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OPPO Pad Neo: The Bigger and Better Productivity Partner of the Reno11 Series 5G

People today rely heavily on technology to efficiently accomplish daily tasks and activities. They require reliable and portable devices like tablets to assist them, whether it's organizing schedules and tasks for work or school, completing daily errands, or unwinding during free time. To fully maximize productivity and entertainment while on the go, a quality tablet should be accompanied by a dependable, high-performing smartphone.

After the launch of the new OPPO Reno11 Series 5G, OPPO now introduces the Pad Neo, a new feature-packed tablet designed to enhance user experiences for work and play.

Large Eye-friendly Screen 

Featuring a large eye-friendly screen, the OPPO Pad Neo offers a 7:5 aspect ratio, providing nearly 7% additional screen area compared to conventional mid-range tablets with a 5:3 ratio. With an 11.4-inch eye-care display, hardware-level low blue light technology, and a Smart Color Temperature Adjustment mode, it ensures an immersive visual experience while being gentle on the eyes, perfect for extended use during work or leisure activities. It’s great to partner with the Reno11 Series 5G devices,  which already boast dynamic 120 Hz refresh rate displays, with bright colors, and generous screen-to-body ratios, for those times when a bigger screen makes all the difference. 

Massive Battery and Fast Charging Capabilities

Equipped with a long-lasting 8,000 mAh battery, the OPPO Pad Neo allows for non-stop, all-day usage, whether watching online modules, editing vlogs, or streaming videos. It's 33W SUPERVOOC fast charging feature enables a 10% charge in just 10 minutes, ideal for users who are constantly on the move. Similarly, the OPPO Reno11 Series 5G boasts a large 5000mAh battery with 67W SUPERVOOC fast charging, ensuring quick power-ups to keep users connected throughout the day.

Seamless Cross-Device Connectivity

With seamless cross-device connectivity, the OPPO Pad Neo facilitates effortless sharing of content and tasks between compatible devices, such as the OPPO Reno11 5G, Reno11 Pro 5G, and Reno11 F 5G. Powered by ColorOS 14, it offers features like File Dock, Smart Touch, and Smart Image Matting, enhancing user experience. Additionally, its Trinity Engine and MediaTek Helio G99 processor, paired with dual 8MP cameras, deliver smooth performance and versatile functionality for all-day usage.

Priced at PHP 15,999 and available in Space Gray colorway, the OPPO Pad Neo is the perfect companion for users seeking enhanced productivity and entertainment within the OPPO ecosystem.

For more information about the OPPO Pad Neo, OPPO Enco Buds 2 Pro, and OPPO Reno11 F 5G, please visit OPPO Philippines’ official website at and Facebook page.

SM Supermalls hosts comeback tour for Filipino K-Pop boyband HORI7ON


Get ready to be captivated! HORI7ON, the newest South Korean-based, Filipino boyband, sets sail on their comeback tour across the Philippines. 

In collaboration with MLD Entertain PH, SM Malls Online presents an exclusive partnership with HORI7ON, offering fans the chance to treat themselves to special HORI7ON merchandise like never before.

In SM City Baliwag, HORI7ON’s Day Tour promises an electrifying lineup of events at 4PM on April 21, Sunday, at Mall Atrium. 

But that’s not all! HORI7ON’s exclusive photos from their new digital single “LUCKY” and Friend-SHIP album all packed with other special merchandise will be available for purchase exclusively through SM Malls Online. Secure the exclusive HORI7ON suitcase box set, offered solely through SM Malls Online and on-ground selling. Purchasing this special product not only grants you access to the Manila showcase event in SM malls but also enters you into a draw to join the exclusive VIP Fan Meet, where 30 lucky winners will get up close and personal with their idols.

To know more about SM Supermalls’ exciting events, visit or follow @SMSupermalls on social media.

Unlock the Future of Connectivity with Mercusys: Mabilis na, Sulit Pa!

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, staying connected has never been more ingrained in the lives of Filipinos. To make everyday life more convenient and accessible to most, Mercusys introduces a range of innovative networking solutions designed with the average Filipino user in mind. 

