Wednesday, March 30, 2022

BDO To Infuse More Capital In BDO Network Bank


BDO Unibank, Inc. (BDO), has disclosed plans to increase the capital position of its rural banking arm BDO Network Bank (BDONB), by up to P2.0 billion, to be funded through the issuance of primary common shares.

The capital increase will allow BDONB to support the sustained expansion in its salary loan and micro small & medium enterprises (MSME) portfolios, which have a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28% over the last 3 years to P37 billion. Further, this will enhance BDONB’s ability to cover and serve more markets, particularly the unbanked and the underserved segments of the population.

BDONB’s major shareholders, BDO, with an 85% stake, and Osmanthus Investment Holdings Pte. Ltd, with a 15% stake, have committed to participate in the capital-raising activity up to their proportionate shares. The capital plan will be implemented through periodic subscriptions of primary common shares up to P2.0 billion.

The capital-raising plan will be subject to regulatory approvals.

While BDONB has experienced strong growth in recent years, there is no guaranty that BDONB will be able to continue with a similar growth trajectory.

About BDO Unibank, Inc.
BDO is a full-service universal bank which provides a wide range of corporate and retail services such as traditional loan and deposit products, treasury, trust banking, investment banking, private banking, rural banking, cash management, leasing and finance, remittance, insurance, cash cards, credit cards, and online and non-online brokerage services.  

BDO has the country’s largest distribution network, with over 1,500 consolidated operating branches and more than 4,400 ATMs nationwide. It also has 16 international offices (including full-service branches in Hong Kong and Singapore) in Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East.

The Bank also offers digital banking solutions to make banking easier, faster, and more secure for its clients.

BDO ranked as the largest bank in terms of total assets, loans, deposits and trust funds under management based on published statements of condition as of December 31, 2021. For more information, please visit

BDO is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas with contact number (+632) 8708-7087 and with email address, and webchat at

For concerns, please visit any BDO branch nearest you, or contact us thru our 24x7 hotline (+632) 8631-8000 or email us via

About BDO Network Bank

BDO Network Bank (BDONB), the rural bank subsidiary of BDO Unibank, Inc., provides a wide range of bank products and services, including loans, deposits, remittances, bills payments, and other banking services through its network of more than 300 branches and loan offices, and over 300 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) nationwide. BDONB remains steadfast in its commitment to serve its customers with simple, quick, accessible, relevant, convenient, and affordable financially-inclusive solutions.

About Osmanthus Investment Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Osmanthus Investment Holdings Pte. Ltd. is a unit of Singapore-based private equity firm Archipelago Capital Partners Pte. Ltd. that focuses on growth opportunities and high-potential small and middle market businesses, especially in the consumer, financial services and niche industrial sectors in Southeast Asia. Osmanthus holds a 15% stake in BDO Network Bank (BDO NB) and has helped in the development of BDONB’s framework for micro, small, and medium-sized (MSME) businesses.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Things You Can Spend Your (Forgotten) Unclaimed Insurance Benefits On


What if you suddenly found yourself on the receiving end of a windfall? What if years ago, a relative died and no one knew about the insurance policy that was left behind for you?

When people think about life insurance, top of mind would be the most important things: provide money for loved ones upon death, defray costs in the event of a medical emergency or illness. While those are all true and cover the most important uses of life insurance, what if those were already covered and now you are the unexpected recipient of a large amount of money. Beyond the basics, this insurance claim can give you financial wiggle room for your needs and wants.

Here are five other ways you can spend your insurance claims:

1. Use it to pay estate tax
Unexpected death usually leaves behind a lot of financial loose ends, and among those, estate taxes can be the biggest expense that you need to deal with. Fortunately, a windfall can provide you with the resources you need to settle those taxes, so you can gain access to any assets left behind.

2. Invest in real estate
This is your opportunity to create passive income for yourself and your family. Buy that land, house, or condo and rent it out. With a carefully thought-out real estate purchase, it can generate multiple returns on your investment.

3. Buy collectibles
Did you know certain toys, watches, luxury bags, or even sneakers can sometimes sell for millions? Collectible investment involves buying something which (hopefully) will exponentially increase in value and be worth much more than its original sale price in the future. The item could be very popular with pricing depending on the condition, rarity, and uniqueness of the item.

4. Invest in yourself
Take that master’s degree you’ve always wanted or enroll in a certificate course that has always been at the back of your mind. Learn new skills, take up a new hobby. Whatever skill you decide to learn, investing in yourself can only result in gains for you. Whether it’s for your personal use (like taking an MBA) or something you can earn from (like baking), new knowledge will always come in handy.

5. Take out another insurance policy
Strengthen your financial resilience. The great thing about life insurance is it provides a practical safety net during times of uncertainty and with the insurance claims, you can use it to reinvest in a new insurance policy that will yield another set of benefits later on.

You can choose from a variety of products depending on your need – whether it’s for protection from life’s many risks or something which will help you grow your money long term such as investing it in bonds, you can never go wrong with an insurance policy.

Find out if you have benefits to claim

Do you think you have benefits to claim? AIA Philippines (formerly AIA Philam Life) recently announced its search for thousands of policyholders who have unclaimed benefits which range from policy maturities, reinstatements, claims, redemptions, and even refunds. Despite fervent efforts to contact its customers through registered mail, email, callouts, and their agents, there is still a huge number who have yet to be reached.

“We hope to reach customers–those who we have lost touch with amid changes in communications technology and who have bought their policies under our former brand, Philam Life,” shared AIA Philippines Chief Operating Officer Geegee Lopez. “We are doing this because we have a promise that goes beyond passively responding when our customers make a claim. The promise of helping our customers live healthier, longer, better lives includes making sure these hard-earned benefits get to the intended recipients. We’re asking for everyone’s help in finding our customers or their beneficiaries so we can give them their benefits.”

You can quickly check if you have unclaimed benefits via Simply input the policy owner or beneficiary details and wait for a notification of policy verification.

Click here to check if you have unclaimed benefits with AIA Philippines. You may also email or call (02) 8528-2000 to know more.

