Friday, May 20, 2016

Jeunesse Anion's Practical Fitness Hacks for Moms

While receiving gifts and arranging something special on Mother’s Day is lovely, there’s nothing like a fit and fabulous body as a mission to ensure you’re able to wear the many hats you juggle everyday.  Whether you’re a new mom or firmly decided about being more active and healthy for yourself and your family, here are some practical tips that you can take heart to get you motivated and whip back into shape—right in the comfort of your own home especially when you’re on a period.

According to Dr. Ian, a dedicated multi-sport, endurance and CrossFit athlete, you can do exercises that will loosen up the cramps and dysmenorrhea. “Make sure to go slowly and choose workouts that you can sustain and safe for you. Mind your changing time every after four hours to prevent leaks and to keep yourself odor and bacteria-free. With Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin, you’re armed with triple dose of comfort and protection since it’s liniment-free, uses non-toxic glue, thin but highly absorbent to keep your form on point. Apart from these, if you’re a mom who just gave birth, rest assured that the materials and process in developing Jeunesse Anion are totally safe and secure for you. 

So here are few things to do and be your best: 

1.     Don’t procrastinate.

Working out is hard and finding the motivation is harder. No matter how “blah” you feel, just put on your workout clothes and consider it as your sleep wear so you don’t have an excuse to work out as soon as you wake up. Guaranteed, after you look the part, you’ll feel the need and will have a greater excitement about it.

 2. The internet is your best friend.

YouTube offers easy to follow to the most intense home exercises that will encourage movement and consistency without breaking the bank. Remember when navigating for a tutorial, choose to do workouts with equipment you already have at home such as dumbbells, jumping rope and a mat.

3.     Free fitness apps are a-plenty.

From tracking down how many calories you consume and how many calories you burn to making sure you have a workout schedule to follow, fitness apps are great to have because it’s all there, right in the palm of your hands. What’s even better is they’re fee! Check out RunKeeper, Daily Yoga, StrongLifts 5x5, Nike + Training Club, Sworkit Lite Personal Workout, 7-Minute Workout, and Zombies Run!

4.     Incorporate your family into your workout.

No dumbbells, no problem. Toddlers and babies make great substitutes for “weights” turning your workouts into a full-blown family affair and a great way to introduce fitness and a chance to have fun with exercise. When working out with your teens and husband, consider planking, squats, push-ups, crunches, side leg raises, burpees, mountain climber, and butterfly kicks as your basic exercise variations to regularly confuse your muscles and gain strength. Triathlete Ian Banzon, MD also suggests to do variety of exercises every two weeks.

5.     Mind your diet.

Bear in mind that getting fit is not just about working out, 70% depends on a good diet. Philippine and US registered dietitian-nutritionist Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RDN, food and fluid are essential elements for the success of your workout. “An hour or two before exercise, eat a light snack that has a combination of carbohydrates for energy and some protein for muscle growth and repair. After the session, no need to eat with guilt as refueling within 15 minutes after exercise is essential to replace fluid loss. However, it’s not an excuse to binge and aim to consume what’s only in your total caloric allowance for the day. Otherwise, you’ll gain weight and your exercise will be futile”, she adds.

There’s nothing like the month of moms that will ignite our commitment to wellness. As primary nurturers of the family, don’t miss on goals and activities that will add value to your calling. Because for us, a healthy and whole light of our homes mean a happy and vibrant family!

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