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BOY KANIN : For the people who loves to eat , always on-the-go but on a tight budget

Extra rice, please?! Yes. That's me. Always. Ü

Rice is the staple food of over half the world's population. It is the predominant dietary energy source of almost 20% population of the world.

Are you like me who's always craving for my mommy's home cooked adobo or caldereta? Are you so hungry that only a bowl of kare kare or a plate of bistek (beef steak) can satisfy your growling stomach? Are you always hungry but on a very tight budget? Look no further, Boy Kanin is here to save your day!!! Boy Kanin is a food stall that serves paella rice meals but with your favorite Filipino viand. From the tangy taste of caldereta, the classic savory sauce of adobo, to the filling bits of dinuguan, you can order a "bowl" of these favorite meals and have them on-the-go. 

Photo (c) Rejj Sibayan

Last April 27, 2016 few blogers were invited to try Boy Kanin's meals over dinner at their office in 10th Ave Cubao Quezon City. We were served various meals. whoa!(drools). I can remember how each one of us ate our chosen meals and even asked for another set. haha. We just can't resist the temptation. All the meals served were palatable. What made them even tastier is their vinegar. Some guests literally poured the vinegar over their food. And what made the meals perfect it's because of their SALABAT ni Boy (ginger iced tea). I had I think 5-7 glasses of it. It tastes so refreshing and it is healthy as well.

Here are some of the served meal sets:

They also have Boy Fiesta -  5 meals in 1 box for only P199. 

Boy Kanin serves your favorite Filipino food at an affordable prices and delivers such with the quality of a midrange restaurant. Unlike other regular food stalls, each bowl of rice is stir fried and then infused with  cooked sauce of your choice. 

If you are a type of person who always love to eat but with a very limited budget Boy Kanin is made for you. For as low as P49 per meal, it doesn't just satisfy your hunger, it also leaves you comforted by the familiarity of home. With Filipino food becoming a popular eat out for locals and foreigners alike, "Boy KAnin" hopes to not just feed hungry stomachs but also to remind us why we always return to our homegrown cuisine.

Mr. Jeff Rusios, Business Development Manager of the company was there to give us a brief background on how Boy Kanin was born. It is the brainchild of Antonio Z. Atienza and Ronald Callao. The two  met at a meeting completely unrelated to food and were drawn together by their similar passions for Filipino cuisine. Both come from unassociated industries : Antonio Z. Atienza is a renowned jeweler and the owner of Golden Hills Jewelry, Inc. while Ronald Callao was a former Head for Circulation at Business World and BusinessMIrror. Ronald decided o return to his history with food, having owned a carinderia in Paranaque ad having worked in Jollibee before going to the newspaper industry. He decided to make his passion for cooking and eating delicious food a business, hence his venture into a second food stall. Antonio proposed the concept of "Boy Kanin" to Ronald. His idea of infusing the meat and seafood ulam sauce into the rice was inspired by his foreign friend's' search for local cuisine. These friends actually enjoyed mixing the rice into the sauce of Kaldereta. Such a practice continues in the home of Filipinos and local restaurants serving he same fare. What distinguishes "Boy Kanin" from these establishments is the rice and ulam (viand) sauce being mixed for you.

Mr. Roland Callao, President of Boy Kanin

I admire Mr. Callao's personality, not only for his witty sense of humor but with his mission in assisting the less fortunate. This is his priority in every business he starts. With many Filipinos sacrificing a grade school, high school, or college diploma for temporary job opportunities, it is important for private businesses and establishments to generate jobs for these individuals. If he was only into politics, I will vote for him! Definitely! I love his concern and compassion to help other people. Kudos!


TASTE -  ★★★★★

SERVING - ★★★★★




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Call  (02) 352- 8130 and 0919 4927986
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This mini salu salo (gathering) is made possible by its media partner, Light Network

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