Tuesday, November 30, 2021

'Tis the Season for Blue! PLUS My No-Churn 4-Ingredient Blueberry Ice Cream Recipe

Is it Christmas 2021 already? I can’t believe it’s been a year since we’ve celebrated the holidays under lockdown. Luckily, with the country slowly opening up, we might be able to spend more time outside and finally meet up with more relatives and pals.


During the “holiday rush” last year, I remember how everyone resorted to buying everything online. Food, gifts, clothes, plants, decors, school supplies, gadgets, you name it. Essential or non-essential – you can find it on the internet!


The pandemic has also resulted in unfavorable eating practices. Hands up if you’re guilty of this. I sure am. But I’m now acting, and I’m re-adopting healthier lifestyle habits.


This brings me to one of my most favorite activities during quarantine – cooking! A healthful lifestyle involves eating wholesome, nutrient-dense foods. There should also be variety in the food we consume. I try to find balance whenever I cook for my family: veggies, fruits, meats, beans, dairy, the list goes on.


My kids can be picky eaters at times, but I’m glad they enjoy snacking on fruits, and one of their favorites is blueberries. They taste so good! It’s sweet and tart and oh so juicy! I love that my kids love them, too, because blueberries:


💙 are a good source of vitamin C that helps support the body’s immunity.

💙 are a good source of dietary fiber that makes us feel full longer and contributes to a healthy heart.

💙 are an excellent source of vitamin K that regulates blood clotting and bone metabolism.

💙 are an excellent source of manganese that supports bone development.

💙 are low in sodium, virtually has no fat, and has zero cholesterol.


I’m glad that blueberries can be enjoyed year-round, thanks to USA Blueberries! Fresh blueberries are harvested during spring and summer in many parts of the U.S., and when it’s off-season, blueberries can still be enjoyed frozen or canned.


Blueberries are highly versatile ingredients. Desserts are so much better with blueberries (cakes, pies, muffins, ice pops, etc.). They can be used in savory dishes, like a blueberry sauce for barbecued pork and blueberry dressing for salad. Try adding them to your pasta dishes and tacos!


I recently prepared a no-fuss dessert using frozen USA Blueberries. Check out the recipe of my No-Churn 4-Ingredient Homemade Blueberry Ice Cream. It’s so creamy good!




No-churn 4-ingredient blueberry ice cream


2 cups heavy whipping cream

14 ounces sweetened condensed milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 cup frozen USA Blueberries 



1. In a large bowl, use a hand mixer or a stand mixer to whip the cream until stiff peaks occur, be careful not to overwhip.

2. In another large bowl, whisk the vanilla into the sweetened condensed milk. Gently fold in the whipped cream with a spatula, slowly incorporating the two mixtures together.

3. Gently pour the blueberries into the cream mixture.

4. Transfer the mixture to an insulated tub or paper container and freeze for 4-6 hours.

5. Serve frozen and top with nuts and fruits!


No-churn 4-ingredient blueberry ice cream




USA Blueberries invites you to enter the “blue” phase of your cooking! Join A Blue Christmas Recipe Contest and win GCs worth Php 5,000.00.

Post photos of your best holiday dish using frozen and/or canned USA Blueberries on your Facebook and Instagram accounts, set to public with the hashtags: #ABlueChristmas #USABlueberryRecipeContest #USABlueberries #USBlueberriesPHL and tag @usblueberriesphl, @mommybloggersph, and @madeitthroughmum.


Interested? Check out the full mechanics here: https://bit.ly/3FsPGsi.


The deadline for submission of entries is on December 15, 2021.

Your recipes must be UNIQUE, so try to think out of the box. 😊 Can't wait to see your awesome blueberry holiday dishes! Good luck!


Thank you to USHBC-Philippines for sponsoring this post. For more information on USA Blueberries here in the Philippines, like and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit their website: www.blueberry.org.  

Friday, November 26, 2021



The Sweet Talk Your Way Out of Diabetes media get-together was a sweet end to the month-long World Diabetes Day Celebration of Sanofi Philippines. In the words of Sanofi’s Country Lead Dr. Amal Makhloufi, “we put the spotlight on what is being done to create awareness and provide solutions for those affected by this lifestyle disease.”

For the organization, the event was created to amplify their Panata in cultivating a healthier Philippines for all. It was a friendly and casual approach on how they can bring important topics such as diabetes care into the spotlight without instilling fear among the audience.

