Monday, May 31, 2021

Re-Create Your Salon Hair at Home in 4 Easy Steps

More than a year has passed since the shift to a new normal and the nostalgia of being able to go out as you please really hits the nail. Months of being unbothered about how we look have passed and now, the reflection we see in the mirror is just begging for the attention and maintenance that we’ve deprived ourselves of.

The unruly, overgrown, problematic hair that we now have to deal with needs the salon TLC that it deserves. By now, we all probably miss the experience of being in the salon — the smell, atmosphere, and fulfillment that a pampered and good-looking head of hair makes us feel.

But, we can always take matters into our own hands. If you’re missing the confidence that salon-like results offer, here are four tips to achieve a Salontastic experience at home.

1.     Wash Your Scalp and Hair with Care

The first step for a Salontastic at-home experience is to clean your hair and scalp. Since we’re used to washing hair with the same products every day, we might not notice the effect different shampoos have in how they cleanse and even protect hair from external factors. A shampoo with rice oil essence is just what your hair needs for a Salontastic experience.

Rice oil is an underrated beauty ingredient that comes from the Japanese tradition of using rice water to wash hair. The abundance of vitamin E in rice oil can help reduce inflammation and reverse damage to the hair follicles. It’s the perfect ingredient to maintain strong, long, and shiny hair.

Wash your scalp and hair with care with the Pantene Long Hair Solutions: Total Damage Care Shampoo with Pro-Vitamin Formula & Japanese Rice Oil Essence Shampoo. With regular use, it ultimately helps repair damaged hair and keeps hair protected from external factors.

2.     Use A Microfiber Towel

The items you use for drying your hair can also affect its look and texture just as much as the products you apply. Cotton towels have loose threads that can tangle and pull your hair, leading to breakage and frizz. Unlike textured towels, microfiber towels are made of a smoother material that creates less friction on your strands. They’re gentler on different hair textures, prevent snags, and help to keep the hair cuticle smooth.

3.     Use A Conditioner that Protects Your Strands

It’s important to maintain moisture in hair and provide protection from further damage by using a conditioner. Moisture keeps hair hydrated and supple, preventing it from being dry and brittle which can lead to damage.

Unlike conventional conditioners, Pantene Collagen Miracle Intensive Serum Conditioner targets damaged strands, making hair more resilient against breakage from external causes. It also has real Collagen that can bring back the natural strength of your hair. With a blend of Pro-Vitamin B5, miracle serum, and real Collagen — nutrients are sealed and moisture is locked in each strand, turning dry, frizzy hair into shiny, smoother hair every day.

If you have colored or permed hair, the Pantene Color & Perm Conditioner can also smoothen 3 months' worth of hair damage in just 3 minutes.* This Pantene conditioner leaves each strand of hair with a protective layer of repair essence. Not to mention that it also helps hair color and perm last longer.

4.     Cap it all off with a Miracle Treatment

Here’s the grand finale to achieve salon-like hair results. You can give your hair a boost of smoothness and shine without the grease with the Pantene Collagen Miracle Hair Treatment Shots. It has Pro-Vitamin Blends and Collagen, keeping each hair strand hydrated and replenished of lost nutrients.

After rinsing your conditioner, squeeze the excess water from your hair and apply the Collagen Treatment Shots. Leave it on for 10 minutes while wrapped in a warm towel then wash with room-temp water. You can air dry or blow-dry your hair after, and style it as you please.


The salon experience will surely be missed, but now you can feel like every day is a salon day with Pantene. And it only takes as easy as four tips to pamper yourself with salon-quality treatment at home. For more tips, tricks, and DIY methods to maintain Salontastic hair, visit Pantene’s guide to salon-level hair.

Head over to the P&G Shopee Mall store and check out all the Pantene products you need for a salon experience at home with Salontastic hair results.


Sunday, May 30, 2021

LOOK: Ajinomoto launches new kitchen must-have for only P8!

Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning is set to make mealtimes more special and delicious.


It is always a challenge for moms and homecooks to cook perfectly delicious dishes that their family will love. Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) is helping solve that with the new Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning, an affordable, easy to use, and tasty kitchen partner that is sure to hit the bullseye in cooking perfect dishes every time! This new pantry staple is available in a sachet format, which makes it affordable at ₱8 only.


“The new Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning is made to upgrade ordinary dishes into special meals that families will love. Now that everyone takes almost all of their meals at home, we were encouraged to introduce a new product that can make each dining experience more special but still within the budget,” says Roann Co, APC Marketing and Public Relations General Manager.


Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning balances the overall taste of any dish with a flavorful savoriness and an appetizing aroma. As compared to soy sauce, the liquid seasoning gives a mouthwatering and well-rounded profile that blends notes of saltiness, sweetness, and savoriness. It can be enjoyed in many ways, either as a tabletop seasoning for fried dishes or an ingredient when marinating or cooking.

