Thursday, May 23, 2024

Cavite Surf2Sawa Dealers Achieve Success with High-Quality Prepaid Fiber Services

Founders of Cavite Surf2Sawa dealership company, Pits Telecom. (From left) Garry Inaclang, Eleazar Papa, and Melvin Baysa.

Surf2Sawa (S2S), Converge ICT Solutions' prepaid fiber internet brand, has become a gateway for many Filipinos to access broadband connectivity. This affordable solution has empowered people to embrace a technology-driven lifestyle.
Not only has S2S provided value to its users, but it has also transformed the lives of Converge S2S partners, who strive to bring the service to customers across the country. In Cavite, the owners of the S2S dealership company Pits Telecom, namely Garry Inaclang, Eleazar Papa, and Melvin Baysa, have experienced a complete turnaround in their lives. They transitioned from being installers and technicians to daring entrepreneurs.
Initially hesitant due to their technical expertise and limited sales knowledge, the trio eventually decided to take a chance on S2S. They launched Surf2Sawa in Cavite in March 2023 and maximized their capabilities as a three-man team. Their responsibilities included attracting new customers through social media, door-to-door sales, installations, repairs, and prepaid load sales.
Their dedication paid off as satisfied subscribers spread the word about S2S, leading to an increase in customers. Within less than a year, their daily connections went from one or two households to 12 to 15. To meet the demand, they expanded their installation crew from the original founders to a total of six teams across Cavite. They also hired sales agents to improve their marketing efforts, particularly on social media platforms.
Garry recalls how challenging it was at the beginning when S2S was new in Cavite. The concept of unlimited internet and prepaid fiber at a monthly rate of P700 was met with skepticism. However, over time, S2S gained recognition, and now clients actively seek their services. This shift has allowed the founders to spend more time with their families while managing the business.
The success of Pits Telecom through S2S has enabled the founders to create further opportunities for themselves. They established Pits Laundry, a small-scale laundry service, using their profits. They named it after their S2S dealership, further diversifying their income streams.
Their aspiration is to expand their business and continue to empower Cavite households with affordable and reliable fiber internet connections. By leveraging their installation teams and agents, Pits Telecom aims to serve the entire Cavite region and potentially expand into neighboring provinces.
The story of Pits Telecom mirrors their desire to improve their lives, inspired by the television character Pepito Manaloto, also known as Pareng Pits, after whom they named their company. They hope that their partnership with S2S will bring them the same level of success.

To learn more about their inspiring journey, you can watch their full story here.

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