“Our goal is to make it easier for every Filipino to seek access to quality innovative care. It is our mission to just go beyond medicines, but to look and explore holistic care and management especially for our patients with chronic conditions like diabetes,” Dr. Makhloufi shared during her opening remarks.

The said event was well attended by press and bloggers, alongside the general public who were able to join the live via Step Up for Diabetes, Philippine Diabetes Support, and Sabrina’s Kitchen Facebook Pages. Both audiences were able to get a handful of information about how to do grocery shopping for diabetics and how to mindfully create a healthy routine for everyone in the household. Several industry icons and experts were also present to add value to the event.


Bianca Dualan of Sakro and Tonyo Silva of Gising Gising PH were generous enough to answer curious questions from the attendees and share their knowledge on how to create a healthy grocery shopping habit. They also talked about the role of their Panata Box and how it provides attainable access to lifestyle diseases care and management.


The Panata Box is Gising Gising’s newest addition, hinging from Sanofi’s Panata, which contains high fiber, low glycemic index/glycemic load fruits and vegetables that help in diabetes management.

For every Panata Box sold, Gising Gising PH shall also share a box with patients from the Philippine Diabetes Support. The Philippine Diabetes Support is an organization that helps spread awareness on this lifestyle disease.

For diabetic patients, community support is as crucial as the treatment itself. Cynthia Yu Duntz of Philippine Diabetes Support remarked how important it is to create a spirit of companionship and empathy among patients dealing with the same situation.

The event wouldn’t be complete without a special recipe demonstration. Former Bb. Pilipinas-International and now a chef, Sabrina Artadi shared a mouthwatering recipe for her Mango Pineapple Yogurt treat that can be enjoyed even by diabetic patients.

A longer Instagram Live on Sanofi PH’s official Instagram page will happen on December 1, Wednesday, featuring more of Chef Sabrina’s recipes and techniques on how to enjoy a gastronomic experience without the guilt.

“It is our Panata here in the PH to improve the management of this disease because [once again, remember] it's not the end of life, it's the beginning of change to empower people to [a] better life, live their life.” Dr. Amal Makhloufi shared during her Q&A portion.

For more information on Sanofi PH’s programs and campaigns on lifestyle diseases management, visit the official website and verified Instagram and LinkedIn pages.



Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Patient Summit to Strengthen Connection of Non-COVID-19 Patients with Doctors

Both COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients battling any of the Philippines’ top chronic non-communicable diseases can now resume regular consultations with their doctors via various means. 

This issue will take focus in the upcoming Patient Summit, a free interactive virtual event organized through the collaboration of the Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations (PAPO), Mercury Drug Corporation (MDC), and Boehringer Ingelheim (Philippines), Inc.

The Patient Summit aims to address the pain points patients encounter during the COVID-19 pandemic when seeking medical attention for diseases that remain deadlier than the virus, namely heart diseases, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and pneumonia.    

According to a report by the Philippine Statistics Authority, in 2020 alone, 100,000 Filipinos died from heart disease, over 60,000 from cancer, almost 40,000 from diabetes, roughly around 35,000 from pneumonia, and 25,000 from hypertension.

Based on a SWS survey of 1200 adults across the country, 91% of Filipinos fear contracting COVID-19. Due to fear of contracting COVID-19, non-COVID-19 patients deferred preventive and routine health check-ups.

Event attendees will get to learn the various technologies and guidelines healthcare professionals and facilities are adopting to make patients of chronic non-communicable diseases feel comfortable seeing doctors once again.  

The Patient Summit will happen on November 26 at 4pm. Those who wish to attend can watch it live on the Facebook pages of Philippine Star or Mercury Drug Corporation.

This is an initiative of Kumusta Dok, an advocacy which aims to empower patients to reconnect with their doctors during the new normal, and to increase awareness to the risk factors, signs, and symptoms of the top causes of mortality in the Philippines, which includes heart diseases, cancer, stroke, pneumonia, and diabetes. The program also gives tips and updates on the channels available for patients to strengthen their partnership with doctors throughout their health-seeking journey. It shares efforts being done by healthcare facilities that ensure the safety of patients and healthcare staff.

Mega Global celebrates 3rd National Sardines Day with successful Mega Bigay Sustansya Program, and first-ever Mega Sardines Piso Sale

As the Philippines marks this year’s National Sardines Day, Mega Global Corporation, the company behind Mega Sardines, the leading sardines brand in the country, honors it through a program that supports undernourished children nationwide, even as it focuses on innovations and expansions that will help drive the company move forward. 