Monday, March 28, 2022

BDO declares 20% Stock Dividend and hikes Authorized Capital


At its Board meeting held on March 26, 2022, the Board of Directors of BDO Unibank, Inc. (BDO) approved the declaration of stock dividends equivalent to 20% of the Bank’s outstanding capital stock, as well as an increase in its authorized capital stock (common shares) from 5,500,000,000 to 8,500,000,000 shares, and the amendment to the Bank’s Articles of Incorporation to reflect the increase. These will be presented and endorsed for approval to stockholders at the Bank’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting to be held virtually on April 22, 2022.

The stock dividend declaration is a testament to BDO’s commitment to continue investing in the business and provide consistent, steady returns and value to its shareholders. Shareholders will gain additional shares which they can keep for the long haul and grow in value, or in case they need liquidity, sell through the stock market at their discretion. The additional shares from the stock dividends will also be eligible for future cash dividends which the Bank regularly declares. Record and payment dates of the stock dividends shall be fixed and disclosed after approval by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, within the periods provided by law.

Meanwhile, the increase in the Bank’s authorized capital stock provides the Bank flexibility to increase its capital during periods of rapid organic growth or in the event of inorganic opportunities. This will allow BDO to continue to expand its business, strengthen its franchise, and deliver quality earnings to position the Bank for long-term sustainable growth.

The Bank’s ability to expand its business is dependent on business conditions and the Bank’s financial position.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Choose the best for your family only with the best-tasting Jollibee Chickenjoy

Everyone’s favorite crispylicious and juicylicious Chickenjoy is still the top choice for the best bonding moments with the family

No family bonding moment is complete without good food to bring us all together. That’s because moments shared with loved ones become better and even stronger when everyone is having a delicious meal to bond over with.

That’s why to make bonding moments with your family the best, it’s only right to give them the best and easiest choice—Jollibee Chickenjoy: everyone’s favorite fried chicken.

The crispylicious, juicylicious Chickenjoy is something everyone keeps coming back to! It’s the best-tasting fried chicken that is loved by many; everyone asks for it and nobody says no to it, especially when the whole family’s gathered together at the dining table.

The joyful feelings that Chickenjoy brings to everyone are shown in their latest campaign ad which features a modern and refreshed version of the classic Jollibee jingle, “I Love You, Sabado.” You can watch the ad here:

“There’s nothing quite like the allure of the crispylicious and juicylicious Chickenjoy to bring the whole family together. We encourage Filipinos to keep making it an important part of intimate moments with their loved ones especially since we see the joy that it brings to many,” said Mari Aldecoa, Jollibee Philippines Assistant Vice President for Bestsellers and Ready-to-Cook Categories.

Jollibee Chickenjoy is available for only PHP 76 for 1-pc.Chickenjoy Solo, PHP 399 for the 6-pc Chickenjoy Bucket Solo, and PHP 499 for the 8-pc Chickenjoy Bucket Solo . Have it safely delivered to your home via the #87000 hotline, Jollibee App, or Also available in Dine-in, Drive-Thru, and Take Out!

For more info and updates on Jollibee products, follow @jollibee on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Real Estate 101: When to Buy and When to Sell


Buying or selling a property is a huge decision that requires a lot of weight behind it. You should be able to sell your property when you're ready, but the market, your finances, and dozens of other items can quickly get in your way. The same goes for those who are eager to buy.

These are the top things to look for when you're considering buying or selling real estate and why they matter!

Your Finances

Are your finances stable? If they're fine, you're safe and don't have to worry about selling as quickly. If, instead, you've been struggling to cover any bills, you must take a step back and consider selling soon. Unfortunately, many homeowners buy without realizing they're digging a deep debt well for themselves. Take the time to explore yourself out of it by selling your property before it can pull you down deeper.

Upcoming Life Changes

Do you have any major life changes expected soon? Are you expecting a partner to move in with you? Are you expecting kids? If you're expecting major life changes, you must be careful about making huge decisions like selling your home. Although it's exciting and you're undoubtedly ready to cut the cord and move on with your life: selling your home is a lot of stress and time-consuming work that you'll have to put into something that may not sell immediately.
Of course, if you're moving, this can complicate things! Just remember it's possible to sell a property from out of state.

The Purpose of the Property

Is this a home that you flipped and you're itching to sell for as much profit as possible, or is this a family home you inherited that you don't want anymore? Either way, it's important to stop and consider whether it's worth rushing to market if you think you'll gain more money down the road. It might be easier to hold onto for family properties, but remember every day you wait is a slight gamble.

The Current Market Value

The market has been transforming quickly lately, with people getting different answers to the question ‘what is my home worth?' within just a day of changes. Because of this, it's a good idea to pay attention to the market trends and be aware of how this could affect your home's value in the near future.

Pay Attention to Interest Rates

Interest rates don’t fluctuate as drastically as they did in the 1980s when they hit a whopping 16%, but they do still fluctuate. So if you're considering getting a mortgage for your property when you buy it, it's vital to look at these interest rates and ask yourself if you can financially handle that or if you want to put it off for a little longer.

Think Through This Major Purchase

Although no average person buys a home on a whim, it's vital to take the time to consider everything about a property and about yourself before making that purchase. Take your time to make sure you're making the best choice for your life.

Hidilyn Diaz, bumilib sa kayang gawin ng Cash Agad


NAPANSIN ni 2020 Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz na hindi madaling makapag-bangko sa mga probinsya dahil sa layo ng mga bahay mula sa bayan kung saan naroon ang mga bangko. 

Halimbawa na lamang ang mga beneficiary o kamag-anak ng mga overseas Filipinos na kailangan pang bumyahe ng ilang oras para lang makapunta sa pinamakalapit na ATM at i-withdraw ang mga padalang remittance. 

Kaya laking gulat ni Hidilyn nang makakita sya ng mga Cash Agad point-of-sale (POS) terminal na naka-istasyon sa iba't-ibang micro and small business establishment sa kanyang hometown sa Zamboanga.

“Friendly-neighborhood ATM”

Ang Cash Agad ay serbisyo na inilunsad ng BDO Unibank noong 2014 kung saan ang mga ATM cardholder ay maaaring makapag-withdraw ng cash gamit ang mga Cash Agad POS terminal sa pinakamalapit na partner stores sa kanilang lugar. 