From high-speed routers that cater to the demands of online gaming and streaming to portable devices known as mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, or simply MiFi, Mercusys ensures that every Filipino can find a product that suits their personal and financial preferences.

The availability of Mercusys products through physical and online stores, like Lazada and Shopee, makes owning these both convenient and accessible. Regardless if you're in the bustling streets of Manila or living in the provinces outside the Metro, staying connected has never been easier or more affordable.

To help get you started on the journey towards seamless connectivity, we've curated a list of Mercusys's latest networking solutions designed to bring high-speed, reliable internet into your home or office.

  1. MB110-4G (300 Mbps Wireless N 4G LTE Router)

Looking for a powerhouse LTE router that's also budget-friendly? The MB110-4G might be the perfect option for you! Offering Wi-Fi speeds of up to 300 Mbps, this product allows you to efficiently share your network and connect up to 32 devices, making it ideal for your home or office.

Advanced LTE antennas ensure efficient and stable connections for every device. The Power Amplifier and Low Noise Amplifier boost sending and receiving capabilities, creating a wide-coverage Wi-Fi network for your home.

With a built-in WAN/LAN port, the MB110-4G can also function as a router, compatible with cable, fiber, and DSL  modems.

Unlock smooth streaming, efficient multitasking, and a powerful Wi-Fi experience – all for a surprisingly affordable price!  Grab your MB110-4G on Lazada or Shopee for only  ₱2,490 SRP.

  1. MR60X (AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Router)

Upgrade your home network with the MR60X router, featuring cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 technology for faster, more reliable connections. This device enhances your digital experience by supporting more devices simultaneously, extending your Wi-Fi range, and providing fast data transmission throughout your home.

It comes with 4 high-gain antennas and Beamforming technology for strong, stable Wi-Fi in every corner, eliminating dead zones. The MR60X also includes Gigabit ports for high-speed wired connections, perfect for online gaming and HD streaming at home. Smart Connect technology ensures optimal network performance by selecting the best band for each device, making the MR60X a smart addition to any future-proof home network.

Level up your home internet for less than you think! Get your MR60X for only ₱1,690 SRP on Lazada or Shopee!

  1. MiFi - MT110 (4G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi)

The MiFi MT110 offers a perfect blend of portability and performance, ideal for both students and professionals. This compact device can connect up to 10 devices and enables fast Wi-Fi speeds up to 150 Mbps for efficient network sharing, ensuring smooth video calls, streaming, and downloads. It supports the latest 4G LTE networks for global compatibility and features a 2200 mAh battery that lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge, minimizing interruptions from recharging.

Work, study, stream – all on-the-go! Grab your MiFi MT110 for a steal on Lazada or Shopee (₱1,740 SRP).

  1. Halo H80X (AX3000 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System)

Offering dual-band Wi-Fi 6 speeds up to an impressive 3000 Mbps, the Halo H80X mesh system makes sure your online activities are faster and more reliable than ever before. With 2402 Mbps available on the 5 GHz band and 574 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band, every stream, download, video call, and gaming experience is handled with ease, providing a seamless digital experience across all your devices.

It can also create a single unified network across your home, thanks to its seamless roaming capability. Designed to cover an area of up to 7,000 ft² (650 m²), the Halo H80X eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones, providing blanket coverage that reaches every corner of your home. Whether you're in the basement, the attic, or the garden, high-speed Wi-Fi is always at your fingertips.

Upgrade your home Wi-Fi for a price that won't break the bank. Get your Halo H80X for only ₱6,990 SRP on Lazada or Shopee.

  1. Halo H30G (AC1300 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System)

The Halo H30G system delivers fast, stable connections for up to 100 devices with speeds up to 1.3 Gbps, ensuring compatibility with major ISPs and modems. Featuring advanced Mesh Technology, it creates a unified network that optimizes signal strength for uninterrupted, fast connections ideal for video calls and streaming. It covers up to 2,800 ft², eliminating Wi-Fi dead zones, and includes 2× Gigabit ports per unit for high-speed wired connections, catering to all your internet needs efficiently.