The new liquid seasoning comes in 250 ml PET bottles and 25 ml sachets. The ₱8-sachet provides homecooks a more affordable and easy-to-use option. Each pack has been designed for one-time use to enhance a dish made for family serving. Busy moms and beginners in the kitchen can simply open the sachet and pour the liquid seasoning directly as they cook, no need to stress on estimating quantities.


As the new product aims to help more moms in the kitchen, Ajinomoto welcomes their new celebrity endorser, Gladys Reyes. As a celebrity, entrepreneur, and mother of four children, Gladys is no stranger when it comes to cooking but like any busy mom, she also needs a reliable partner in the kitchen. She uses the product to create a delicious and savory taste when cooking, especially with bangus steak and pancit bihon. Just one sachet is enough to make mealtimes more special.



1.FRY. In a pan, heat oil. Fry bangus until brown on all sides. Set aside.

2.SAUTÉ. In the same pan, sauté onion and garlic. Add fried bangus.

3.SEASON. Add Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning and pepper.

4.SIMMER. Add water and calamansi juice and simmer for 5 minutes. Turn off heat.

5.SERVE. Serve with hot rice and enjoy.


To learn more about this recipe, visit



1.SAUTÉ. In a pan, heat oil. Sauté onion and garlic until fragrant. Add pork and shrimp. Cook until meat is browned.

2.SIMMER. Add carrots, sayote, bell pepper, cabbage, and chicharo. Toss for 1 minute. Add water and simmer for 3 minutes.

3.SEASON. Pour Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning and pepper. Simmer for another 2 minutes. Scoop vegetable and meat out of the pan leaving the liquids in the pan.

4.BOIL & TOSS. Add Super Q Golden Bihon in the pan. Boil for 5-10 minutes or until the noodles are fully cooked then toss the vegetables and meat mixture with the noodles.

5.SERVE. Serve and enjoy.


To learn more about this recipe, visit

“Producing quality and thoughtful products such as Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning is part of our Eat Well, Live Well promise. We hope that through our new product, we can empower moms and homecooks to bring deliciousness and happiness on their dining tables,” shares Co.

To know more about Sarsaya® Liquid Seasoning and learn more recipes, visit


The Ajinomoto Group is a global company with specialties in the business of food and amino acids, guided by our leading-edge bioscience and fine chemical technologies.

Based on the corporate message “Eat Well, Live Well.”, we have been scientifically pursuing the possibilities of amino acids in supporting the healthy lives of people all around the world. We aim for future growth and continuous contribution to greater wellness by creating value through sustainable and innovative solutions for communities and society.

The Ajinomoto Group has offices in 35 countries and regions, and sells products in more than 130 countries and regions. In fiscal 2018, sales were 1.1274 trillion yen (10.1 billion U.S. dollars). To learn more, visit



Friday, May 28, 2021

Be creative in the kitchen

Unleashing one’s creativity in the kitchen is highly recommended as this enables one to experiment on what works and how to transform everyday dishes into interesting and extraordinary ones.

Last May 14, I was invited to attend a #FoodieMama webinar staged by Malayan  Insurance Co., Inc. through its We Women Program. Food personality and well-known chef Niño Logarta encouraged mothers and wannabe cooks to play with their recipes and to not be scared in experimenting in the kitchen when preparing dishes for their loved ones. He also taught attendees dishes that are easy to prepare and rehash to excite family members when eating together.

Logarta created Mediterranean and Mexican dishes during the webinar such as Beef Kofta, Birrias tacos with beef, Tomato Consommé, and Chicken Kebabs.

The webinar event was witnessed by more than a thousand participants from Zoom and streaming live on the WeWomen Facebook page, and is the fifth webinar conducted by the WeWomen Program of Malayan Insurance since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“That’s the most fun part of being a chef, playing around with your recipe. Make it your own. We can’t go out but it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy proper food in the comforts of our own homes,” Logarta said.

It was also pointed out that kitchen accidents can also happen either at work or at home, which is why mothers or foodies need to be equipped with protection such as an insurance policy.

Kitchen fires from leaky butane tanks as well as cuts and burns while cooking can happen at any time be it in a place of business or our very own homes.

The women present during the event were shown the benefits of Malayan Insurance’s Simply The Easiest Live Assistant (Stela) Solutions roster which protects oneself, a family, or even a woman’s business.

For instance, Stela Home offers comprehensive home damage protection, Stela Family offers comprehensive personal accident insurance as well as hospital benefits, among others, while the Stela Biz products offer help to one’s business by ensuring the physical store as well as employees.

For the full roster of Stela Solutions products, just visit the


Malayan Insurance is a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC).



Monday, May 24, 2021

The Asset awards BDO for finding ways to support businesses


ENTREPRENEURIAL SUPPORT. BDO Unibank was named Best in Treasury and Working Capital - Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Best Service Provider - Cash Management in the Philippines during the Asset Triple A Treasury, Trade, Sustainable Supply Chain and Risk Management Awards 2021. The awards underscore the bank’s indispensable support to multinationals, large corporate clients, and small and medium-sized enterprises during the pandemic’s challenging conditions. 