"May Cash Agad sila, kaya nasabi ko noon meron palang ganyan? Kasi nga, galing ako sa iba't-ibang lugar at nakita ko na walang ATM sa mga lugar na yun. Paano na lang yung may pamilya sa abroad, paano nila (overseas Filipino) ipapadala yung pera nila (sa pamilya sa probinsya)? Kapag may Cash Agad partner store na malapit sa inyo, maiwiwithdraw mo ang perang padala sa bank account mo. Ang galing,” ani Hidilyn.

Nagkalat na ang mga Cash Agad partner stores ng BDO na may micro, small o medium-sized na negosyo sa malalayong lugar. Kabilang sa mga ito ang mga sari-sari store, botika, bakery, pawnshop, hardware store, water refilling station at iba pang karaniwang negosyo sa mga probinsya.

"Pag may Cash Agad sa lugar nyo, hindi mo na kailangang magbyahe nang malayo para lang makapag-withdraw kasi syempre sa probinsya malalayo ang lugar. Magco-commute ka pa para makapunta sa pinakamalapit na bangko sa city. Nakagastos ka na, ubos pa ang kalahating araw mo," dagdag pa ni Hidilyn.

Sa Cash Agad, ang isang cardholder ay makaka-withdraw ng hanggang PHP10,000. Ang maximum withdrawal amount kada araw ay depende sa limit ng issuing bank.

May benepisyo rin ang Cash Agad sa mga partner-agent dahil dagdag kita ito sa kanila mula sa convenience fee kada withdrawal. Bukod dito, sa bawat punta ng cardholder para mag-withdraw, malaki rin ang posibilidad na bumili pa ang customer at maging suki ng kanilang tindahan. Wala ring franchise fee para maging Cash Agad partner-agent sa kasalukuyan.

Para sa mga kabayang interesadong maging Cash Agad partner-agent para magka-extra income, magpunta lang sa Cash Agad website (, o tumawag sa hotline (02-8840-7575; domestic toll-free number 1-800-10-840-7575) o mag-email sa Cash Agad Sales Team email address (

Nurture your kid’s creativity at Power Mac Center’s summer art camp


If you constantly find your kid drawing in a corner or creating visual designs on their iPad, you know it’s time to take it to the next level. Premier Apple partner Power Mac Center (PMC) is opening this year’s summer art camp to welcome kids to a whole world of digital wilderness where they can develop their talent and pursue what they like through Apple technology.

From April 19 to August 30, 2022, PMC’s official training arm – PMC Business Systems, Inc. (PBSI) – will be offering “Design Trail for Kids” with six special courses covering comics creation, 2D animation, game design using various software, and building trendy filters and 3D effects. Sessions will be conducted online for kids aged 7 to 15 years old.

“Children have an active imagination, and it’s important to provide them creative outlets while also prioritizing their safety and well-being amid the pandemic. This summer, Power Mac Center goes all out in creating opportunities for kids to explore ideas and enhance their digital creative and coding skills. Should they decide to pursue graphic design, visual communication, or even coding in the future, parents are assured they have a good foundation,” said Maleng Raysag, Training Head, PMC Business Systems Inc.

Let your kids design the future with their imagination today! The available courses are as follows:

1. The Art of Comics (7 to 10 years old)
Showcase your child’s ideas. Let them create their comics with doodles, basic lines, shapes, and colors. This course will teach your kids how to maximize their iPad for art.

2. 2D Animation using iPad (7 to 10 years old)
Improve your child’s visual communication and digital drawing skills. With this course, your kids will surely learn how to turn their ideas into a motion picture.

3. Roblox Game Design (8 to 12 years old)
Let your child build and publish their own Roblox game through the Roblox Studio.

4. Web Game Creation using Scratch (8 to 12 years old)
Develop your child’s logical thinking skills through coding. This course will also teach your kids how to create interactive games using Scratch—the world’s largest programming language and online community.

5. 2D Game Design with Stencyl (12 to 15 years old)
Allow your kids to dive deeper into 2D game development and coding. This course will also teach your kids how to create computer games with HTML5 and build games for iOS and Android using the Stencyl software.

6. Building AR Face Filters and 3D effects (12 to 15 years old)
Let your kids experience an interesting way of combining the real world with technology and art. This course will also teach young minds how to create customized social media face filters and 3D Portal.

Each online session lasts for 1.5 hours, conducted over four days (Tuesday-Friday). Classes can be availed at PHP 2,500 per student per course, which can be paid via Power Mac Center’s Web Store <>. 

Limited slots are available to maintain instruction efficiency, and reservation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

PBSI offers a wide range of creative and technical courses conducted by Apple Certified Trainers to help groups and individuals leverage Apple technology for productivity and skills enhancement. For inquiries, contact PBSI at (632) 8553 6399 and +63 908 885 6277.

Catch Exciting Deals with The Goodwill Market Payday Flash Sale


Shop online for big savings on your health essentials and more as The Goodwill Market once again, holds its payday flash sale on March 31! 

The Goodwill Market is an e-commerce platform that makes it easy to purchase healthy and better choices for your health and wellness needs. Their curated online catalogue carries immune-boosting supplements, pantry essentials, healthy snack alternatives, personal care items, and even baby care products so your whole family can enjoy the benefits of holistic wellness.

The payday sale offers great deals on your favorite brands, with discounts of up to 50% off. What’s more, there are even freebies for select purchases! To make your shopping needs even more accessible, installment plans are available for P3000 worth of purchases via BDO. 

The Goodwill Market offers hassle-free and secure shopping. Simply click on The Goodwill Market website and start adding items to your cart, then wait to have their orders delivered conveniently to your doorstep. Check out the amazing deals on brands like Gullon, Blemil Kids, Naflora, Backjoy, B|Braun, Hapimart, Hydroflask, La Penica, Bayer Consumer Health, Neufemme, and Avene.

“We want to encourage healthy and mindful living by making good-for-you products more accessible to Filipinos. With The Goodwill Market, they can easily order their health supplements and other lifestyle brands conveniently through the website. With our payday sale, we are also offering our savvy shoppers’ savings on their favorite brands to support them and their families on their wellness journey,” says May Panganiban, general manager of Dygen Pharma Distribution Corporation. 

