Rebisco Topps Sarap bring back the musical-variety program, Toppstar TV featuring the cute and talented Toppstar Kids for Kapuso viewers.

The second season of the program promises twice the excitement, laughter and performances as the Toppstar batch 1 kids welcome a new breed of kiddie stars on the show.

The kids, who were chosen from Rebisco’s on-ground talent search all over the Philippines, will come together to showcase their skills in singing, dancing and hosting to bring out the “topps” in every kid.

As part of the brand’s commitment to bring out the best in every child, every segment of the show is created to ensure that we deliver this: the Toppstar Performance showcases the kids’ talent in singing and dancing; the Toppstar Games allows the kids to play while learning new skills; the Toppstar Laughs lets kids have fun showing their comedic talents while learning wholesome jokes, and the on-cam conversations in-between that hone the kids’ talents in hosting and interview.

To complement the Saturday morning episodes, Topps Sarap will mount school tours across Metro Manila.  Video snippets of these visits will be featured on the show.

Make Saturdays twice as fun with Topps Sarap Toppstar TV Season 2.

Starts October 5, from 9:15 to 9:45 AM on GMA, and with replays every Sunday at 5:00 to 5:30 PM on GMA News TV.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Plan a Hassle-free Celebration with McDo Party, just like what Marian Rivera-Dantes does for her daughter Zia!

Kids always look forward to birthday party celebrations, but there’s no denying that the planning process can be intimidating for parents. For those who want to give the best birthday bash for their children but don’t know where to start, look no further as McDonald’s offers a hassle-free way to plan a party!

Marian Rivera-Dantes and daughter Zia choose McDo Party 

Take it from Marian Rivera-Dantes herself, who is seen in this  video by McDonald’s, having a breeze as she and Zia takes us through their party planning process! 

As one of the top birthday party destinations for kids, McDonald’s aims to make party planning as stress-free as possible. Parents can rely on McDonald’s hands-on party planners, known as Guest Experience Leaders, to stay on top of the party details from start to finish, so parents can take a back seat from the stress of planning and just enjoy milestone moments as much as they should be enjoyed.

McDo Party: Planning in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Choose a McDonald’s branch, date, and time 
What’s great about McDonald’s is that there are 450+ branches you can choose from, depending on your party requirements! May it be a small group of 30 or a bigger guest list of 100; a party in the morning, afternoon, or night; you’ll surely find a McDonald’s branch that will fit your needs!

Step 2: Choose your party theme
Kids love parties with a theme. At McDonald’s there are five options to choose from: Ronald and the Gang, Happy, Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Thomas & Friends! This means your party will have a themed backdrop, invitations, party hats, activity sheets, game prizes and giveaways. And no matter what party theme you choose, an appearance of a McDonald’s character is already included in the package!

Step 3: Choose your favorite McDonald’s food
Get ready to serve a mouth-watering feast for your guests by selecting your McDonald’s favorites! Meal packages start at Php125 per person, proving great value for money.

Step 4: Lock in the payment
Once you’ve picked out your venue, date & time, theme, and food, all you’ll have to do is to settle a minimal reservation fee. Pay it via cash or credit card and you’re all good to go! 

To learn more on how you can host your next party without the stress, visit or visit any McDonald’s store near you!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Nailaholics 4th National Pampering Day, a self-care that saves.

Nailaholics has a special place in my heart. My mommy and I spent a lot of bonding time together at Nailaholics during good times and not-so good times. The place will always be special to me, and I will support their advocacies. 

On its 4th year of celebrating National Pampering Day, the day of pampering is turned into an ecologically saving act tied up with self-care. 

This October 17, 2019, from 10:00am to 1:00pm, all Nailaholics branches nationwide will be generously giving FREE SERVICES to its customers who would make a Php50 donation to its cause. Participants may avail of a FREE Manicure, Foot spa, or Foot massage with every donation, where all the proceeds will go to its partner beneficiary, Save Philippine Seas Organization. 

As the world’s second largest archipelago, the Philippines has over 7,100 islands. Unsurprisingly, we Filipinos depend on the sea for livelihood, tourism, economy, and basically most of our lives. Thus, it is only essential for us to practice environmental conservation diligently – in many ways we can. 

 “This year we want to go beyond the usual discounted promotions we give to our clients. This year is all about encouraging our new and loyal customers alike, to engage in this more meaningful act of self-care – a self-care that saves. Contrary to the common perception, caring for oneself is not a selfish act. And we want our customers to feel that while they take care of their own bodies and prioritize their well-being, they can also simultaneously value our environment and summon changes in our lifestyle to protect the planet.” passionately claimed by Ms. Abby Borja, Head of Marketing of R2 Group of Exclusive Brands, Inc.   

