Thursday, August 29, 2019

Atreena : Fresh goods from the best fresh market to your doorstep

As a homemaker, do you feel that 24hrs ain't enough to finish your chores? You wake up in the morning to go to the market, prepare food, help the kids prepare for school, clean the house and everything? You got no time for yourself and almost got no time to play with the kids, come nighttime you're, well, low on battery? For me and MITD, it's a yes!

Atreena, online palengke app

It's a good thing that we came across an app lately that'll let you shop at the wet read that right! Someone will shop for you at the wet market, no need for you to get out of your home! Atreena will do it for you!

No need to wake up at 4am, no need to worry if it's gonna rain or shine, no more getting sweaty and smelly, no more getting risk of getting sick because someone will be  shopping for you! Convenient right? And you'll be getting a lotta time to play with your kids while waiting for your goods to be delivered at your doorstep!

We tried using Atreena couple of nights ago, we didn't want to go out early the next day. It was rainy and we'd rather stay in bed. 

It's easy! Just register and create an account at their website or app. Choose what you want to buy, you can put in instructions for the shopper, review your order, put in what time you'd like it delivered, pick a mode of payment then click check out! :)

Atreena, fresh goods from the best fresh market delivered to our doorsteps 

We did that around 12 midnight! We just put in that we wanted it by 8am the next day. Really easy! We just kept adding to cart. Hehehe. And the orders arrived on time!

And we're not just talking about your ordinary market. These are the places where your orders will be coming from:
1) Farmers Market, Quezon City
2) Pasig Palengke, Pasig City
3) Marikina Public Market, Marikina City

At Atreena, you can order anytime. Just indicate the delivery time and date. You can pay thru credit card, debit card (MasterCard), PayPal and COD.

- Three great markets to choose from! Farmers Market (Quezon City), Pasig Palengke (Pasig City), and Marikina Public Market (Marikina City).
- Buying goods from the wet market while at home! 
- Very convenient!
- No need to wake up before sunrise just to go to the market!
- Will never be messy!
- No need to go to join the crowd at the wet market! 
- Atreena makes sure you get the best quality, you get your money's worth!
- Multiple payment options: Credit Card, Debit Card (MasterCard), COD and PayPal.
- More time to be with your kids! Atreena will do the shopping and will deliver right at your place! This we love the most!

- Add more choices, probably?

As long as you know how to use your mobile phone, and you have data, you'll be fine!

Use my code MITM15 for 15% discount everytime you use the app until end of September.

Atreena, fresh goods from the best fresh market delivered to our doorsteps 


  1. Wow... Pwede fresh on delivery.. ❤️❤️❤️ The best naman nitong app na to..

  2. Nakakaamaze po talaga ang Atreena... Imagine nadating na lang po ang mga gusto mo bilhin sa market at fresh na fresh pa. Kung nasa Manila po ako, di ko palalampasin magpadeliver kay Atreena lalu at di po ako basta makaalis ng bahay dahil may alaga po akong Baby. HAZZLE FREE talaga, fresh pa ang mga goods.

  3. Ang Galing Naman nito momshy .Sna dito din sa Batangas meron.specially pag umuulan napakahelpful nito..At saka po hassle free..ang mganda pa ang daming Pwedeng choices kung paano magbayad..pwede din ang cash on delivery Sa mga walang credit card ..

  4. Ang gling nmn po ng app na ito super convenient sa mga customer at sa mga mommies na katulad ntin hassle free..di p syang ang pera dhil frsh lhat dhil cla ang nmimili..sna may gnyan din dto smin sa obando pra mas mgkroon p q ng time pra sa kiddos q..

  5. Great idea! Galing! Sana lang lumawak pa area nila. 😊👌

  6. Ano contact no. ni Atreena para mabilis transaction please?

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