Head to The Goodwill Market website at, add to cart and check out your purchases on March 31. 

Monday, March 21, 2022

Pfizer Philippines Foundation and ASSIST partner to promote breast self-examination



ASSIST and Pfizer Philippines Foundation have partnered for healthcare and educational services for underserved women in the town of Balayan, Batangas. Photo shows the ASSIST team with Councilor Carlos Ermita-Alvarez (4th from right) during the site visit to Balayan, Batangas.

Keeping with its commitment to promote and enhance public health among local Filipino communities across the country, Pfizer Philippines Foundation, Inc. (PPFI) has partnered with Manila-based international non-governmental organization (INGO) Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST) for a program called Likayan to raise awareness on breast self-examination (BSE) techniques for early detection of breast cancer.

As part of the partnership, PPFI and ASSIST have begun administering healthcare and educational services to underserved women in the town of Balayan, Batangas. Their efforts mainly involve the teaching of breast self-examination techniques. They are also capacitating and empowering community leaders comprised of teachers, youth leaders, midwives, and healthcare workers, as well as training a network of Community Champions to become Master Trainers and further spread awareness of BSE.

The need for the education and promotion of the practice of BSE, as well as general awareness of breast cancer, follows various findings regarding the illness in the Philippines. Data from the Global Cancer Observatory shows that breast cancer ranks #1 in the Philippines in terms of incidence, with more than 27,000 new cases in 2020.

“BSE is a very important first step in early detection and cure. With early detection, you can stop it right away, and simply do preventative or curative treatment and avoid the suffering,” said ASSIST Executive Director of Projects and Strategy Francis Macatulad.

“We are truly glad to be working with such a proactive and caring organization in ASSIST to help save Filipino lives from the threat of breast cancer. We look forward to more things we can achieve through this partnership, as this is only the beginning of a fruitful endeavor,” said PPFI Executive Director Geof Garcia.

"I want to thank PPFI and ASSIST for this amazing project that will train women and our Barangay Health Workers and help our community in Batangas to be more aware of breast cancer,” said Carlos Ermita Alvarez, Balayan councilor. “We all know that early detection is key. These types of training are not taught at the barangay level so I believe this will be a first in our community. This will definitely help women become more aware and pass the knowledge along to their friends, co-workers, and neighbors. We hope this project can train as many women and BHWs to help prevent breast cancer."

Other efforts and initiatives set out in the partnership include the use of the patient navigation program to promote and safeguard the general health of women from rural and urban poor areas, ultimately aiming to establish a wide network that will help Filipinos and engage stakeholders from the government and private sector to create a sustainable long-term impact.

ASSIST was established in 2003 to address social problems and sustainability challenges in the Asian region. It has evolved today into a self-sustaining international non-profit organization driven by a passion for purpose and progress in the region. The organization embodies the values of professional outlook and social responsibility and seeks to empower target groups and make them resilient to social, economic, and environmental challenges through adopting a process-oriented approach to capacity building.

Pfizer Philippines Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit corporation organized to perform charitable and social welfare activities and programs geared towards improving health capacities, education, and awareness. Founded in 1997, PPFI seeks to serve Filipino communities to improve health outcomes for a stronger nation of healthier citizens.

Through collaborations with NGOs and civic welfare groups, the government and its relevant agencies, as well as through the engagement of Pfizer colleagues as volunteers, PPFI aims to innovate, implement, and sustain equity-based programs that will significantly improve Filipinos’ healthcare access.


Sunday, March 20, 2022

The Invisible Battle: How to Watch Out and Speak Out against Verbal Abuse



1 out of 4 or 25% of Filipinos, aged 15-49, is revealed to have experienced some form of violence during the ongoing health crisis. This includes verbal abuse, which has become a hidden battle faced by most women regularly.

Verbal abuse can often be confusing not just for the survivors but also for the abusers because it manifests differently—gaslighting, judging, blaming, name-calling, condescension, and verbal threats, among others.

According to the  Gender Watch Against Violence and Exploitation (GWAVE), verbal abuse often contributes to psychological abuse experienced by women and can be penalized as a violation of RA 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004.

“Violence in the homes is not ‘away pamilya’ and is everybody’s concern,” says GWAVE Executive Director, Sheema Bajana-Samson. “People should be vigilant and watch out for signs of abuse through what is heard verbally and body language as well.”

GWAVE is one of many non-government organizations and independent agencies that helps rescue survivors by offering legal assistance and rehabilitation.

“We have survivors also accompany their fellow survivors in hearings, and they do home visitations to other survivors as a form of moral support towards each other.” continues Bajana-Samson. “We’re happy to share that we now have a number of survivors who are emotionally and psychologically ready to become advocates themselves.”

In celebration of International Women’s Month, and the advocacy to build a better world for women, Avon sounds the call to #SpeakOut, take a stand and be more self-aware to help others fight verbal and other forms of abuse.

Based on a global study of more than eight thousand women in eight countries, including the Philippines, found that one in five women are consistently subjected to verbal abuse by an intimate partner. Nearly two in five respondents aged 25-34 are experiencing potential signs of verbal abuse within their relationship - the highest amongst the age groups.

Avon Philippines PR and Communications Head, Marion Limlengco wants to encourage more Filipinos to join dialogues and be more aware of this silent battle that has been affecting more women than actually perceived. “Filipinas are very resilient women, but it turns out, there are some of us who are going through such invisible battles and we don’t even know it. That is why we are tapping a platform where we can freely discuss this issue with no holds barred while still centering on positivity and freedom of expression.”