Mega Global Celebrates 3rd National Sardines Day

To add more meaning to the National Sardines Day Celebrations, Mega Global showcased its various initiatives that would help elevate not just the Philippines’ sardines industry, but the economy and people’s lives as well, at a roundtable event held on November 23 to kick off the celebration of the holiday on the 24th. Alongside this, it has also shared the successful results of the Mega Bigay Sustansya Program, which was done in partnership with Reach Out Feed Philippines (ROFP), reflecting its deep malasakit for Filipinos. 

Marvin Tiu Lim, Michelle Tiu Lim-Chan, Chris Fernandez, executives of the Mega Global conglomerate, alongside Dawn Marie Cabigon, founder and director of Reach Out Feed Philippines were present in the event to discuss how the Mega Bigay Sustansya program will bring long-term gains to its program beneficiaries.

Mega Bigay Sustansya (MBS) is a CSR program led by the Mega Tiu Lim Foundation that hopes to give a meal planning and distribution program to over 881 children nationwide. The program has supported children in six provinces nationwide for sixty days. Children ages 4 to 12 have received house-to-house delivery of meals every day that included at least one sardines meal, made using Mega Global’s nutrient-packed high quality sardines.

Mega Bigay Sustansya is one way for us to support communities who need us the most. Canned sardines is one of the Filipinos staple foods throughout the years and through this program that target to feed malnourished children all over the country, we hope to use the same staple product to nurture the health of these children, and sustain it through leave-behind materials that will help them prepare nutritious meals in the long run,” Marvin Tiu Lim, Chief Growth and Development Officer of Mega Global said.

On top of the updates on Mega Global’s MBS program, Mega Global executives have also shared in the discussion how they strived to continue elevating the sardine industry through innovations and the building of new infrastructures. These expansions would maintain the double digit growth of the company in 2022, allow it to create a more sustainable avenue in producing their products, as well as create new products that will surely be a hit to its customers. 


Host Shawn Yao with Marvin Tiu Lim, Michelle Tiu Lim-Chan, Chris Fernandez, executives of the Mega Global conglomerate, alongside Dawn Marie Cabigon, founder and director of Reach Out Feed Philippines were the speakers for the event, who discussed Mega Global's innovation for its flagship product, sardines, its CSR effort Mega Bigay Sustansya, as well as brand updates, and other pertinent information

For the past 46 years, Mega Global has been leading the way in supporting Filipino communities through its investments in the sardine industry, which has provided job opportunities for thousands of Filipinos. The company continued to upgrade its Zamboanga facility, where its state-of-the-art operations, including its can-making plant and offices, are based. As part of its sustainability endeavors, it is using solar energy for its warehouses. 

Mega Global also discussed details about a new plant in Batangas that will be opened next year. Located in Sto. Tomas, Batangas, it will house state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing using sustainable energy sources and is expected to help add dynamism to the economy as it continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Mega SardinaSaya: Game Show Bonanza

On November 24, Mega Global will also be celebrating the National Sardines Day with an online game show bonanza. Kicking this off is an Instagram and Facebook challenge that will determine the players for the much-awaited Pera or Sardinas game during the online event which will be broadcasted live on Mega Sardines’s Facebook page and Shopee app. 

The game show bonanza will have three major segments representing the tagline of Mega Sardines: Sarap, Saya and Sustansya. For the Sarap segment, Mega Sardines’ ambassadress Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo will do a cooking demo that will serve as an introduction of new dishes that mommies can easily create for their loved ones. 

For the Sustansya segment, the audience can learn about the Mega Bigay Sustansya program, the company’s nationwide feeding program being undertaken in communities around the country with the help of its partner, Reach Out Philippines Foundation.

Lastly, there will be a series of virtual games for the Saya segment where fun games such as Pera or Sardinas, Call A Ka-Mega, and Trivia Game will be available for the audience to participate in. There will also be a grand raffle, where they have the chance to take home a wide selection of prizes.

For added fun, Mega Sardines is launching a Tiktok Challenge where participants can show off their moves and have some fun in the process of creating videos to win prizes. Mega Sardines is also holding an eye-popping piso sale in Shopee for Mega Sardines in Tomato Sauce, Tomato Sauce with Chili Added, Corned Sardines, and Mega Fried Sardines in Tausi--definitely a sale that will have customers rushing to add to cart!