 For consistently finding ways to support businesses and entrepreneurs, BDO Unibank was awarded for the 2nd straight year by The Asset with the Best in Treasury and Working Capital - Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Philippines. The recognition was for its successful partnership with multinationals and large corporate clients.

The bank was also named the country’s Best Service Provider - Cash Management for the 3rd time for being “steadfast and reliable in helping clients with their payment and collection processes.”

The Asset Triple A Treasury, Trade, Sustainable Supply Chain and Risk Management Awards recognize companies and financial institutions for their initiatives in corporate treasury management, trade finance, supply chain, and/or risk management. Awardees are assessed based on their service solutions, business statistics, client feedback, and other information during the review period.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, The Asset underscored how BDO “demonstrated the ability to offer clients useful technology tools, seeing impressive growth in its e-banking business platform.”

In partnership with BDO, many Filipino enterprises were able to sustain their operations in the past year. While some entrepreneurs availed of BDO Loans to enhance their working capital, others leveraged the efficiency and ease of BDO’s Cash Management Services (CMS) to support their collection and payment requirements.

According to The Asset, this year’s winners highlighted “automation in treasury and digital delivery, liquidity and investment, treasury centers and managing exposure in FX, rates, credit, and commodities, which have been key components in treasury management during the COVID-19 pandemic.”





Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Manila Hotel’s Lobby Lounge Reopens

As quarantine restrictions have been eased a bit in NCR+, The Manila Hotel is reopening its Lobby Lounge on May 24, 2021, after the temporary suspension of dining services due to the ECQ. 

The reopening of The Lobby Lounge gives valued guests a perfect opportunity to enjoy its perks again: great food, meeting and endless conversation with both friends and business partners, excellent service, and free Wi-Fi internet connection.

More than a typical café setup, the Lobby Lounge is quiet, comfortable, and spacious, which also means that guests are kept at a distance from each other and enjoy a bit of privacy with high-backed seats. Cleaned and sanitized daily, the health and hygiene protocols put in place by The Manila Hotel includes fresh air dampers that circulate fresh outdoor air into the lobby, which is also sanitized by air microfilters. 

The Lobby Lounge is also a grand heritage setting for a relaxing afternoon, with its white Doric columns, Philippine mahogany furniture with elegant chandeliers made of brass, crystal, and capiz seashells. More than our stellar interior, it serves hot meals like Sinigang na Salmon, Kare Kare, Crispy Pata, and other local delights. You can also enjoy the lavish “Merienda Especial” Filipino Afternoon Tea that includes native delicacies like Bibingka and Puto Bumbong paired with our specialty grade coffee beans, hot chocolate, or tea. Try the filling Manila Hotel club sandwich or assorted pastries. And escape the punishing weather outside when you relax in the cool interiors and enjoy fruit teas or our Halo-Halo. 

The Manila Hotel’s The Lobby Lounge is known for its exceptional facilities and warm service. It also assures its guests that “You are safe here” as we strictly adhere to stringent health and safety protocols. 

The Lobby Lounge is open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, and dinner from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 9 pm. For more information, call 85270011. 

Friday, May 21, 2021

Think twice before you post on social media


The Philippines remains the world’s social media capital, ranking at number one for the 6th straight year in the annual report by research agencies Hootsuite and We Are Social, which tracks global social media and internet usage.

In 2020, Filipinos logged in four hours and 15 minutes on social media every day. This record not only breaches its average of three hours and 53 minutes in 2019 but also the global average of two hours and 25 minutes in 2020.

With this much time spent on social media, BDO Unibank cautions the general public to be careful of the information they share. Scammers lurk online to steal personal information, which they use to access online bank accounts and steal money. They can also use it to open new bank accounts.

What can bank customers do to outsmart scammers?

For one, BDO advises clients never to post documents with their full name, birthday, and other information that scammers can use to answer security questions on social media. 

Other useful reminders that clients can do are the following:

Review your profile. Reconsider sharing your full name, birthday, education background, employment, and other personal information.

Choose the people who can see your posts. Social media platforms have privacy settings you can adjust to filter what others can see.

Only add people you know, especially if you’re sharing personal moments like birthday celebrations, family photos, or professional achievements. Unfriend those you don’t know.

BDO encourages clients to report suspicious incidents to, or get in touch with its representatives by logging in Messenger and looking for BDO Customer Care with the blue verified checkmark from Facebook. Clients may also call its hotline at 8631-8000.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Experts Have Spoken: What They Wish Parents of 3+ Toddlers Knew


 A rundown of what happened at the NIDO® 3+ ExperTIPS Congress! 

There’s always so much going on when you have a 3+ toddler. As your child grows and develops, they start to learn new skills and experience a new sense of self-awareness—and it’s truly incredible to witness as parents! But unless you’re an expert in early childhood development, 3+ toddlerhood can be quite a tricky phase to navigate, especially when they start being picky with food. How can you be mindful of the food you serve? How do you make sure you’re giving them the right nutrients but at the same time, something they also like and enjoy eating? 