Power up your home internet for a surprisingly affordable price!  Grab your Halo H30G on Lazada or Shopee (₱1,990 SRP).

  1. MR80X (AX3000 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router)

The MR80X, leveraging Wi-Fi 6 technology, offers speeds up to 3 Gbps, catering to the heavy internet demands of modern households for a seamless digital experience. It features MU-MIMO and OFDMA technologies for efficient handling of multiple devices, reducing congestion and improving throughput. With 4 high-gain antennas and Beamforming technology, it ensures extensive and stable Wi-Fi coverage. Additionally, Gigabit wired connections enable maximum internet speed utilization, ideal for high-demand online activities like streaming HD video, downloading large files, and competitive gaming.

Level up your home internet without breaking the bank!  Get your MR80X for only ₱2,790 SRP on Lazada or Shopee.

  1. MR30G (AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router)

The compact MR30G router offers AC1200 Gigabit Wi-Fi, perfect for both home and office use, providing speeds up to 1.2 Gbps. It's ideal for a smooth, lag-free entertainment experience, supporting seamless streaming and downloads. Equipped with 4 high-gain antennas and Beamforming technology, it delivers wide, reliable coverage, ensuring strong Wi-Fi signals everywhere. The MR30G also features full Gigabit ports, enabling fast data transfer and optimal performance for all devices.

Experience a smoother, faster internet experience for a budget-friendly price! Get your MR30G on Lazada  or Shopee (₱1,299 SRP).

Whether you're looking to upgrade your home network or need a reliable internet solution on the go, Mercusys offers a wide range of products designed to fit the diverse preferences and needs of the Filipino market, all at affordable and accessible prices.

With cutting-edge technology, superior coverage, and user-friendly features, each product embodies Mercusys’ "Mabilis na, Sulit Pa" commitment—ensuring fast, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity wherever you go. Experience the perfect blend of performance and value with Mercusys, and purchase yours today through partner stores, Lazada, and Shopee.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

QBO, ITC, DTI, Propel Filipino Startups onto the Global Stage through ARISE Plus Philippines

Twelve Filipino youth-led startups were unveiled during the kickoff event, marking the beginning of a transformative journey as they go on a 14-week training program designed to bring their business towards international success.

The Arise Plus Philippines Young Entrepreneurs (YE)! Boost Accelerator Program, funded by the European Union and led by the International Trade Centre, in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry - Competitiveness Innovation Group (DTI-CIG) and QBO Innovation Hub, has just launched its 3rd Cohort. Twelve Filipino youth-led startups were unveiled during the kickoff event, marking the beginning of a transformative journey as they go on a 14-week training program designed to bring their business towards international success.

Arise Plus Ye! Boost Accelerator Program gathers young entrepreneurs under 35, preparing them to learn the tools and resources necessary to thrive in today's competitive market. With a focus on going from local to global, this program seeks to empower startups to scale their ventures beyond borders and make a remarkable impact on the international stage.

Through strategic partnerships facilitated by QBO, ITC, and DTI-CIG, the twelve participating startups will gain access to comprehensive training, mentorship sessions, and networking opportunities. These initiatives aim to prepare them to meet the challenges of the global market, positioning them for sustainable business growth and investor readiness in the global market.

The 12 handpicked startups participating in the Arise Plus Ye! Boost Accelerator Program Cohort 3 represents a diverse range of industries—from technology, sustainability, to healthcare, and beyond:

BCRemit: A London-based fintech company founded by Pinoys empowering OFWs with efficient money transfers.

PAMMÉ: A fashion brand crafting sustainable accessories from recycled plastic, made by women deprived of liberty.

Mylo Speech Buddy: Developer of a speech development app for children with autism and speech delay.

Hibla Philippines: A social enterprise preserving Philippine weaving traditions.

Nama Urban Farms: An urban agriculture startup cultivating nutritious produce.

Capilli: A social enterprise creating eco-friendly products from upcycled human hair waste.

REPAMANA: A circular fashion brand repurposing hotel textiles into new garments.