Avid podcast listeners can also look forward to collaborations with popular podcasts such as
• Adulting with Joyce Pring, (March 25 via Spotify)
• Camp Confidence Radio Podcast with Ayn Bernos and Rizza Lana-Sebastian, (March 30 via Spotify and YouTube)
• The Eve's Drop Podcast feat. Delamar Arias, Monica Francesca Tobias, and Gelli Victor with special guest, Ms. Universe 2015, and Avon Intimate Apparel ambassador, Pia Wurtzbach (March 30 via Spotify)
Everyone is also invited to catch Avon’s collaboration with the live-streaming app, Kumu, where viewers can enjoy talks, performances, and fun challenges—all to foster awareness of verbal abuse and raise funds on behalf of Avon’s partner organizations that help abuse survivors. Here’s the full lineup:
• #SpeakOut Dialogues with Women (March 25 via @kumunityheroes)
• #Speakout Kumunity Challenge (March 28 to April 3)
• #SpeakOut Fundraising Livestream (March 30)
• #SpeakOut Dialogues For All (April 4 via @kumunityheroes)

People are also encouraged to support the cause through our fundraising items like the #SpeakOut Avon True Color Lipstick, Women Empowerment Umbrella, Evita Watch, and Self-love Accessory set available on where part of the proceeds will be donated to partner organizations including Gender Watch Against Violence and Exploitation (GWAVE), Ing Makababaying Aksyon (IMA) Foundation, and Luna Legal Resources Center for Women and Children.“Through these fundraising efforts, we hope to spark courage and reinforce a sense of community so that no one could feel alone or neglected in their battles. It’s time we shed light on this invisible crisis and we can effectively do that only if and when we #SpeakOut.” concludes Limlengco.

It’s time to redefine a culture where everyone becomes more accountable for the words being said so that no form of abuse—verbal or otherwise—will be tolerated nor pushed against others.

Follow Avon Philippines on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on the scheduled dates of all podcasts and Kumu live streams and join the dialogues against Verbal Abuse. Shop for your favorite Avon products at or contact your local Avon representative.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Bayad and BDO find ways to elevate bills payments


Finding ways to continue elevating the payment experience of Filipinos, Bayad and BDO Unibank, recently joined forces to expand the roster of bills customers can pay through various BDO channels. 

Bayad, the most trusted payments authority in the country, is now boosting the bills payment capability of BDO, by allowing Meralco Postpaid, Prepaid (KLoad), and Radius Telecoms customers to pay their bills with real-time posting through BDO’s over 1,500 branches nationwide, and BDO Online Banking channel. 

The partnership delivers greater convenience and accessibility to the growing users of Meralco Postpaid, Prepaid (KLoad), and Radius Telecoms nationwide with Bayad as a bills payment partner. 

Both Bayad and BDO have been expanding their bills payment network to make transactions faster, more convenient, and safer for customers in light of the pandemic. 

“We are very cognizant of how convenience plays a crucial role in customer experience. Our Bills Payment facility allows customers of our partners to do their transactions whenever and wherever they may be. For our clients, BDO’s Bills Payment facility allows them to efficiently collect payments onsite and online. Having a good cash flow at this time is very important not only for businesses but also for the people that those businesses sustain—customers, employees, and their families,” BDO Cash Management Services Head Carlo B. Nazareno said.

According to Bayad’s President and CEO Lawrence Ferrer, “We at Bayad take on an ecosystem-oriented stance which we believe is key in accelerating growth for our company, partners and industry as a whole. We continue to innovate and introduce key features in our system such as Bayad’s real-time posting of payments to enable higher-value services to our customers and offer them the ease and convenience of transacting with us. We support fellow finance players and we are happy to lend our expertise and network so we can bring financial services closer to Filipinos.”

For Banks and Financial Institutions like BDO that are interested to be part of Bayad’s extensive channel network, email Bayad enables partners to attain a nationwide presence and provides end-to-end support services for efficient payment and collection processing. 

About BDO Unibank, Inc.

BDO is a full-service universal bank that provides a wide range of corporate and retail services such as traditional loan and deposit products, treasury, trust banking, investment banking, private banking, rural banking, cash management, leasing and finance, remittance, insurance, cash cards, credit cards, and online and non-online brokerage services.   

BDO has the country’s largest distribution network, with over 1,500 consolidated operating branches and more than 4,400 ATMs nationwide. It also has 16 international offices (including full-service branches in Hong Kong and Singapore) in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. 

The Bank also offers digital banking solutions to make banking easier, faster, and more secure for its clients. 

BDO ranked as the largest bank in terms of total assets, loans, deposits, and trust funds under management based on published statements of condition as of December 31, 2021. For more information, please visit 

BDO is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas with contact number (+632) 8708-7087 and with email address, and webchat at

For concerns, please visit any BDO branch nearest you, or contact us thru our 24x7 hotline (+632) 8631-8000 or email us via

Revelation: The Concert packed the Alex Theater, satisfying audiences’ craving for live events


Next stop for sing-along songs and danceable tunes at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City, California on March 26

ABS-CBN International and TFC Events’ return to live shows proved to be auspicious as the Los Angeles leg of Revelation: The Concert Tour in the U.S. was well-attended. Stellar artists Dingdong Avanzado, his wife Jessa Zaragoza, and their daughter Jayda had the Alex Theater chockfull of fans from various parts of California, some coming as far as Arizona.

It was clear that the audience has been looking forward to in-person events after staying home these past two years since the pandemic began. Annabel De Leon of Rancho Cucamonga happily declared, “Finally we had the chance to get together and connect.”

Avanzado assured the crowd that their only job that night was to have fun, and fun was had as the concertgoers were treated to an array of songs that took them down memory lane.

The original Prince of Filipino Pop, Avanzado, and his wife, Zaragoza, touted as the Phenomenal Diva of the Philippines, had the audience singing along to their hearts’ content and dancing to the songs that were nostalgic, fun, and familiar.

Their daughter, Jayda, was a revelation herself proving she was an artist of substance as she sang songs from her official debut album. She also accompanied herself, playing the keyboard, and then the guitar, showing proficiency in her craft.

Developing and perfecting her artistry has always been Jayda’s mantra. She explains that for her, the highest form of compliment is when people recognize her artistry, “which is something I work hard at, and I am really proud of.”

Fely Pasamba of Los Angeles enthused that she loved the concert “because I love to dance, and we love Jessa and Dingdong and their daughter.”

Pearl Sarabia of Fontana announced that they had so much fun. “We’ve seen Dingdong before but this one is different because it’s the whole family. It’s a great show!”