Indeed, employing kindness to oneself should translate into caring for our planet and vice versa. By choosing the right sustainable lifestyle changes, we can all empower each other to make a change. That is the advocacy Nailaholics wants to impart. 

The advocasea does not end there. In aiming to create a holistic approach, Nailaholics will literally dive into action. A special raffle promo awaits the participants of the National Pampering Day wherein one lucky donor will win an all-expense paid trip to Siargao. Siargao Island is named the best island in the world and it practices respectable eco-tourism. 

In this special promo, one lucky winner and a companion will not only appreciate the marine life and splendour of our own Philippine seas, but also be able to join a beach clean-up program led by S.E.A. Movement, and volunteer at the Siargao Art Recycling Studio. This is really the complete environmental awareness package that will immerse a willing participant. 

Now it’s up to you, nailaholic! We all can take active part in this movement of caring for ourselves while caring for Mother Earth. We only have one planet, we only have one home. There is no planet B so love your own. 

When you choose yourself, you choose right. Choose self-care that saves. 

It’s time to make your wave, one sea at a time! 💛

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Money transfer tips from a frugal mama

I am someone you may call stingy. I count down to the cent when I compare prices. Shampoo A is more expensive by P2.25 than Shampoo B? Then B it is. 

When it comes to my banking activities, it’s the same. Given the choice between a long queue on my bank’s ATM and no queue at another bank’s cash machine, I always opt to fall in line to avoid the withdrawal charges. 

I’ve brought this habit to my online transactions. Over the past year, I’ve found myself relying more and more on online shopping: it saves time and spares me the trouble of traffic. From clothing to personal hygiene items, I buy what I need—and what I occasionally want—from social sellers and online shops.

Thing is, the merchants I deal with use different bank accounts, while I only use one for online shopping so for a while it was a problem; I was incurring bank charges! I have long been a BPI user, and fund transfer to other banks costs P50 each. That could cover the shipping fee! The frugal/practical side of me ached every time I made fund transfers to merchants. 

Around summer time, I heard that GCash had developed an app which made it easier to use! I used it manually before and later via *143# but having it as an app made it cooler! At first, I thought the mobile wallet was exclusive for Globe, but it works in all networks! So I downloaded it immediately and checked how it could help address my issue. And you know how much it charges for bank transfers? ZERO. Nil. NADA. I couldn’t be happier!

I did the math. It’s good I kept my online receipts. In the first four months of the year, I had a monthly average of four online purchases that involved payments to banks other than BPI. That meant I was charged P50 16 times. That amounts to P800 over months. 

If I had kept it up for the rest of the year, that would mean paying P50 for 48 times over 12 months. This means an extra cost of P2,400! That’s a decent pair of shoes or jacket! 

I was just so thankful I found out about GCash app. Now, I can make bank transfers without spending extra money I could use elsewhere. This frugal mama is happy—and hunting for a new pair of boots for our autumn trip!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Duck Day Manila 2019 : Philippines' Donny’s Choice and Thailand's BR Group Partnership

We recently heard the news on why pigs died in the areas of Rizal & Quezon City - African Swine Fever. Even if they say it's safe to eat pork, I still won't have it on the menu. We stick to fish, chicken and veggies.

I discovered something that can replace pork which is also red meat, but it contains higher amounts of iron than other poultry - duck meat.

Duck is a lean meat – comparable in fat and calories to a skinless chicken or turkey breast. It's also an excellent source of selenium and zinc, both of which encourage good cellular metabolism.

Last Sept 10, Donny’s Choice fresh seafood, the Philippines largest seafood company and BR Group Thailand, the world’s largest purveyor of ducks collaborated in this years’ grandest product launch, DUCK DAY MANILA 2019 at Conrad Hotel & Resort.

This amazing partnership together with delegates from Victoria, Laguna (Itik Festival) also proposes  September 10 to be known as NATIONAL DUCK DAY in the Philippines. 

The successful event showcased the extravagant Philippine and Thailand cultures through traditional dances, songs from Tawag ng Tanghalan Grand Champion, Janine Berdin and delectable cuisines from this side of the globe.

Mouthwatering food demonstrations and palatable presentations of dishes made from Dalee, BR Group’s major duck brand were featured via the gifted hands of Pinoy celebrity Chefs, Gene Gonzalez, Rosebud Benitez and Pablo “Boy” Logro together with the equally amazing Executive Chef from Thailand, Chef Willment and Peking Duck Master, Chef Choi from China.

Great food and huge raffle prizes surprised guests from media (digital and mainstream), retail partners and from the business sector.

Mr. Donny Yeung, Donny's Choice chairman

Donny’s Choice is headed by its chairman, Mr. Donny Yeung and BR Group Vice Chairman and Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Mr. Joseph Suchaovanich.

If your goal is to eat better from now on, then duck is the protein for you. 

All there DALEE Ready to Eat Duck products will be available in groceries and supermarkets this October!