Nutricoach Inc.: A platform aiding dietitians in building and scaling nutrition clinics.

Reelist8: A PropTech x Shoppertainment marketplace for real estate transactions.

Prezenter: A company that simplifies presentations in under 10 seconds, helping teachers put their lessons on Smart TVs.

TERPCAP INC: An accessibility solutions provider for inclusive workplaces.

IndieCo: An SEO company blending human creativity with AI for business content.

QBO Innovation Hub boasts a great pool of over 50 experts spanning various industries, offering support and guidance to the startups throughout the program. These mentors are well-equipped to train the entrepreneurs to address a wide range of challenges and opportunities they may encounter.

"For the next 14 weeks, our startups will be immersed in a transformative journey of mentorship and workshops, equipping them to create wealth and enhance the lives of their employees. At QBO and IdeaSpace, we're committed to building a community where innovation thrives and drives societal impact," said Butch Meily, President of QBO and IdeaSpace.

“I know that your energy, passion, and ideas can really shape the future of trade in the Philippines.” shared by Mayara Louzada, Head of Youth & Trade Programme of ITC. We encourage you to take advantage of the top notch mentorship, training, and linkages that you will be getting through this accelerator program,” Louzada added.

"We are thrilled to embark on this journey with the exceptional entrepreneurs selected for Arise Cohort 3," said Miguel Lopez, National Youth Entrepreneurship Lead for the ITC. "We believe in the power of profound support and a great foundation. Through initiatives like Arise, we are committed to harnessing the strengths of our Filipino startups to help them reach the European market and champion their journey towards global success,” Lopez added.

To know more about QBO Innovation Hub and ARISE Cohort 3, please visit Follow @QBOPhilippines to stay tuned for updates on upcoming learning sessions on Intellectual Property (IP), Investment Readiness, and more! Gear up for an enriching experience as the program kicks into high gear in the coming weeks.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Chill out this summer season: Home Credit’s top refrigerators for your refreshing treats


Keep your treats perfectly chilled with these incredible coolers, now available at 0% interest installment rate.

We are all desiring cool, refreshing foods and beverages to beat the harsh heat and quench our thirst now that summer is fully here. It becomes crucial to have the ideal refrigerator to keep your refreshments cold and ready to enjoy anytime you want, whether you're craving sweet pleasures like ice cream, soda, or juice, or you just like some ice-cold water.

The top consumer credit firm in the nation, Home Credit, provides a great selection of excellent coolers that are perfect for keeping your summertime treats if you're looking for the greatest refrigerator options this season.

This season, you can get your hands on these home appliances at coolest deals thanks to Home Credit’s 0% interest deals. From March 15 to May 31, 2024, you can now upgrade your refrigerator and enjoy zero-interest installment plans ranging from six to 18 months.

If you are looking for the right cooling device for your treats and even groceries this summer, here are some refrigerators you can consider with varying sizes, styles, and functionalities that can satisfy your needs.

Enjoy excellent performance, spacious design for your treats with Panasonic

One option you can consider is the Panasonic Two Door No Frost Inverter with Econavi Technology Refrigerator, model NR-BP272VD. Boasting a capacity of 9.5 cubic feet, this refrigerator provides sizable cooling space, complemented by adjustable tempered glass shelves, a crisper drawer, and more to help you keep your treats and groceries organized. 

Equipped with inverter technology supported by the Econavi function, this appliance delivers excellent cooling performance while reducing energy use. Additionally, it features a Prime+ Cooling function, making it ideal for chilling beverages this summer. 

Experience consistent cooling for your summer refreshments with Condura

Adding to your list of choices is the Condura Two Door Refrigerator, model CNF-217I, with an 8.0 cubic feet capacity. Built with an inverter compressor, it ensures consistent cooling for your summer refreshments, be it frozen treats or cold drinks. This is coupled with the Multi-Airflow Surround Cooling System, which efficiently circulates cool air throughout the appliance, swiftly chilling the items inside your refrigerator and maintaining its temperature.

