Sunday, May 1, 2016

Prevention is so much easier than reversal. Love Your Skin Now !

Acne? Age spots? Dryness? Wrinkles? These are some of the skin problems which concerns us. Fret not! Bioessence has got you covered.

It is 21 years and counting for Bioessence, the beauty clinic chain  that started operations with only 3- bed clinic (two for facials and one for slimming) in Marfori Heights, Davao City in 1994.

Known for its facial services, Bioessence also prides its brand of customer care, attending to the customers as they come to the clinic schedule, and follow up on them after treatments, and make sure the clients are well guided on every step of their beauty regimen. I know, because I used to have my facials done at Bioessence clinics. Proven and tested 100% SUPERB! 

Last April 22, 2016 Bioessence launched their newest product line for every skin need that's fit for the Filipino skin, held at The Beech in Panay, Quezon City. Guests were served sumptuous food and entertained by a dance number by Forte. 

Mr. Joseph Feliciano, Senior Vice President for Marketing and Supply Chain
shared his knowledge on how to keep our skin healthy and glowing.

Dra. Gelin Rosario - Crisostomo discussed each of the latest skin care lines,
their benefits and how the ingredients work on our skin

Guests were also able to get a free consultation administered by their own specialists to better address our skin needs. What the doctor recommended for me is the Derm-Age since I've got good 'collagen' on my skin(face).  Naks! Ü

Now... may I present to you the wonderfully made products that will help give every Filipino our best and healthiest skin at the comfort of our home...

 ACNETROL - Your best defense Against Breakouts

Acne Control at its finest

* Helps restore the skin's natural PH balance

* Lotion made from a perfect blend of extracts to clear acne and give on the spot treatment right at iys source

* Helps reduce sebum production and skin impurities

* Made of ingredients rich in sulfur and contains salicylic acid that helps prevent pimple or acne

* With concentrated Clindamycin antibiotic for a more intensive treatment.

PREVENTAGÉ - Love Your Skin NOW! 

Your best defense against premature ageing should start today

* Protects the skin from drying, leaving it velvety smooth and supple

*Deeply cleanses and helps minimize pores

* Gives lasting skin moisture

* Enriched with Black Oat Seed extract and Lecithin which helps improve skin hydration.

BIOLITE - Luminously Healthy Skin

White and bright that fits the skin just right.

* Specially formulated with VITAMIN C and other innovative ingredients that help in Color control, Skin Clarity and Skin Moisturization.

* Deeply cleanses and removes residual impurities for a clearer and smoother skin.

* Reduce appearance of age spots.

* Formulated with dispersed encapsulated sunscreen that forms a thin layer of water resistant, UV protection shield on the skin.

* Gives a broad spectrum and uniform protection against UVA and UVB.

DERM- ÁGE - Knockout smooth, supple and youthful glowing skin.

Effective and age appropriate skin care at your fingertips.

* Uses the breakthrough ReGeniStem Red Rice technology and a combination of botanical Polysaccharride and nano-ized Collagen that provide maximum moisture.

* Forms a film that tightens and firms the skin.

* Helps even out fine lines and wrinkles.

Know that Bioessence cares beyond beauty with their Philosophy. These are also the reason why I admire, respect and trust this company. 

1. They buy local and produce locally

 - supports local farmers and employ world class Filipino talents
 - uses high- grade ingredients and dynamic techniques of key ingredient extraction

2. International Quality

- All products go through series of checks assurance to ensure superior quality
- Products are sourced from premium ingredients and adhere to strict purchasing practices

3. Environmentally Conciuous (My hat's off to you)

- All of their packaging are made from recycled materials ( i hope all would do the same to save our mother earth)
- Encourages proper waste management, reusing and recycling

4. Giving Back

* With our beloved clients' patronage, we help create livelihood in different communities.

Prevention is so much easier than reversal. Start loving your skin now. Head on to the nearest Bioessence branch to know what products and services best suit you.

The successful product launch was in partnership with Pocari Sweat, Azalea Residences, Brother's Burger, Pure 'N Fresh, Yummy Diet and Hotel Celeste. 

Visit Bioessence website for more information 
Call them at their vanity number 
0918 - 8BEAUTY(232889)

Like and follow Bioessence Corporate Page for updates. 

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