All these questions—and more—were answered by a panel of experts as NIDO® 3+ hosted the ExperTIPS Congress last May 15, 2021. The virtual parenting congress provided a fun and interactive learning experience for all attendees. There were exciting booths to try out, and even an interactive website featuring rooms they can explore. All this while learning helpful and valuable tips on how to make sure they’re providing the right nutrients to their #TodoExplorer during this crucial stage in their development. 

Also present during the event were some celebrity moms like Marian Rivera and Iya Villania who shared their first-hand experiences in 3+ toddler parenthood and inspired more parents to enjoy little and big moments of parenting. 

In case you missed it, you can still watch, learn, and play through this website Also, here are some of the topics and tips shared by expert pediatricians and nutritionists from the event:

The lack of diversity in a 3+ toddler’s diet 

Based on a global project collaboration between Nestle Research Center and the Philippines’ Food and Nutrition Research Institute, the typical diet of a Filipino toddler has inadequate intakes for many nutrients needed to support their growth and development. 

“Their diet includes a lot of carbohydrates in the form of rice and sweets and less of proteins and fats as seen in low intake of milk, fruits and vegetables, and other iron sources. Thus, there is an imbalance of important macronutrients and micronutrients,” said Dr. Edward Santos. These nutrients are important to support physical and cognitive growth and development as well as normal immune function during 3+ toddlerhood. While we all have our favorite homemade food, Dr. Santos reminded parents that they play a key role in shaping their +3 toddlers’ diet and they have to be mindful of the food they introduce at home. 

The Science of Picky Eating 

There are many reasons why kids shun their food but Dr. Katrina Anne Valera said that the earlier we address them, the better for our 3+ toddler’s health and nutrition. Some practical tips she shared include encouraging independent feeding to allow the child to explore and feel in control of what he or she is eating. Another way is to encourage the child to “eat your colors” or eat the food of different colors every day. This way, you can also introduce different nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits. 

How to Improve Food and Beverage Intake of your 3+ Toddler 

3+ Toddlers are drawn to sugary treats that are tasty but not all too nutritious. According to Nutritionist-Dietitian, Ms. Ditas Sagarbarria, parents must avoid giving high-calorie milk to their 3+ toddler because it may promote excessive caloric intake or excessive energy intake. Ms. Sagarbarria also shared that parents can improve the nutrient intake of their 3+ toddlers by giving them healthy finger foods like fruits or Vitamin A-rich vegetables such as carrots or squash. “It lessens the fear of trying the new food as they can feel and enjoy the color. Since the amount is very small, they will also welcome it and they will be more open to trying the new food,” she said. Adding small changes in the diet of your kids can make a big difference in the nutrients they get. 

Ms. Sagarbarria also emphasized including age-appropriate milk in your 3+ toddler’s diet to support their growth and development. “Age-appropriate milk is formulated specifically to meet the nutritional needs of young children,” said Ms. Sagarbarria. As parents, we shouldn’t only be mindful of what we feed our 3+ toddlers but also the milk we choose. 

That is why for mommy Marian Rivera, she only trusts NIDO® 3+ for her daughter Zia. “I make sure na nakakainom s'ya ng 2 glasses of NIDO® 3+ a day along with balanced meals, para confident ako na TODO PROTECTED si Ate Zia at maiwasan ang nutrient inadequacy lalong lalo na at big milestones ang 3+ toddlerhood,” shared the celebrity mom. Marian also mentioned how NIDO® 3+ helps her feel assured that Zia is getting all the age-appropriate nutrients and vitamins she needs, to equip and protect her as she explores 3+ toddlerhood years with confidence. 

As the true expert in 3+ toddlerhood, NIDO® 3+ is formulated to be rich in protection nutrients like Vitamins A, C, E, PREBIO3®, Iron, Zinc, and other essential minerals; not to mention the only milk with LACTOBACILLUS PROTECTUS® that helps support a child's upper respiratory defenses. NIDO® 3+ is every parent’s ally in 3+toddler nutrition, helping parents keep their Todo Explorers TODO protected and TODO supported during this adventurous time in their development. 

For healthy 3+ toddler years, choose the best and trusted milk drink -- NIDO® 3+. 

Want to learn more about how you can TODO protect your child as he journeys through his healthy 3+ toddler years? Check out

For the latest news and updates, visit 

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

BDO Leasing earns P9.5 million in 1Q21


BDO Leasing and Finance, Inc. (BDOLF) posted a net income of P9.5 million in the first three (3) months of 2021, generated solely from investment income following the discontinuance of the Company’s former financing operations and the sale of all its leasing and loan portfolio to the BDO Unibank Group in October 2020. BDOLF’s investments registered a fair value gain of P13.6 million, while total expenses stood at P4.5 million.

The company’s 1Q21 performance is not comparable to the P83.3 million profit recorded a year ago, given that last year’s results reflected business operations before the full implementation of the Group’s restructuring of its leasing business. The restructuring entailed the full transition of BDOLF operations to BDO Finance Corporation (BDO Finance), established in 2019 to offer customers continued access to lease products and services. BDO Finance likewise assumed the lease transactions booked in BDOLF to ensure continuity to the latter’s existing clients.