Get ready to join and have fun on National Sardines Day with Mega Global! Check out Mega Sardines’s Facebook page for more information. 

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Mickey and Minnie Mouse go local at SM Supermalls!


Mickey and Minnie Mouse go local 

with ‘Mickey Go Philippines’ at SM Supermalls! 

Disney’s most-loved iconic characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse have delighted the hearts of many across decades, and this year SM Supermalls and Disney have teamed up to launch the Mickey Go Philippines collection at The SM Store, featuring a range of merchandise with a Pinoy twist! What’s more, SM and Disney have planned a surprise virtual party for Mickey and Minnie on their birthday this November 27, and we’re expecting you to join us!

Be among the first to get exclusive Mickey Go PH merchandise! Get first dibs on adorable Mickey and Minnie collectibles from clothes and footwear to tote bags, pillows, tumblers, kitchen appliances, and more! Mickey Go PH and Mickey & Minnie classic merchandise will be available at the live selling events on:

  • November 18 at 1pm-2m via Toy Kingdom’s official Facebook page

  • November 24 at 1 pm -2 pm via The SM Store’s official Facebook page 

Join Mickey & Minnie’s first virtual surprise birthday party! After you’ve shopped to your heart’s content during the live-selling events on Facebook, or at participating SM Store branches, you will automatically get a code to enter the virtual surprise birthday party on November 27. All you need is a minimum of PHP 500 single-receipt purchase of Mickey Go PH or Mickey Mouse Classic merchandise in any participating The SM Store (Character Shop, Kids’ Wear, Boy’s Teens Wear, Girl’s Teens Wear, Kids’ Shoes, Baby Company & Toy Kingdom Express) or Toy Kingdom outlet. 

To join, simply scan the QR code to register from November 23-25. A confirmation email or SMS from SM Supermalls with the website link and passcode will be sent to you to join Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Birthday Party! Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on this big day filled with fun games, activities, and surprises!

Help Plan Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Birthday Party! Join us as we secretly plan for Mickey and Minnie’s party! Don’t spoil the fun okay? There are lots of games and prizes to be won! Kids will also get the chance to greet both of them and create their very own birthday card which they will be making during the event! Mickey and Minnie will surely appreciate the sweet gesture! After all the fun and games, it’s time to meet & greet Minnie, so get ready to strike a pose. Mickey and Minnie are excited to meet their Filipino fans! 

It’s going to be one special and memorable surprise birthday party for Mickey and Minnie, and we want you and your kids to join us! It’s time to bring back the nostalgia and relive your favorite childhood memories with Mickey & Minnie by celebrating their birthday only at SM Supermalls!

SM implements strict #SafeMallingAtSM protocols nationwide and offers an equally convenient online shopping option with the SM Malls Online app on Google Play or App Store. For more information, visit www.smsupermalls.com and follow @smsupermalls on all social media accounts.

Friday, November 12, 2021

The Dairy Kitchen by Real California Milk Now Delivers


The holidays are fast approaching!

If you are craving U.S. dairy deliciousness, The Dairy Kitchen by Real California Milk has got you covered. With just a few clicks, you can enter the world of The Dairy Kitchen by Real California Milk to choose mouthwatering dishes delivered to your doorstep.

The Dairy Kitchen by Real California Milk is a special online food delivery project from Real California Milk-Philippines. A selection of distinguished Filipino chefs have been specially chosen to cr te dishes using products made with California dairy. California is the U.S.’s leading producer of milk, butter, ice cream, yogurt and other dairy products, having some of the best dairy farms in the country.

If you’re ready to dig into some sumptuous creations, or if you’re working on finishing that Christmas gift list, then follow these fabulous chefs on social media now.

Chef JV Bautista

Chef JV Bautista of Hogwings House of Griddle has stirred up his passion for fusion to create the 12-inch Goody Pizza and the 10-inch Porker Quesadilla. The Goody Pizza is a thin-crust pizza topped with tomato sauce, olive oil, basil, orange cheddar, mozzarella and Vigan longganisa. For the Porker Quesadilla, he made soft flour tortillas nice and crisp and filled them with 8-hours slow-cooked pulled pork, pan-roasted peppers and melted cheddar.

