Sunday, January 31, 2016



SMX Convention Center, Function 3, Mckinley Parkway, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, 1634, Metro Manila

Date : May 26, 2016

Time : 8AM-6PM


Digital Marketing is fast becoming an effective communications tool for businesses, which are constantly coming up with new ways to reach their target market to convert them into clients. Social networks allow people to collaborate and communicate at almost zero cost. So TAG Media and Public Relations will present topics for speakers to discuss important details to understand more the importance of digital marketing. These speakers are leaders from different industries and engaged in momentous pursuits of significance to the ASEAN region. Attendees are senior business people, high-ranking government officials and media journalists. Depends on the expo, the speakers from that industries are the best from the best to give insights and to discuss different cases to improve your products and services.

Topics include;

Digital Marketing landscape in Asia

Digital Marketing in different industries

How to measure the Social Media success

What is Search Engine Optimization & why it’s important

How to optimize the digital customer experience in South East Asia

Is the Philippines ready to be a cashless society?

How to measure and report an ROI and channel effectiveness.

The role of mobile and how to leverage it.

Paid search and social advertising

Why engage with bloggers

Partial list of Speakers & Moderators;

Janette Toral- Founder, Digital Filipino Club, Book Author and dubbed as the E- Commerce Guru of the Philippines

* Kristian Melquiades- Country Manager ( Viber)

* Thierry Tea- Managing Director, Philjets Group

* Lars Jeppessen- Managing Director, Tech One Global

* Mannix Pabalan- Founder, Hashtag Digital

* Spanky Enriquez- TV Host & Writer (Philippine Star)

* Quintin Pastrana- TV Host ( Bloomberg)

Previous Speakers:

* Kristian Melquiades - Donald Lim - Chinkee Tan

(Viber- Country Manager - ABS CBN- Chief Technology Head -Chink+)

* Mikel Yaw - Tina Pang - Sec. Mario Montejo

(Elabram Systems- CEO Twitter- Head of Online Sales DOST)

* Xavier Marzan -  Constantin Roberts -  Janette Toral

(Globe GXI, President - Zalora, Managing Director Founder-Digital Club Filipino)


We are expecting 1000 visitors on the event with 30 Exhibitors from different industries; Hotels & Resorts, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Tourism, Automotive, Hospitality, Business Process Outsourcing, Academe, Health, Information Technology, Food and Service to showcase their products and services and to give you gigantic discounts from their packages. The exhibition floor is FREE to all to encourage target clients to visit the booths with a “stamp card” so that each booth will be visited. With the complete stamps, the visitors can claim after their loot bag at the reception. This is to help the exhibitors to reach all participants and their target clients.


Gain Direct Access to Potential Clients during and after the event

Branding opportunity

Profile Yourself As An Industry Leader

Enhance Your Corporate Image

Enjoy extensive publicity

Increase revenue from the sales generated from the expo

Registration Fee: Php 4, 000.00


- Snacks

- Elegant Buffet Lunch

- Full Conference

- Exhibition Floor with loot bag

- Conference Program Booklet

TAG Media and Public Relations is the organizer of “Asia Digital Marketing Expo 2016.” For more information about the event and for partnership and sponsorship, please call or text 09166299381 or send inquiries to

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dan Hill live in Manila on Feb 10 at Resorts World Manila and Feb 13 at Midas Tent

If you don't have plans yet on Valentine's Day with a loved one, then this will be a perfect gift and also to rekindle lost romance as "The King of Romance", Dan Hill will perform this Valentine season.

Nominated for a Grammy for Best Male Vocal, winner of a Grammy (as co-producer of "Seduces Me" on Celine Dion's 30 plus million-selling "Falling into You" album), winner of five Juno Awards and the Harold Moon Award (Canadian Lifetime Song Writing Achievement Award), dan has recorded and released multiple gold and platinum albums. His classic hits, such as "Sometimes When We Touch" (closing in on 5 million spins in America alone, and covered by hundreds of artists around the world), "Can't We Try" (#1 Billboard AC Record of the Year), and "Never Thought (That I Could Love)", another #1 AC record, all remain staples of AC radio stations around the world. Dan has also enjoyed consistent success as a behind the scenes' songwriter, his compositions recorded by so many artists spanning so many musical genres that it's, well, incredible. Celine Dion, Britney Spears, 98 Degrees, The Backstreet Boys, Rod Stewart, Donny Osmond, Jennifer Rush and Michael Bolton just to name a few.