And Ed Rame, also from Los Angeles, shared that “you can feel the inspiration that wrapped the entire theater that truly brought so much joy.” He added, “It's a well-conceptualized concert, executed well and performed excellently.”

It was a night of fun and many amazing revelations.

Annabel of Rancho Cucamonga also emphasized how the show was refreshing. “It’s a good reminder that God is always faithful, and they brought that message loud and clear tonight,” she adds.

Audiences have one more chance to experience the fun and learn of the many other discoveries to be brought to light when Revelation goes to Northern California on March 26 at the Fox Theatre, 2215 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063. Tickets start at $25. Part of the proceeds for the Fox Theater show will go to the ABS-CBN Foundation International for the continuing rehabilitation efforts for the victims of Super Typhoon Odette.

The March 26 show is brought to you by and Sendwave, together with Media Partners – Philippine News Today,, FilAm Star, and Asian Journal.

Go to for tickets and more information.

Cleene CLIO makes Clean Teeth possible for Families This World Oral Health Day 2022


On World Oral Health Day, Cleene CLIO invites everyone to celebrate by practicing proper oral healthcare with their families.

A product of proudly Filipino company PHILUSA Corporation, Cleene CLIO has been an ardent supporter of this global oral health initiative, especially with oral care given less priority during the pandemic when accessibility to dentists and visits to oral health facilities were challenging at the height of the lockdowns.

To emphasize the importance of good oral health practices at home, Cleene CLIO has partnered with Manila Water Foundation and Philippine Dental Association to provide oral health kits to various barangays and schools as part of this year’s World Oral Health Day activities. Over 2,000 health kits containing Cleene CLIO toothbrushes and Dental Floss Premium from Cleene CLIO and PHILUSA were distributed to 12 barangays and the chosen hygiene facility in Dinalaonan Elementary School in Pangasinan.

And as a special treat for World Oral Health Day, selected Cleene CLIO products will be sold at 20% off exclusively in Mercury Drug stores nationwide until April 15, 2022.

Cleene CLIO continues to be the partner of every Filipino family in promoting good oral hygiene by offering a wide range of affordable and quality toothbrushes.

Cleene CLIO toothbrushes are made with MicroFine Soft Bristles that help penetrate and clean hard-to-reach areas for better interdental cleaning and a gentle brushing experience. The tapered bristles penetrate between teeth and gums for a thorough cleaning, while the rounded shape of the bristles removes plaque and prevents teeth and gum damage.

There is a Cleene CLIO toothbrush for every member of the family that is affordable and has world-class quality. For those wanting extra care and protection for your teeth, Cleene CLIO offers its Refreshing Green Tea and Ultimax Charcoal under their Special care line. While for those needing specialized care, Cleene CLIO has its Kiddie and Junior as well as 40+ for sensitive gum and teeth. It also has its economy toothbrushes for general oral health care for any age.

Cleene CLIO is available at Mercury Drug, leading supermarkets, drugstores, and other retail stores nationwide as well as on all leading eCommerce websites: Shopee, Lazada, and the PHILUSA Online Store.

About Philusa Corporation

Established in 1957, Philusa Corporation remains one of the country’s leading marketers of high quality and competitively priced personal care, household care, baby care, and selected pharmaceutical products, making it the source of pride for its customers, business partners, employees, and shareholders.

Now with 10 branches in key cities nationwide, Philusa Corporation is a market leader or major player in different categories like cotton (Cleene), cotton buds (Babyflo Gentle Buds), wound care management (MEDIPLAST), bathroom deodorizer and air care (ALBATROSS), home care and muriatic acid (Gleam and Apollo), home remedies (RHEA Alcohol, RHEA Aceite de Manzanilla and RHEA Hydrogen Peroxide), and uni-branded generic medicines (RHEA Generics).

Philusa Corporation continues its operations, guided by the core values it lives by — championing sustainability; placing its customers’ needs first; achieving the best possible results through innovation, continuous quality improvement, and teamwork; taking proactive steps in delivering its commitments on time; acting with integrity by doing what is right; and having a genuine concern for its customers, employees, and the company itself through taking initiatives in helping one another.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Digital Payments Seen To Boost Post-covid Economic Growth And Recovery

The limitation of face-to-face interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic led most businesses and employers to find recourse in digital technologies to keep their operations running. The pandemic has been truly disruptive for industries. However, it also brought out opportunities that made options such as remote work, automation, and data-driven decision-making, among others, immediately feasible. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of technologies that could also ensure continuous growth and recovery in the new normal.

Among the most notable technologies that have seen growth during the pandemic is that of cash management services. BDO Senior Vice President and Cash Management System Head Carlo Nazareno explained that the importance of effective Cash Management Services (CMS), especially for SMEs, became undeniable during the pandemic.

“Cash management consists of the strategies and processes that allow businesses, from SMEs to the top 500 or top 50 corporations, to move cash around, to control cash flow. This includes the flow of money from customers to businesses and from businesses to their suppliers, and vice-versa,” he said.

Aligning business operations with consumer needs 

Globally, businesses have been investing in technologies to make their operations much smarter and most of the developments they introduce are to accommodate the demands created by new consumer behavior.

BDO Senior Vice President and Cash Management System Head Carlo Nazareno 

“Global trend for digital payments looks at what the customer is doing and what makes their lives easier. Now, countries are investing in making payments faster or in real-time. Real-time is the norm. No longer is the usual three-day clearing acceptable. Additionally, open finance and open banking are gaining traction, especially in technologically-advanced countries. Open finance means data is given openly to third-party providers so that they can use data for forecasting or for other means to make services quicker. As most consumers are used to accessing information real-time, open finance and real-time and faster payments allow them to access money in the same way,” Nazareno explained.

CMS allows businesses to transact easily and conveniently with their customers by also allowing for safe, secure, and real-time digital payments.  During the pandemic, businesses that can accommodate digital payments were more poised not only to sustain their operations but to also register growth.

Nazareno believes that digital and non-digital cash management systems will continue to be the norm in the coming few years. “SMEs in the Philippines, I am glad to say, have been very open for the most part to these developments in cash flow and cash management. Cash, face-to-face, and personal transactions will never disappear. However, the digital forms of these transactions will become a greater part of our new normal. We’ve had a taste of these benefits and advantages and we’re prepared to embrace them. For me, that’s a major part of the hopeful outlook for 2022,” Nazareno added.