Showcasing a stylish look, this Condura appliance has enough storage and features compartments and durable tempered glass shelves to accommodate your needs, along with an LED light inside. 

Leverage style, functionality for your refreshing treats with LG

For a refrigerator that perfectly fits your modern kitchen, consider the LG Two Door Smart Inverter No Frost Refrigerator, model GR-B202SQBB. Exhibiting a dark graphite finish, this LG appliance is ideal for small spaces, with its 7.2 cubic feet capacity. While it showcases a compact size, it delivers reliable and energy-efficient cooling performance, thanks to its Smart Inverter Compressor, making sure your stored items remain cold and fresh.

Its functionality is further enhanced by various features, such as adjustable tempered glass shelves, a crisper drawer, internal LED lighting, and more to cater to your needs, especially during this summer season. 

Take advantage of the compact design packed with powerful cooling with Sharp

If you need a more compact refrigerator, there is also the Sharp Two-Door Inverter Refrigerator, model SJ-FTS07BVS-DS, featuring a 6.4 cubic feet capacity. Packed with J-Tech Inverter Technology, you can depend on this cooling appliance to keep your treats cold with its powerful performance without worrying about energy consumption.

Aside from that, it supports silent operation and avoids frost buildup, preventing the hassle of manual defrosting. It also boasts shelves built with tempered glass and other additional features to enhance your experience with this Sharp refrigerator.

Do not miss out on these top-notch refrigerators to keep your summer treats chilled! Seize Home Credit’s 0% interest promo by visiting any partner stores nationwide. For a quicker loan application process, ensure to get pre-approved by downloading the My Home Credit Loan App or speaking to a representative at a partner store. With these remarkable refrigerators, you can stay cool and enjoy your treats all summer long!

To know more about the latest updates from Home Credit Philippines, visit its official website, You may also follow its official FacebookInstagram and TikTok accounts. Customers are also encouraged to download the My Home Credit App on Google Play to learn more about the latest promos and see what’s new in

Get your appliance repaired or replaced from damages for no extra cost! It even extends your appliance's warranty for one year after the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired. Just add the Home Credit Protect Appliance Protection to your installments so you can enjoy peace of mind for up to two years for as low as P3 per day.

Home Credit Philippines is a financing company duly licensed and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). 

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Uratex Monoblock’s “Bawal ang Marupok” Campaign Returns with a Hilarious Bang in “Sulyap” Ad

Uratex Monoblock, the trusted Filipino plastic furniture brand in the market, amplifies its “Bawal ang Marupok” campaign with a hilarious bang reflecting Filipino values of resilience amidst challenges, facing it with a touch of humor, and finding joy within the struggle. 

The landmark initiative “Bawal Ang Marupok” positions Uratex Monoblock as both a trailblazer and a standard of its own, with Uratex Monoblock receiving local certifications from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Bureau of Philippine Standards (DTI-BPS), and the only brand to achieve Level 5 certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the highest plastic furniture standard in the country. The campaign was launched last year as part of the brand’s 30th anniversary. 

In its recent short video advertisement, viewers are transported into a familiar scenario where a young girl, seated on a Uratex Monoblock, is seen admiring her crush from afar. Despite the girl’s funny and over-the-top antics and reactions, the Monoblock remains intact. The girl may have fallen, but the Uratex Monoblock remains firm and reliable, ready to support in any situation—a glaring testament to its durability, quality, and strength, even in the most playful of situations.

“For over 30 years, Uratex Monoblock has continued its promise of providing quality comfort to Filipino homes. Our distinctions reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, which caters to our customers’ comfort and peace of mind. With this, our products have surpassed a series of tests, including stress and drop testing, and ergonomic assessments, to ensure the brand's promise,” said Mr. Dindo Medina, Business Unit Director of Uratex Monoblock.

Similar to the girl in the video, we encounter daily scenarios that are often seen as 'marupok' or fragile. Through this campaign, we are reminded to be wise and prioritize the quality and safety that Uratex Monoblock guarantees in every piece. Investing in these sturdy, quality home furniture items is essential to ensure the safety and comfort of your loved ones, backed by a safety seal and reliable seat load capacity. In addition to the certifications, Uratex Monoblock can withstand up to 200 kilograms of weight, equivalent to the weight of three full-grown adults.

