Tuesday, May 7, 2024


As Mother's Day approaches, it is imperative to recognize the incredible strength and resilience of mothers worldwide. It's been quite the road for many mothers, combining professional responsibilities, taking care of loved ones, and homeschooling. Although a bunch of flowers can undoubtedly make her day, maybe it's time to turn our attention to presents that enhance her wellbeing.

Presents that promote self-care say "I appreciate you" better than anything else. For this reason, SM City Grand Central, SM Center Sangandaan, and SM City Valenzuela have thoughtfully chosen a range of presents that are sure to make every mother feel valued and revitalized. Here are six (6) things to think about, ranging from soul-satisfying joys to luxurious pampering indulgences.

Spa Day: Treat your mom to a day of indulgence with a rejuvenating spa experience at SM City Grand Central’s Bioessence. Spas are renowned for their ability to promote mental and physical relaxation, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve sleep quality. Plus, gifting your mom a spa day means you can enjoy some well-deserved pampering together.

Vitamins and Minerals: Is your mom getting the vitamin levels she needs? Why not gift her with a box of vitamins and minerals from Healthy Options? Supporting her health and well-being has never been easier with these thoughtful supplements. 

A Nice Journal: Foster self-reflection and mental well-being with a beautifully crafted journal from Fully Booked. Research has shown that journaling can reduce mental distress and increase overall happiness. A journal is a simple yet impactful way to promote mindfulness and positivity.

Foot Therapy Spa Gift Set: Treat your mom's feet to some much-needed TLC with a foot therapy spa gift set from SM Center Sangandaan’s The Faceshop. Foot massages not only promote relaxation but also help alleviate stress and tension. Plus, who wouldn't want to flaunt pretty feet for sandal season?

Fitness Watch: Help your mom stay active and motivated with a fitness watch from Realme at SM City Valenzuela. Whether she enjoys walking, running, or yoga, a fitness watch can track her progress and encourage her to reach her health and wellness goals.

Aromatherapy Essentials Kit: Treat mom to a blissful journey of relaxation with a carefully curated aromatherapy set from SM Home available at The SM Store of SM City Valenzuela. From calming lavender to invigorating citrus scents, these essential oils will transport her to a state of tranquility and peace.

This Mother’s Day, show your appreciation by giving the gift of wellness. Swing by SM City Grand Central, SM Center Sangandaan, and SM City Valenzuela today and discover these thoughtful offerings! Because the extraordinary leading lady in our lives deserves nothing less than the best!

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