Empowering crucial sectors for economic growth 

There are about 106,000 small enterprises in the country. Nazareno said it’s the small and medium enterprises that have the most dynamism, capital, and other resources that will help move the economy forward to recovery.

With the benefits that CMS can bring to businesses, BDO has been helping more SMEs with greater vigor during the pandemic. BDO offers reliable digital and non-digital cash management services for its clients. SMEs turned to BDO to set up online banking and online payment platforms. They also availed of automated check writing facilities, ATM payrolls, cash deposit machines (similar to an ATM but for businesses instead of individual depositors), cash deposit pick-up services (via armored vans), and other cash management services.

“Through these partnerships between SMEs and BDO, many businesses survived the pandemic and had the chance not only to stay open but to even experience modest to moderate growth during the pandemic. These past two years have been the best evidence that digital and non-digital cash management services help boost business growth,” Nazareno added.

BDO’s efforts to roll out CMS to businesses, especially to SMEs are aligned with the government's initiatives to boost economic growth and recovery in the new normal. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) launched its Digital Payments Transformation Roadmap 2020-2023 to provide policy directions as to how businesses and government can work together to convert 50% of the total volume of retail payments to digital.

Building an ecosystem 

BSP noted in its roadmap that the majority of Filipino consumers and businesses still prefer over-the-counter (OTC) transactions, citing that only one out of ten adults use their mobile phones for their financial transactions. Nazareno narrated that many of BDO’s clients went back to transacting in their branches and ATMs when the government eased its lockdown and quarantine restrictions.

Nazareno attributed these observed behaviors to the need for a more efficient digital payment ecosystem in the country. Going back to global trends on digital payments, businesses, banks, and the government have to work together to make digital financial transactions secure, faster, in real time, and more open.

“How we make information is important for us to promote a more transparent and reliable system not only for digital payments but also for inventories and supply chains. People want to know how things are moving and how things reach their intended destination securely,” Nazareno noted.

BDO ramped up with its efforts to diversify its cash management products. During the pandemic, it launched the BDO Pay, the bank’s own e-wallet, so that its users can go cashless with their financial transactions. With the app, those with BDO accounts can send money, pay bills, and request payment online. Aside from partnering with businesses to establish their own CMS, BDO expands the base of Filipinos who are comfortable using digital payments by allowing online opening of bank accounts.

“The entire ecosystem of how money moves around between where you have it and where you want it to be for you to have access to the services you want is not yet smooth. But BDO Pay makes things simpler because it automatically links your card and your bank account to an e-wallet. There’s no need to fund your e-wallet because it’s funded all the time,” Nazareno added.

As more banks roll out initiatives to make digital payments more seamless, more Filipinos may find ways to access financial products easier. In the end, Nazareno believes that it is the consumers who will benefit from these developments. As banks are being challenged to innovate and adopt newer technologies, it is the ordinary Filipino who gets to enjoy more options and more freedom on how to earn and spend their money.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022




● In-app Time Machine feature takes shoppers through their Lazada journey across the years
● Signature Lazada Super Party returns with exclusive performances as part of LazLive’s special 10-hour countdown program to Epic 10th Birthday Sale

Marking 10 years of trailblazing the growth of eCommerce in Southeast Asia, the region’s leading eCommerce platform Lazada invites shoppers on a personalized journey through Time Machine, an in-app feature celebrating special moments that added to consumers’ lives across the years. In a 10th anniversary special, Lazada’s LazLive channel also packs in 10 hours of non-stop Livestream programs, exclusive giveaways, and celebrity performances at its signature Super Party, counting down to Lazada’s Epic 10th Birthday Sale that starts at midnight on 27 March.

Laz go back in time for an epic eCommerce journey!

As Lazada celebrates some of the biggest eCommerce milestones in the Philippines over the last 10 years, it also invites shoppers to embark on their very own personalized Lazada journey with the app’s Time Machine feature.

“Spurring the growth of Southeast Asia has been at the heart of Lazada’s mission since our inception as a pioneer of eCommerce in this region. As we mark our 10th anniversary this year, we also celebrate the businesses and communities that make up our ecosystem, for it is their trust in us that has enabled Lazada to become integral to the everyday lives of Southeast Asian consumers as we are today. The Time Machine in-app feature is our way of reminiscing shared moments and thanking everyone for being on this amazing journey with us through the years.

Looking forward, we also remain committed in our trajectory to chart sustainable growth across our ecosystem and deliver value to our consumers’ lives – from investing in local competencies and enabling livelihoods to uplifting consumer experiences.” said Raymond Yang, Chief Operating Officer of Lazada Group.

With the Lazada Time Machine, users can unlock recent lifestyle insights and discover which of the nine unique shopper profiles they match with, to join in the celebrations of epic moments, big and small, spent on the Lazada App. Check out the Lazada Time Machine feature on the Lazada app and collect additional Lazada Epic 10th Birthday gifts when you share your #MyLazadaTimeMachine profiles on your own social media channels.

“We are proud to be commemorating 10 years of investing into the Philippine digital economy, becoming a top trusted lifestyle destination. In the road ahead, we will continue to empower more MSMEs to transform and scale their businesses. At the same time, with the increasing high-quality assortment and Shoppertainment offerings, Lazada hopes to further uplift our customers' lifestyles with greater convenience and entertainment every day.” said Ray Alimurung, Chief Executive Officer of Lazada Philippines.

It’s an epic celebrat-10-n at the Lazada Super Party!

In a 10th anniversary special on 26 March, Lazada’s LazLive channel also packs in 10 hours of non-stop livestream programs, including interactive gameshows and exclusive giveaways leading up to its signature Super Party. Online shoppers can take part in the ultimate epic Shoppertainment experience by watching the performances, playing interactive games, and winning exciting prizes—all within the Lazada app!

Ka-Lazadas can look forward to counting down to Lazada’s Epic 10th Birthday Sale with Lazada's Brand Ambassadors, including Alden Richards, Bea Alonzo, and SB19 together with Kapuso's brightest stars with acts by Julie Anne San Jose, Christian Bautista, Barbie Forteza, and more!