Uratex Monoblock offers a diverse range of home essentials that are carefully crafted, ensuring that the brand caters to various consumer preferences and home aesthetics. With common essentials like the 101 Classic, Americana, and Sofie Chair, they offer traditional monoblock chairs found in conventional Filipino households, ensuring that each chair not only retains its familiar appeal, but also upholds Uratex’s standards. 

From left to right: Uratex Monoblock Classic 101 Chair, 1001 Americana Chair, & Sofie Chair

On the other hand, they have a more trendy line that boasts innovative and contemporary designs such as the Olympia Armchair, Charlotte Bistro, and Marciana chair, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics and adding a touch of elegance and chicness to every living space.

From left to right: Uratex Monoblock Charlotte Bistro Chair, Marciana Chair, & Olympia Armchair

This shared value of resilience forms the cornerstone of Uratex Monoblock's commitment to delivering products that withstand the test of time, ensuring that every piece enhances the comfort and quality of life for consumers, no matter the decade.

“With a longstanding presence in Filipino homes, Uratex Monoblock reflects the resilience and adaptability ingrained in Filipino culture. Just as Filipinos navigate life's challenges with determination and grace, Uratex products embody durability and longevity, making them enduring companions for generations to come,” shared Mr. Medina.

The “Sulyap” ad is just the first of the many exciting executions the campaign has in store for its renewed “Bawal Ang Marupok” campaign, showcasing not only Uratex’s superior products but also the indomitable Filipino spirit. 

Don’t miss out on the laughter! Check out the surprising twist by watching the video on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. For more information on Uratex and its products, visit

All claims in the video and press release have been verified as true by the Ad Standards Council, ASC-M0056N032224U

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BSS (SEVENTEEN) Showcases the AI Eraser capabilities using the OPPO Reno11 F 5G

 The OPPO AI Eraser feature is now available for all OPPO Reno11 Pro, OPPO Reno11, and OPPO Reno11 F devices

AI Eraser empowers all OPPO Reno11 Series users with advanced generative AI photo editing tools and flagship experiences

BSS, the subunit of the renowned South Korean boy band SEVENTEEN as well as the newest OPPO Reno Experts, have sprung into action to showcase the capabilities of OPPO’s newly rolled out AI Eraser.

The free-to-use tool was recently rolled out to its OPPO Reno11 Series, which includes the OPPO Reno11 Pro, OPPO Reno11, and OPPO Reno11 F. It allows OPPO Reno11 Series users to easily remove objects from photos by circling them.

As a dynamic and youthful boy group who revel in self-expression, BSS (SEVENTEEN) members SEUNGKWAN, DK and HOSHI continuously create content and capture candid moments on the go. There are times, however, when a precious moment captured contains an unwanted object or background that would otherwise have resulted in the perfect shot, such as the group picture (above) with an unwanted light stand in the background.

With AI Eraser, this can easily be fixed in a flash. All they did was simply circle the unwanted light stand, and the OPPO Reno11 Series’ generative AI intelligently removed it, generating natural-looking content to fill the space. The result is the perfect composition that exactly matched their vision.

AI Eraser for the OPPO Reno11 Series is capable of accurately recognising objects from over 120 categories, including people, pets, trees, buildings, and flowers. It uses advanced generative AI to allow for class-leading, seamless edits to remove objects in the best way possible, creating natural-looking photos as a result.

OPPO Reno11 Series users can remove an unwanted object in an almost-perfect picture instantly.

AI Eraser is easy and convenient to use. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

STEP 1: Find a picture that is almost perfect

STEP 2: Tap Edit, followed by AI Eraser

STEP 3: Use Smart Lasso to draw around object, or use Paint Over to draw over an object

STEP 4: Watch the object disappear before your eyes as AI Eraser uses generative AI to intelligently fill in the blanks, so you can enjoy your perfect picture

More AI Eraser features

Smart Lasso and Paint Over are two available features under AI Eraser. Smart Lasso allows users to easily encircle unwanted subjects, making it a highly recommended feature for users who struggle with precision drawing or circling.