It should be noted that BDOLF has already ceased to operate as a leasing company and has not accepted any new leasing transaction since October 2020.

Despite the change in direction for the company, BDOLF’s book value per common share for the 1Q21 rose by 5.7 per cent to P2.76 from P2.61 a year ago.

About BDO Leasing

BDO Leasing and Finance Inc. used to be the leasing and financing entity under the BDO Unibank Group.

Following the BDO Group’s restructuring of its leasing business in 2020, BDOLF’s assets were sold to other entities in the Group, leaving BDOLF as a listed holding company.

About BDO Finance

BDO Finance Corporation (BFC) is a privately-held, wholly-owned financing company of BDO Unibank, Inc. (BDO) that provides direct leases, sale and leaseback arrangements, mortgage lending, and factoring services. BFC assumed the lease transactions booked in BDO Leasing which underwent restructuring in 2020, thus ensuring continuity to BDO Leasing’s existing clients.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

WorldRemit expanded its longstanding partnership with BDO Remit


WorldRemit, a leading international cross-border payments company, has expanded its longstanding partnership with BDO Remit—the remittance service brand of BDO Unibank that has the most expansive branch network in the Philippines. 

Through this partnership, recipients of money transfers in the Philippines can now receive payment straight to their USD account with BDO Unibank or for USD cash pick-up at BDO Unibank branches; BDO Remit counters inside the branches of The SM Store & SM Business Services and; Villarica Pawnshops. 

“We’re delighted to broaden our partnership with such a reputable brand and payout network as BDO to offer a comprehensive payout service. Ensuring our customers are able to transfer money to family and friends back home conveniently, safely and as quickly as possible is why we exist. We’re confident that making it possible to send money to USD bank accounts in the Philippines & BDO Remit cash pick-up locations will give our customers more flexibility and options to receive support from their loved ones abroad”, said Earl Melivo, Country Director for the Philippines at WorldRemit.

WorldRemit users can send money from over 50 countries including the US, UK, Canada and Australia, to more than 150 destinations. Depending on their receiver’s location, customers can choose from multiple payout methods including bank deposits, mobile wallets, cash pick-up and mobile airtime top-up.

BDO Unibank has the largest branch & ATM network in the Philippines and is part of the SM Group, which owns the biggest mall and supermarket/groceries chain in the country. BDO Unibank has over 1,400 branches and more than 4,400 ATMs all over the country (including BDO Network Bank – BDO Unibank’s rural bank subsidiary). 

Aside from receiving money via USD account & cash pick-up, customers can also make transfers to any PHP Unibank account or receive PHP cash at any BDO Unibank and BDO Network Bank branches, BDO Remit counters inside The SM Store & SM Business Services branches, Villarica and RD Pawnshops in the Philippines. 

Genie Gloria, Senior VP and Head of BDO Remit added, “BDO Remit has been in partnership with WorldRemit since 2014. It is a company that shares our values and commitment to the overseas Filipinos market. Customers can now send money through the WorldRemit app or website directly to BDO Unibank USD accounts in real-time or for cash payout through our branches. This will also make it easy for our customers with USD accounts to top-up their savings”.

According to the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas (BSP), Filipinos overseas sent over $33 billion back home in 2020 (almost the same level as 2019). 




About WorldRemit

We’re a leading global payments company. We disrupted an industry previously dominated by offline legacy players by taking international money transfers online - making them safer, faster and lower-cost. We currently send from 50 to 130 countries, operate in more than 5,000 money transfer corridors worldwide and employ around 1,200 people globally.

On the sending side WorldRemit is 100% digital (cashless), increasing convenience and enhancing security. For those receiving money, the company offers a wide range of options including bank deposit, cash collection, mobile airtime top-up and mobile money.

Backed by Accel, TCV and Leapfrog – WorldRemit’s headquarters are in London, United Kingdom with regional offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, Somaliland, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Belgium. 

About BDO Remit 

BDO Remit is the global remittance service brand of BDO Unibank, the bank with the largest distribution network in the Philippines with over 1,400 branches & more than 4,400 ATMs nationwide (including BDO Network Bank). 

Overseas, BDO Unibank has full-service branches in Hong Kong & Singapore while BDO Remit has 14 subsidiary and representative offices in other countries. BDO Remit has subsidiary offices located in Hong Kong; Macau; Tokyo; Daly City in the US; Toronto in Canada as well as in London, UK; while its representative offices are located in Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, Dubai, Paris and Milan.

More than BDO Remit’s role to transmit remittances from Filipinos overseas to their beneficiaries in the Philippines, the brand strives to uplift the market through innovative product and service offerings, special events & promos, as well as financial literacy talks aimed at helping them manage their hard-earned money. This is made possible through BDO Remit’s flagship product – BDO Kabayan Savings – the heart of its service to the overseas Filipinos and their beneficiaries.  Through BDO Kabayan Savings, customers can save from the remittances they receive from almost anywhere in the world, which are delivered in their accounts fast, safe and convenient. BDO Kabayan Savings also has free life & accident insurance for remitters – a long-term benefit that aims to protect their family’s future. 