Chef Alvin Ong

Meantime, Sourdough Café and Mono Wine Café’s Chef Alvin Ong has thought of the perfect food gifts. You might even want to order them for yourself. First up is the Solo Cheese Can, a ribboned graze box filled with two types of California cheeses, salami, jam, nuts and other accoutrements. For a price, you can even add on a bottle of Italian wine

There’s also the Cheese Fondue dip made with California cheese, chorizo and beer that comes with a demi-baguette. Or try his Tirokroketes, Greek cheese croquettes made with California cheddar, mozzarella and feta. This one comes with a yummy yogurt dip. Chef Alvin has also made a twist dubbed the Kwahsaimada, Filipino-inspired cronuts converted into ensaymada then topped with California cheddar.

Chef Gerevic Orocio

Over at Ome Japanese Café, Chef Gerevic Orocio sought to deliver pleasurable Japanese dining with a touch of California dairy. He has created three dishes: Udon Carbonara, Japanese Omurice, and Chicken and Cheese Katsu. His unique take on carbonara features udon noodles with applewood-smoked bacon, poached egg and homemade California milk ricotta. For the omurice, a creamy Japanese omelet is topped on chahan rice with California cheddar. His extraordinary katsu is made of chicken and California mozzarella fried in panko and served with homemade tonkatsu sauce and shredded cabbage.

Chef Markus Patimo of Happy Tummies knows a lot about spreading happiness. For the Dairy Kitchen, he’s created two varieties of Stuffed Squash Blossoms. One is stuffed with orange cheddar and cream cheese and served with mixed berries compote, while another has cheesy pork filling served with plum sauce. His second offering is Cheese Bacon Scones, golden on the outside and tender and flaky inside, with cheddar cheese and bacon spread. Perfect for serving with some jam or cream cheese.

Ready to order? Follow these participating chefs on social media. Your food orders will be with you in no time. For more information visit www.realcaliforniamilk.ph/the-dairy-kitchen/ or like and follow Real California Milk-Philippines on Facebook and Instagram. The Dairy Kitchen by Real California Milk runs from October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

As a bonus, Real California Milk thermal bags will be given away:
* for a minimum order of Php 500 of any of the special dishes at Hogwings House of Griddle
* for a minimum order of Php 1,000 that includes any of the special dishes or an item with California Cheese at Sourdough
Café and Mono Wine Café
*for a minimum order of Php 1,000 that includes any of the special dishes at Ome Japanese Cafe
*for every order of any of the special dishes at Happy Tummies

California dairy products like milk, cheese, ice cream, and drinkable yogurt are available in supermarkets, delis, specialty stores, and membership shopping outlets nationwide. Always look for the Real California Milk seal for top-quality dairy.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Live Safe during the pandemic with Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol

I make it a habit to wipe down deliveries from the outer packaging to the actual products themselves with Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol since it starts to kill germs on contact and kills 99.9% of common germs and bacteria while providing up to 12 hours of protection upon constant use.

Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol is hypoallergenic and has moisturizing properties so you can sanitize as much as you need without having to worry about your hands drying.

As the rubbing alcohol brand recommended by the Philippine Society for Microbiology, Filipinos can live safe wherever they are with Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol.

Let's not be too excited about the packages that come to us, sanitize them first 😉

Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol encourages Filipinos to live safe with many establishments slowly re-opening and allowing people to resume their pre-pandemic lifestyles.

With the nationwide vaccination program in full force, Filipinos can slowly enjoy various activities such as more dining options as well as doing physical activities by going to the gym. However, health experts continue to remind everyone to not let their guards down even as we gradually go back to normal. 

As there are reports of new and potentially more contagious variants, everyone must remain vigilant through following established health protocols and getting vaccinated so we can all continue to live safe and prevent the cases from surging again.

That’s why when we do essential errands such as buying groceries, exercising outdoors, or simply going outside, disinfecting your hands and any surface you interact with goes a long way to ensure living safely for you and your family.

One way to prevent the spread of the virus is by always carrying a trusted rubbing alcohol brand that contains at least 70& alcohol solution whenever you go outdoors. 

Defensil 70% Solution Isopropyl Alcohol, the alcohol recommended by the Philippine Society for Microbiology (PSM), can kill 99.9% of common germs and bacteria starts to kill them on contact so that you can safely do the activities you love wherever you are. Defensil also provides up to 12 hours of protection upon constant use so that you are protected and do activities with ease.

Skin dryness from too frequent sanitizing will also not be a worry as Defensil has moisturizing properties and is hypoallergenic, giving you one less thing to worry about when going indoors. 