Paint Over serves as a valuable complement to Smart Lasso, particularly when an object in the image contains an area that users would prefer not to remove. Both features come with a slider option to adjust the stroke size for even more precise object removal.

While many external smartphones within the OPPO Reno11 Series’ price range offer object removal tools, they tend to produce results that appear noticeably edited, creating unnatural-looking elements.

“Reno11 Series is the first smartphone line at its price to feature such advanced generative AI image editing, and demonstrates OPPO’s commitment to enrich everyday experiences through technology for everyone,” said Leon Wang, Director of Reno Series Product Planning Development.

Reno11 Series users in Phiippines can experience AI Eraser via an OTA update.

For more information about the OPPO Reno11 Series and AI Eraser, please visit OPPO visit or check out OPPO Philippines’ official social media pages on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

*Image is simulated for illustrative purposes only. Sequences are shortened. Actual UX/UI may differ. 

*Function requires network connection and the availability may vary by country and device.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024


The intense heat is telling you one thing: summer is finally here, and the best part about it is that you can dress down. The allure of summer, after all, is that it allows us to reduce our wardrobes to the necessities.

Especially in the intense heat, creating a capsule wardrobe is made easy by these adaptable, classic pieces that seamlessly combine comfort and style. Whether you're visiting new places or sunbathing by the pool, these versatile pieces of apparel and accessories will make sure you look and feel your best.

Here are eight must-have pieces to upgrade your summer wardrobe, with an emphasis on comfort, usefulness, and timeless style:

Versatile Swimwear: Whether lounging by the pool or taking a dip in the ocean, invest in swimwear that not only flatters your figure but also offers the versatility to be styled as outerwear for a spontaneous beachside lunch. Explore the range of versatile swimwear options at Surplus in SM City Grand Central.  

Straw Hat: Complete your summer look with a chic straw hat. Not only does it provide much-needed shade on those scorching days, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. Straw Hats available at Miniso in SM Center Sangandaan. 

Sunglasses with UV Protection: Protect your eyes from the sun in style with a pair of chic sunglasses that offer both fashion and function. Opt for a timeless silhouette that complements your face shape and provides UV protection for those long days spent outdoors. Get your chic sunglasses at Owndays in SM City Valenzuela.  

Protective Sunblock: Safeguard your skin from harmful UV rays with a high-quality sunblock that offers broad-spectrum protection. Choose a formula that suits your skin type and lifestyle, ensuring you can enjoy the sunshine while minimizing the risk of sun damage and premature aging. Protect your glow at The Face Shop in SM Center Sangandaan. 

Strappy Sandals: Elevate any outfit with a pair of strappy sandals that strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. From beach strolls to evening soirées, these versatile sandals will take you from day to night. Strappy Sandals available at The SM Store in SM City Valenzuela. 

Classic White Tee: A staple that never goes out of style, the classic white tee is the epitome of effortless cool. Pair it with denim shorts for a casual daytime look or dress it up with a flowy skirt for an evening out. Discover the timeless classic white tee at Indio Filipino Clothing in SM Center Sangandaan.  

Breathable Linen Shirt: A quintessential summer piece, a lightweight linen shirt exudes effortless charm while keeping you cool and comfortable even in the most sweltering heat. Pair it with shorts for a laid-back beach look or dress it up with tailored trousers for a sophisticated evening ensemble. Find your perfect breathable shirt at Giordano in SM City Grand Central. 

Classic Denim Shorts: A summer staple that never goes out of style, classic denim shorts are a must-have for any wardrobe. Pair them with a simple tee for a casual daytime look or dress them up with a flowy blouse for an evening out. Check out Levi’s in SM City Grand Central for wide option.  

You'll be prepared for anything summer throws at you, from beach days to backyard BBQs and everything in between, armed with these eight basics. For all your new summer OOTD needs, stop by SM City Grand Central, SM Center Sangandaan, and SM City Valenzuela!