Last 2011, he did a back to back concert with Yvonne Elliman and Stephen Bishop. This year he will be back once again to serenade us with his top charting hits and spend the Valentines here in the Philippines, touring. Catch him as he performs on February 10, 2016 at Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila and on February 13, 2016 at Midas Tent, Midas Hotel and Casino.

With special guests; Jenine Desiderio, The MOBB Band and The Angelos.


SUPER VIP     PHP 6,500

   VIP               PHP 6,000

GOLD               PHP 5,500

SILVER            PHP 4,000

DELUXE           PHP 2,500


Tickets are available at Ticketworld - 911-5555, SM Tickets and Resorts World Box Office - 908-8000 local 7700. Get your tickets now! 

This concert is presented by Resorts World Manila in cooperation with Redstone Media Productions Inc.

For discounted tickets 0917 3328000

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Classics is THE BOMB!

I can still remember during my elementary days, my mom would always play Rey Valera's song via casette tape in our Karaoke during rainy seasons when we were all at home due to class suspensions. Sipping hot Knorr Alphabet soup, eating fried rice with "tuyo", "tinapa" or "daing" with atchara. Plus Rey Valera songs in the background. Ahh... heaven! Makes me wanna sleep all day. I can also recall my sisters' suitors, singing Valera's hits to my sisters. Hihi.

Hajji Alejandro, would always remind me of my dad, aside from their good looks, the way they dressed-up were the same. I wonder if my dad was also a "kilabot ng mga kolehiya" (college girls' heartthrob) during his college days. That I would ask from my mom. My favorite Alejandro's song is Nakapagtataka, being always heart broken back in High School. Huhu. Lol.

Nonoy Zuñiga's Never Ever Say Goodbye has always been my dream song to sing. Im always amazed during singing contest when a contestant sings Zuñiga's song.

Marco Sison's My Love Will See You Through is a National Anthem in parties and  fiestas that's why I know this song by heart.

Actually, all of their hits are our family's all-time videoke favorite. That's why, I was stoked when I learned that they'll be having a concert, cause I grew up in a music-loving family and we all love their songs. Thankful for Redstone Media Productions and TAG Media and Public Relations for making me part of this most-anticipated concert of the year.

Last December 28, 2015 at Newport Performing Arts Theatre - Resorts World Manila (NPAT-RWM) I was lucky to have witnessed the one night only concert of the hitmakers - Hajji Alejandro, Marco Sison, Nonoy Zuñiga and Rey Valera. I thought it is going to be sober and a reminiscing kind of show. But I was wrong. It is as if we were in a comedy bar. The concert was entertaining, great music/songs and worth our time watching. Watch the videos to know what I'm talking about. Some of their comical times during the show.

This photo says it all. Even them are laughing at  their jokes. 

I'm glad these talents were put together and brought joy to the old timers and young ones like us (weh?!) who also watched the show. 

At their age, the singers still have very good singing voices . They could still sing their original songs with "kilig"(romantic excitement) factor.  The chemistry among the singers was good,they have good interaction with each other, their friendship was also visible. And they have an excellent rapport with the audience. It was good to see there was no one trying to outdo another. More songs would have been good, especially group  songs. Rey Valera now dominating the singing and speaking portions is a good choice.

The production was simple and just right. No frills but just like a good concert should be, proper lighting and perfect sound system. Here are some snippets of The Classics' concert. Enjoy! 

Everybody had so much fun. A Classics 2 should follow! ♥♥♥

For their finale song...


This concert was presented by Resorts World Manila in cooperation with Redstone Media Productions Inc.

TAG Media and Public Relations is the marketing and branding arm of Redstone Production. #TAGMedia #PinoyBlogger

Karma is Digital : Good Samaritans at Disney On Ice

Woohoo! This is my first post for 2016. The reason why the blogpost is entitled - Karma is digital...

We are now in a digital era. Digital marketing, digital technology, everything around us is digital -even KARMA.