For more information, visit or BDO Kabayan Facebook page. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Manila Hotel Café Ilang-Ilang offers halal-certified food for Takeout and Delivery


Muslims around the world celebrate the end of the fasting period of Ramadan with Eid al-Fitr, the Festival of Breaking the Fast this May 12, 2021. It is celebrated through prayer, gifts, and lavish feast. While the country is predominantly Catholic, Islam is the second-largest religion in the country. No wonder, Filipinos have become fond of Halal foods. 

Halal food is prepared following a set of Islamic dietary laws and regulations that determine what is permissible, lawful, and clean. Any dish can be halal, as long as the meat used is religiously slaughtered and no pork or alcohol is involved. 

The Manila Hotel’s Café Ilang-Ilang has a Halal kitchen certified by the Muslim Mindanao Halal Certification Board. This kitchen dedicated to Halal food preparation serves Indian and Middle Eastern-inspired halal dishes that will whet your appetite and pay homage to its traditional roots. 

Designed for proper breaking of the fast, The Manila Hotel’s Ramadan Special Halal Home Buffet set comes with dried dates and juice, chickpeas hummus, Fatoush mixed salad, roti and naan bread, vegetable biryani, tandoori chicken, lamb rogan josh, vegetable samosa, and baklava. The set is just one of the three choices for the Halal Certified Home Buffet. 

“Our Lamb Rogan Josh is a must-try. It’s imported from Australia and it has the spices and sharpness that will surely be enjoyed by everyone. We can also customize the food according to our customer’s requests. Say you don’t like chili, we can make it milder. We can tweak a dish to please your palate while still being true to its authentic taste,” says Chef Kiran Singh, the hotel’s Halal-trained chef.  

Celebrate Eid Al Fitr by ordering any of The Manila Hotel’s Halal Home Buffet sets or dishes, available for Takeout and delivery. Visit for the full menu, or call 8527-0011 or 0998-9501912. 

Eden Showcases the Power of a Mother’s Unconditional Love This Mother’s Day


The brand aims to bring to light untold motherhood challenges and to showcase acceptance and support for all flavors of motherhood with a film directed by Antoinette Jadaone

Motherhood today is embraced by eyes that hold various forms, shapes, and sizes. Understanding that each motherhood journey is distinctly unique from others poses an essential role in helping them thrive in each path they are on. As a brand that advocates for the universal love and acceptance for mothers, this Mother’s Day campaign by Eden cheese breaks boundaries as the Mondelez Philippines brand launched their bold new film entitled, ‘Unconditional,’ directed by Carlos Palanca-Awardee, Antoinette Jadaone, during their Facebook event: Eden Speaks – A Mother’s Day Forum. 

“Eden cheese is a brand that has been celebrating moms from all walks of life and their role in bringing families together for the last 36 years. This Mother’s Day, we wanted to shed light on a silent reality in the Philippines, and how important unconditional love and parental support plays in fostering acceptance and empathy for each unique motherhood experience. We want to empower and unite moms to share their personal stories about their journey, and to showcase how we are one with them in embracing all flavors of motherhood, even in the most difficult of situations,” said Kristine Enriquez, Eden Cheese Marketing Manager. “We believe that by uniting moms from different walks of life, all flavors of mothers can be inspired by the different savor-worthy ways to bring the family together.”

The event, hosted by Issa Litton, was graced by special guest speakers such as Bettina Carlos-Eduardo, a Mompreneur, content creator, and author; Techie Dy, Consultant of RMT-Cefam, Ateneo, and is a PhD Candidate of Clinical Psychology from the University of the Philippines; and Kristine Enriquez, Eden Cheese Marketing Manager. For the past four decades, Eden has been a trusted ally of moms for providing delicious meals for her and her family. The event cements the brand’s commitment to being their ally in all aspects and facets of her life. For Eden, this translates to empowering the diverse Filipino motherhood journeys, not just single moms, through celebrating their unique and evolving roles amidst today’s ever-changing world.

During the event, Bettinna Carlos-Eduardo shared, “There were times when Gummy was growing up, that I felt it was all just me. I am to work and I am to watch after her, which is the life mindset of a typical single mom. The load lightened when I found my source of personal salvation and started to have a community of other parents. Of course, I still had my mom and grandmother who would look after Gummy when I had to work. But inevitably there were several overwhelming situations that would make me ask myself – ‘how am I going to do all these things alone?’ There are only 24hrs in a day and yet a gazillion things to do! Life didn’t come with a manual for parenting, especially for solo parents. And 11years ago there were no videos on YouTube or many resources available online to help navigate through this. That would have made the road an easier one to travel."

