Friday, May 20, 2022

Mom-fluencers Share Essential Baby Care Practices That They Trust


Here are a few tips from some of the internet’s favorite moms!

Every mom has her own methods when it comes to parenting, but one thing they have in common is they all go an extra mile to ensure they could provide the best way to take care of their babies.

Some amassed a following online after gaining the trust of other moms who are looking for more references when it comes to providing the best. Here are some of the most useful ways to give your baby the best care growing up.

  1. Less screen time, more playtime

A quick way for most parents today to keep their babies entertained is to have an animated and sing-a-long video about a family of sharks. While setting a smart device to a particular video is easier, studies have shown that playtime can actually help children in their physical, emotional, and social development.

“I believe that balance can be achieved,” says Danika Nemis (@danikanemis) “My baby can have screen time as long as she also has time for play outdoors. As a parent, it is your role to think of interesting and exciting activities for you and your kids!”

As a surfer mom to her 4-year-old daughter, she explains that these activities are learning experiences. “It is important that she learns from first-hand experience and then we supplement with screen time by showing her surf videos and other content that is aligned with our values and lifestyle."

  1. You can never be too clean

When it comes to keeping babies clean, it’s only natural for mommies to double-time—after all, babies have a very delicate and still-developing immune system. 

For foodie/beauty blogger and mom of 2, Maite Cruz (@mommygives), a clean baby means less worry. “As an OC mom, I make sure that my daughter is kept clean thru proper hygiene, regular washing of the whole body, and the use of necessary baby essentials that help in keeping her clean throughout the day.”

Most moms trust products that are gentle to the skin, naturally formulated, dermatologically tested and paraben-free so that the babies are not only clean but safe from skin damage.

“During the pandemic, with all the activities and games that my child engages in, keeping her clean seemed hard. But with the right baby essential products, keeping her clean the whole day made it easier,” shares Maite.

  1. Take time to prepare your babies’ meals

Some babies can be a bit picky when it comes to the food they’re eating. Most mommies have discovered a way to make eating fun and explore different food combinations. This is also why there are moms who actively shifted to preparing foods with no preservatives and artificial ingredients—which eventually became a movement on its own.

Momprenuer and content creator, Roxanne Montealegre (@roxannemontealegre) shares that she’s excited every time she prepares the food for her babies. “As someone who used to just dine/take out, I also just bought from baby stores online ready to mix or cereals and cookies but when my baby started getting sick, I started to research and learn how to prepare from scratch!” 

  1. Give them enough Zzzz’s

On average, babies need 14-18 hours of sleep every day, which means a sleepless baby often makes a sleepless mommy. Thankfully, a lot of gentle and calming tricks are available to help the little ones catch the uninterrupted and better Zzz’s. Dab cologne or rub a bit of lotion to keep them feeling cool, fresh, and comfortable.

“This has worked for me for years, a simple bedtime routine for Geof,” recounts Kaycee Enerva (@themachomom) when it comes to sleepy time with her son. “I snuggle him in,  I massage his legs and arms with baby lotion (which now he can’t live without!), and then I play ambient music with a matching bedtime story.”

Hindi ko pa tapos yung story I can hear him snoozing na. Then I get to do what I want like read books or binge my favorite series,” chimes Kaycee.

  1. Choose products that other moms trust

With a variety of products to choose from in the market, it might be overwhelming to pick out which are the best ones for your baby. That is why it’s helpful for a lot of parents to take advice from other parents when it comes to which products are actually effective and reliable.

With entrepreneur Tanya Marie Aguila (@tanyamairaaguila), she only trusts proven and tested quality products to provide the best care for her baby, especially as a first-time mom. “I made it a point to seek advice from “seasoned” moms when it comes to choosing products for my baby. I want the very best for my little one so not only do I do my research on ingredients and claims, but I also make sure to listen to real mom feedback so I’m 100% sure it’s a brand I can trust.”

Trusted baby care brands such as Avon Care Baby are suitable even for newborns and offer a wide array of Baby Skin essentials made with everything moms trust to provide gentle care for babies’ sensitive and growing skin—Wash & Shampoo, Lotion, and Cologne—all available in Calming and Gentle variants.

Clinically and dermatologically tested, Avon Care Baby products are free from allergens, alcohol, dye, and parabens and contain natural active ingredients.

So next time, you’re looking for help in taking care of a baby’s skin, look for the one made with everything your fellow moms' trust.

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