Last year (2015),  whenever I see an online contest for Disney On Ice, I would join because I want my kids to witness it this time.  I joined a telco's online contest, I won but since I replied to their email late at night because I attended an event the whole day, they disqualified my entry. I was broken hearted back then. I just whispered "God has a better plan". I even signed-up to cover the event in one of the blogger groups I'm in, but to no avail. Also failed to join Araneta's contest in Instagram wherein you need to upload a 15 sec video of your child singing Let it go. Since my son was not being cooperative, I let it go... hehe. We are always tuned in to Disney Channel, therefore, my daughter would ask me when are we going to watch "Frozen" (referring to DOI since she's a big fan of Elsa and Anna), I would tell her "on Christmas, Jesus' birthday". Almost everyday everytime the ad will flash on the screen. So, as a mom who would want to give everything to her child/children to make them happy, I asked Mr. MITD if we could let the kids watch, and he gave in. Yay!!! 

A day after Christmas, our family decided to drop by Smart Araneta Coliseum to buy General Admission tickets for the next day's show (Dec 27) since our itinerary that day is to bring the kids in a playhouse nearby.  General admission tickets cost P175 per pax, it's really far from the stage where the artists will perform. But that's okay, Mr. MITD and I just wanted to try if it's feasible with our son with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) . When he throws meltdown/tantrum, the ticket price wont put a hole in Mr. MITD's pocket. We will just leave the area and go home. At least our unica will hear her favorite disney songs and get a glimpse of the characters. 

While we were waiting in line to get to the cashier, two(2) strangers came by and asked me if we are going to watch the show. At first I was hesistant to answer, I thought they were scalpers, so I said we will buy discounted ticket since my son has PWD ID, while saying this I held my daughter tight and close to me. Because they might kidnap my daughter (seriously? In a crowded area? Haha. Silly me. YES. I'm serious because we wouldn't know who the good and bad guys are nowadays). I was once kidnapped. I know how it feels, the trauma and all. But that's a different story.

They asked again if we are going to watch the show and introduced themselves that they are from Maybank  and so on. I asked "how much are we gonna pay?" they said "IT'S FOR FREE!!!" Really?! Then, they handed me 4 tickets. I didn't even look at the seat/location written on it. Their last words were "Enjoy the show! " then I answered "Thank you and God bless."

As we entered The Big Dome, we were directed to door #7! We were running towards the door 'coz the show is about to start. An usher assisted us to our seats. Oh em gee... goosebumps, teary-eyed. We were seated on the 3rd row at the side of the stage! And each ticket costs P2,200!!! I can't talk that very moment coz if I did, tears will fall down right there and then. I just hugged and kissed my kids. And said a prayer "Lord, thank you! that was too fast! And even more better than what we have planned. From the farthest location/seats to almost front seats. You are totally awesome.Thank you so much. I love you!".

Why I said too fast?

On Christmas Day till the 26th, I have with me a medium-sized eco bag with goodies (candies, cookies, mallows, cupcakes) inside. Whenever we see kids on the street, my daughter will give them random treats. She was very happy, hopping while we were walking away. She's cheerful when she gives, without even asking what she's gonna get in return. What made her even happier was when the kids said " Thank you, bhe(baby) " . I can see the happiness in her eyes. I want that to inculcate in her. To be a giver not a taker. And that there is really joy and fulfillment when we make someone happy and just a simple thank you will go a long way. We are so blessed even in small things that's why we are sharing it to others.

The reason why I don't have my tab and camera with me to capture the moment, the show and my kids' expressions, was because of the goodies in the bag. Good thing Mr. MITD brought his smartphone. We were able to take some photos. 

The kids were in awe the moment the show started even my son with ASD was very happy, waving his hands to the artists especially to Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. Even singing some of the songs. My daughter can't say a word. She was starstruck and still couldn't believe we are watching DOI in eye level.

And then it snowed... Let it snow! Let it snow! Ü

As the old saying goes "WHAT YOU SOW IS WHAT YOU REAP". If you do something good, something good will happen to you.

Again, thank you so much Maybank PH  for making our family happy and for being God's intrument to show us really the true meaning of Christmas. 

Everything that we have are blessings from God.

"No one has ever become poor by GIVING". - Maya Angelou

"Receiving is good, but giving is much better. Nevertheless, sharing is the BEST" -

" The willingness to share does not make one CHARITABLE, it makes one FREE. - Robert Brault

"HAPPINESS does not result from what we get, but from what we give" - Ben Carson