Bettina was a single mom for a decade, but recently ‘graduated’ from the status and is married for five months now. “Motherhood did not really change when I married. It still has its set of challenges that evolve as Gummy matures. My faith has seen me through all those years and it is just a blessing to have a physical partner now to share the load and the journey. This Mother‘s Day, I celebrate both my current season and former shaping years. I look back at 10 years of the most gratifying years of my life I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I appreciate how Eden is so courageous to speak up about and open this conversation acknowledging the many challenges of solo parents that people don’t often talk about. Just as there are many savor-worthy ways to bond with your family by cooking in the kitchen with Eden, there are also many ways to showcase support for different kinds of moms in the simplest way we know how,” she added.

The event culminated with an exclusive preview of the Eden Mother’s Day film by multi-award-winning director, Antoinette Jadaone. The film sheds light on the plight of this group of moms that may lack support, which is a topic often not discussed, but is quite familiar to us all and is important as it plays an integral role in nurturing the light of our homes. The film emboldens how unconditional love and acceptance empower single moms and moms from all walks of life. This Mother’s Day and beyond, the brand aims to unite moms and support them, so they can create many savor-worthy moments to nurture stronger family connections.  

To know more, visit and check out #EdenSpeaksPH.

Three Ways to Avoid Paying ATM Fees

Ever felt that you know you have this balance in your bank, but upon checking it's less than what you have in mind? You know that all you did was balance inquiry using another bank's ATM.

When I was an employee, I need to check if my salary got credited because I need to buy milk and diaper for my kids. It just so happens that my bank's one and only ATM is offline. So I went on to the next ATM which is owned by another bank. I checked my balance, took the amount I need and went on to buy at the grocery. You know how we moms have this list of expenses, every centavo we spend is listed. And we know when the amount on our list does not match what's in the bank. I am missing almost P200(!!!), and that's a big issue for moms like us. Only to find out while talking to a coworker that she also lost the same amount of money, and we did the same thing, we used another bank's ATM. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Recently, I read an advisory from Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), that starting April 7, automated teller machines (ATMs) will adopt the "acquirer-based ATM fee-charging (ABFC) model.

What is ABFC?

It is a market-based pricing model that lets the ATM-owner-- who invests in the machines and infrastructure to service cardholders--set the fees for transactions. Currently, ATM owners (usually banks) are only given a fixed share in fees collected.

Under the ABFC, usage of ATMs of a cardholder's own bank shall remain free of charge. However, using ATMs of different banks shall include fees that would vary depending on the owner's business model, deployment strategy, pricing scheme, etc. Cardholders will be empowered to chose an ATM terminal that charges the lowest fees and provides more reliable service. 

It's great that I have an account with BDO. And as a cardholder, I have nothing to worry about the ABCF implementation. I can continue to withdraw and check my account balances FREE OF CHARGE from any BDO and BDO Network Bank ATM because they have more than 4,000 ATMs combined, strategically located all over the country, and accessible 24/7. 

Truth is that all banks have that fee because it is a necessary fee. If you think they charge too much, there are ways to avoid paying ATM fees:

1. Open an account with a bank with a wide ATM network like BDO (Just like what I did!) It's easy to open an account with BDO. Click HERE.

2. Withdraw from your own bank's ATM - Under the ABFC, transactions in ATM terminals of the cardholder's own bank shall remain free of charge. 

3. Go digital! - Especially now that we have to lessen going out during this pandemic. Use alternative payment solutions such as debit/prepaid cards, QR codes, or fund transfers via PESONet and Instapay. These are quick, safe, and convenient payment options available to consumers anytime, anywhere. 

I can say that I'm happy and safe because we are more into digital when buying necessities for our home and family. If we need to go out, every corner in our area we have BDO ATM so that's FREE withdrawals. 😉

Now let me share with you a few reminders when doing online transactions.

📌 Anti-scam safety tips: 

- Never ever share your bank account numbers (both Debit/Credit), PINs, and CVV

- Never share your online bank account details (username, password, and OTP)

- Your bank will NEVER ask for you to verify your account or your bank account details to verify your transactions.

Let us all be vigilant. Even fraudsters now are digitally inclined. Be cautious and careful, be knowledgeable, because it pays to know.

Monday, May 10, 2021



The EU Whiz is the flagship inter-collegiate competition of the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines. Since 2006, the EU Whiz has been a fun and exciting way for Filipino students to showcase their knowledge and appreciation of the EU and EU-Philippines Relations. This year also marks the first time that all events will be held virtually because of the pandemic.

Submission of applications and entries to the EU Whiz Online Trivia, Digital Art and Video Competitions has been extended to 31 May 2021.

Students ages 18 to 25 currently enrolled in Philippine schools, universities, colleges, or vocational schools are now welcome to join the expanded “Green ECO I See” Digital Art competition and “My Space, My Rights” Video competition. Submission of entries may be individual, by pair, or a maximum of three members. Participants in the expanded Digital Art and Video competitions need not come from the same schools.

The EU Whiz: Filipino Youth of the FEUture has three competitions; an Online Trivia Competition, “My Space, My Rights” video competition, and the “Green ECO I See” digital art competition. Cool gadgets such as tablets, smart watches, power banks, and exclusive EU Whiz items await the winning teams. 