Lazada is rolling out top trending acts and musical performances from the best artists in the entertainment industry with a fun-filled night of prizes, awards, and festivity. Three lucky Ka-Lazadas also stand a chance to become the newest Lazada Millionaires at the Super Party! In addition, Lazada is also giving away a brand-new condominium unit worth PHP 2.3M as well as PHP 18M worth of prizes and vouchers at Lazada’s Epic Super Party, which will take place from 110 PM to 11:30 PM, March 26, and will be broadcasted on LazLive, GMA Network, GTV, as well as Lazada's official TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

Laz get this party started!

Lazada is upping the ante on its live interactive game shows, this time by giving online shoppers and aspiring content creators a chance to win up to PHP 10,000 weekly when they showcase their Lazada Buys at Lazada’s content creation platform LazTalent: Kaya Mo? Show Mo! Epic 10th Birthday Sale. In addition, catch the LazLive Shopping Fest shows from March 18-24 to discover early birthday treats, Pisodeals, and win prizes. Finally, join Rochelle Pangilinan and our LazTalent Superstars for the LazLive Super Shop-a-Thon to discover deals as low as PHP 1 and get a chance to be one of the lucky winners of up to PHP 110,000 on March 27.

Lazada also launched its latest TV commercial starring Kathryn Bernardo, Alden Richards, and Bea Alonzo, where consumers are transported into Lazada City, a vibrant and futuristic retail wonderland, to meet Lazada’s beloved mascot Lazzie and a surprise guest around a colossal birthday cake at the heart of the city to celebrate Lazada’s Epic 10th Birthday.

Lazada will also launch a #ShareYourEpic birthday social media contest across Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. From March 10 to 22, consumers in the Philippines can share their most epic birthday wish on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter and be one of 10 lucky winners of PHP 10,000 worth of Lazada vouchers. Visit to view the complete mechanics.

During the Epic 10 Birthday Sale, shoppers can also experience Lazada’s latest AI and AR-powered Virtual Try-On technology when shopping at the LazMall flagship stores of Bobbi Brown, Estée Lauder, and M.A.C., and immerse in hyper-realistic virtual makeovers with the beauty brands’ signature products before making a purchase.

Earlier this month, Lazada also lauded 18 outstanding women sellers at its second annual Lazada Forward Women Awards held recently during International Women’s Day on 8 March. The Awards spotlighted the achievements of the award recipients who found their creative niche, challenged social norms, and grew the success of their businesses through the Lazada platform.

Epic treats on Lazada Wallet and Lazada Loans
This March, Lazada users can continue to shop safely online and enjoy this month’s epic deals with Lazada Wallet and Lazada Loans.

With the Lazada app’s Balloon Blast mini-game, shoppers can win rebates for every cash-in of PHP 1,000, PHP 2000, and PHP 5000 on the app. The exciting feature awards users one, three, and eight balloons, respectively. Users may then pop the balloons to win rebates worth up to PHP 5000 x 1 + PHP 50 x 500, or PHP 10 per balloon pop (terms and conditions apply).

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Lazada is celebrating with financial partners on Lazada Loans to offer 0% interest for a limited time. Shoppers may sign up on Lazada Loans between the following dates to get the promo:
● Billease: March 1-31
● TendoPay: March 21-29
● Plentina: March 16-18, and 27-29
Don’t miss out on Lazada’s Epic 10th Birthday Celebration with a 3-day sale where shoppers can enjoy nationwide free shipping (no minimum spend), 10% Lazada Bonus Discount for every P1,000 spend, and 10% cashback, a Super Party, and so much more! Visit Lazada to know more.

About Lazada Group
Founded in 2012, Lazada Group is the leading eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia. We are accelerating progress in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam through commerce and technology. With the largest logistics and payments networks in the region, Lazada is a part of our consumers’ daily lives in the region and we aim to serve 300 million shoppers by 2030. Since 2016, Lazada has been the Southeast Asia flagship platform of Alibaba Group powered by its world-class technology infrastructure.

Follow us on Facebook @lazadaphilippines and Instagram and Twitter @lazadaph.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz, may payo sa Overseas Filipinos na nais magnegosyo

Bilang isang first-time small business owner, at ngayon ay business management scholar, may ilang tips si Olympic gold medalist Hidilyn Diaz para sa gustong negosyo.

Una, araling mabuti ang negosyong papasukin. Mag research muna tungkol sa pagnenegosyo. 

Mas okay na alam natin ‘yong pinapasok nating business. Dapat pinag-aaralan muna.” kwento ni Hidilyn.

Pangalawa, humanap ng mentor sa pagnenegosyo. Sa propesyon ni Hidilyn na weightlifting, mayroon siyang coach na gumagabay. Ganon din sa pagnenegosyo. 

Pangatlo, alamin ang mga oportunidad para sa negosyo.  Ang additional capital ay hindi kailangan manggaling lamang sa savings o sa kamag-anak at kaibigan. Maaari ring kumuha ng pondo mula sa bangko. 

Ayon kay BDO Network Bank (BDONB)  senior vice president at MSME group head Karen Cua, "Ang BDONB ay bangko para sa micro-entrepreneurs. Sa tulong ng aming Kabuhayan Loan, napopondohan namin ang pangangailan ng negosyante sa kanilang business operation at expansion.”

Pio Conti

Tulad ng ginawa ni Pio Conti ng Laguna, ginamit niya ang Kabuhayan Loan para bumili ng additional stocks ng paninda.

Yolanda Arranquez

Para kina Yolanda Arranquez at asawang OFW, malaking tulong ang Kabuhayan Loan para madagdagan ang kita. 

Malaking tulong ang BDO Network Bank Kabuhayan Loan kina Pio Conti ng Laguna at Yolanda Arranquez ng Davao  para mapalago ang kanilang negosyo at matupad ang kanilang mga pangarap.

Para sa iba pang impormasyon tungkol sa Kabuhayan Loan, bumisita sa pinakamalapit na BDO Network Bank branch, o mag-inquire sa BDO Network Bank PH official Facebook page o sa BDO Network Bank website.