Thursday, May 30, 2024

Large Crowd Gathers at SM City Grand Central for SAGALAHAN 2024


The annual "Sagalahan sa Grand Central" event at SM City Grand Central attracted a significant number of attendees, showcasing the lively and festive essence of Filipino culture. This traditional Santacruzan, a May celebration, turned the mall into a vibrant display of history and festivity. 

The festivities commenced with a grand procession featuring Reyna Elena and Constantine, representing Queen Helena and her consort. Dressed in elaborate attire and adorned with detailed crowns, they were accompanied by sagalas symbolizing various virtues, characters, and figures from Christian stories. The procession weaved through the mall's main atrium, concluding with a spectacular display on the fifth floor.


To wrap up the event, participants gathered to present flowers and prayers in tribute to the Virgin Mary. Organized by The Chapel of Our Most Holy Rosary in collaboration with SM City Grand Central and led by Chaplain Fr. Paul Nicklaus C. Woo, the "Sagalahan sa Grand Central" event not only honored tradition but also united the community in a vibrant celebration of faith and heritage.


  1. Nice even thanks SM sa mga gabnitong pa event

  2. Ang saya ng svent at napakagan ng mga attire nila 😍