The competition will culminate in a virtual awarding ceremony to be live-streamed on the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines Facebook page on 26  June 2021

Full mechanics and details for all three competitions are available at!BF68NN or Competition updates will also be posted on the official social media pages of the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines (Facebook: @EUDelegationToThePhilippines, Twitter: @EUinthePH, and Instagram: @euinthephilippines).

A surprise raffle draw will also be conducted for early birds, students, and teams who will manage to submit their entries on or before 20 May 2021. Winners will be announced on the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines’ Facebook page:  EUDelegationToThePhilippines. 

Saturday, May 8, 2021

A Mother’s Life Well-Lived, a Priceless Legacy


Mother's day is different after your mother dies. Even if you have a family of your own, it can be difficult to fully engage with the day when someone important in your life is missing.

Like Edwin Aquino, a retired bank executive, longing for his mother who passed away last 2019. I am familiar with his pain because my mom passed away last December 2018.  No matter how long it's been since you lost your mom, you can wake up on that day and feel the same hurt all over again.

I love how Edwin remembers his mom and their family's happy moments during Mother's day. From his childhood, how she guided them when they were growing up, the values they learned from her, to where they are now, his mom had a big part in all of those. Because of his mom, Edwin and his siblings are all achievers, through her guidance and discipline. By the way, his mom was a teacher at Torres High School in Tondo, Manila. She gave up her career to take care of them. Just like my mommy, she used to be a grade school teacher at St. Cyr Academy (now known as Lycee D' Regis Marie in Parañaque), she also gave up her career to focus on me and my siblings. Mothers are truly selfless. They worked hard to earn their diplomas and chase their dream careers but in the end, they choose their children and family.

Edwin also shares how his mother taught them the importance of learning how to save. They were taught to work hard not to just keep asking their parents for stuff and money. Edwin even collected empty bottles from the campus to bring back to their canteen in exchange for 5 to 10 centavos when he was in elementary. I remember my sisters sold chocolates in school to earn extra money and I washed my sister's socks for a few coins. Hehehe. Every centavo earned from hard work. Thanks to our mommy.

Edwin looks back and says his mother's greatest legacy is really how well she raised him and his siblings, helping them grow not only as successful persons in good standing but more importantly, shaping their values so that they know the importance of hard work, spending and saving wisely, and being kind to one another.

Before the community quarantines due to the pandemic, Edwin and his siblings and their respective families would go to Heritage Park in Taguig to celebrate their parents' lives and legacy. It's their opportunity to bond as a family and share precious family memories.

When his father passed away, they visited Heritage Park every weekend to spend time with their Daddy. But their visits diminished over time. When his mother passed away, the whole family would visit both their Daddy and Mommy in Heritage Park during their birthdays and death anniversaries.

This Mother's Day, the pandemic and existing travel restrictions will be keeping Edwin, his siblings, and their families apart. However, they draw strength and love from the memories they shared during their visits to their parents in The Heritage Park and this helps them keep hoping that one day, they'll have another sweet reunion as a family at Heritage Park once again.

No wonder why they feel happy when they are at The Heritage Memorial Park. Through my research, I learned how spacious and beautiful the place is. I dream of transferring my Mommy to The Heritage Memorial Park someday because she deserves the best even when she's no longer with us because of the life and legacy she gave us.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Locally sends more immune-boosting natural juices to frontliners

In keeping with the Filipino Bayanihan spirit, NutriAsia has sent even more cans and tetra packs of Locally Blended Juice Drink to 23 hospitals and medical centers around Metro Manila.

Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center

Healthcare workers from Chinese General Hospital, East Avenue Medical Center, FEU Hospital, Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center, Lung Center of the Philippines, Manila Doctors Hospital, Manila Medical Center, Marikina Doctors Hospital, National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Ospital ng Maynila, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Pasig City General Hospital, Pasig Doctors Medical Center, Philippine General Hospital, Philippine Children’s Medical Center, Philippine Heart Center, QC General Hospital, Rizal Medical Center, San Juan Medical Center, San Lazaro Hospital, St. Luke’s Medical Center, UERM, and United Doctors Medical Center all enjoyed Locally’s immune-boosting Pomelo, Mango, and Tamarind natural juices, which are sourced locally from Filipino farmers.


This follows Locally’s earlier donation of drinks to The Medical City in Ortigas, Pasig earlier this month.

“We continue our commitment to making sure even more of our brave and dedicated frontliners are fully protected against COVID-19 through delicious Locally juice drinks that also boost their immunity and natural defenses with Vitamin C,” said Gretchen King, Category Manager for Beverages at NutriAsia.

The fight against the Covid-19 virus isn’t over. With the invisible enemy still out there, it is still best to arm ourselves with the immunity boost that vitamin C provides. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, Locally has handed out immuno-boosting juices to various frontliners like medical personnel, local government units, mobile markets, military staff, mobile kitchens, and many more. Together, we can all help each other out in healing and rebuilding our nation.