"We are 100% behind the government in their efforts to prevent further spread of the virus. Defensil encourages everyone to remain vigilant now more than ever and do our part in this fight towards eventually resuming our normal way of life by adhering to social Distancing and sanitation protocols, especially when doing essential errands outdoors," shared Nikko Cruz, Brand Manager of Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol.

For more information on how to stay protected, you may visit the Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol’s Facebook page at facebook.com/defensil.philippines.


*Defensil 70% Isopropyl Alcohol was tested against Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhimurium, Escherichia coli or E. coli and Candida albicans

Malayan Science ensures students' well-being through programs, efforts on mental health

Staying true to its commitment to promoting the holistic development of its students, Malayan High School of Science spearheads programs and implements efforts on mental health to ensure the well-being of its learners. 

(L-R) Jasten J. Zorilla’s “Communication,” Hanz Gabriel C. Melendez’s “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body,” and Samantha Kirsten S. Dayag’s “No Stress, Just Positivity” were declared winners of the Mental Health Virtual Creative Art Contest. 

In the observance of the recent World Mental Health Day, Malayan Science conducted the stress management webinar “Mental Health After COVID-19 and Its After-Effects” for its students last October 11. Facilitated by University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) psychology instructor Jholyan Francis S. Fornillos, the webinar dealt with mental health concerns and issues during the pandemic such as stress and its relationship with mental health, common reactions to stress, and coping mechanisms in promoting mental well-being. 

Fornillos highlighted the importance of raising awareness on mental health, as it plays an integral part in an individual’s good health and quality of life. Mental health is also critical to social and economic prosperity, as mental illness can impact an individual’s productivity, which could lead to high levels of economic burden to society. 

UPLB psychology instructor Jholyan Francis S. Fornillos facilitates “Mental Health After COVID-19 and Its After-Effects,” a stress management webinar for Malayan Science students. 

“The positive outcomes of mental health awareness benefit not only the individuals involved but also the society at large. This makes mental health everybody’s business,” Fornillos shared. 

According to Alyssa Claire T. Firmalo, MHSS guidance counselor, the webinar was aimed at helping students in managing their emotions that may be caused by the current restrictions and circumstances brought about by the pandemic.

“We want to provide our students with a platform for genuine connection amid the current situation and encourage them to field questions or concerns regarding mental health with an expert or experienced professional,” Firmalo said. 

Malayan Science also held the Mental Health Virtual Creative Art Contest, further raising mental health awareness among its students. Students submitted digital illustrations depicting the theme “Be Kind to Your Mind.” 

Jastene J. Zorilla of 10-Alanine topped the competition with her work “Communication.” Meanwhile, Hanz Gabriel C. Melendez (“Healthy Mind, Healthy Body”) of 8-Argon and Samantha Kirsten S. Dayag (“No Stress, Just Positivity”) of 7-Einstein placed second and third, respectively.

“Through this competition, students were able to explore and express their creativity while encouraging other youth to speak up, seek help, and be empathetic,” Firmalo shared. 

Guidance and counseling programs 

Malayan Science continues to deliver its guidance and counseling programs to students through online channels, tools, and resources. Spearheaded by the Center for Guidance and Counseling (CGC), the programs help create an environment conducive to learning and provide the means to help the students achieve their academic and developmental goals.

It regularly holds Virtual Turn and Talk, a program that builds and fosters camaraderie among students within their respective batches. 

CGC works with teachers and instructors for a collaborative approach to the holistic growth of students. It holds routine interviews to determine students for counseling. The counseling sessions will help address students’ personal issues and academic concerns. CGC also conducts personality and IQ tests to help students become aware of and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Malayan Science also helps students make informed decisions on their future professions through personality development and career planning activities and exercises. 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

SM City Legazpi's Endearing and Heartwarming Nutcracker & Gifts Centerpiece

Nutcrackers are regal soldiers and they’ve become an iconic symbol of the Christmas Season.

According to German folklore, nutcrackers were given as keepsakes to bring luck to families and to protect their homes.  

This Holiday, may we all have pure luck and bountiful blessings as we shower ourselves and our loved ones with the best gifts, an enjoyable time, and simply the best of the Christmas season at the mall.

During the Christmas Centerpiece launch, members of the LGU, media, and SM Employees graced the event.

For the Ceremonial Lighting segment, on stage were Regional Operations Manager Mr. Marlo Niko Alvarez, Mall Manager Cindy S. Lilia, and Legazpi City Vice Mayor Bobby Cristobal.