Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Classics is THE BOMB!

I can still remember during my elementary days, my mom would always play Rey Valera's song via casette tape in our Karaoke during rainy seasons when we were all at home due to class suspensions. Sipping hot Knorr Alphabet soup, eating fried rice with "tuyo", "tinapa" or "daing" with atchara. Plus Rey Valera songs in the background. Ahh... heaven! Makes me wanna sleep all day. I can also recall my sisters' suitors, singing Valera's hits to my sisters. Hihi.

Hajji Alejandro, would always remind me of my dad, aside from their good looks, the way they dressed-up were the same. I wonder if my dad was also a "kilabot ng mga kolehiya" (college girls' heartthrob) during his college days. That I would ask from my mom. My favorite Alejandro's song is Nakapagtataka, being always heart broken back in High School. Huhu. Lol.

Nonoy Zuñiga's Never Ever Say Goodbye has always been my dream song to sing. Im always amazed during singing contest when a contestant sings Zuñiga's song.

Marco Sison's My Love Will See You Through is a National Anthem in parties and  fiestas that's why I know this song by heart.

Actually, all of their hits are our family's all-time videoke favorite. That's why, I was stoked when I learned that they'll be having a concert, cause I grew up in a music-loving family and we all love their songs. Thankful for Redstone Media Productions and TAG Media and Public Relations for making me part of this most-anticipated concert of the year.

Last December 28, 2015 at Newport Performing Arts Theatre - Resorts World Manila (NPAT-RWM) I was lucky to have witnessed the one night only concert of the hitmakers - Hajji Alejandro, Marco Sison, Nonoy Zuñiga and Rey Valera. I thought it is going to be sober and a reminiscing kind of show. But I was wrong. It is as if we were in a comedy bar. The concert was entertaining, great music/songs and worth our time watching. Watch the videos to know what I'm talking about. Some of their comical times during the show.

This photo says it all. Even them are laughing at  their jokes. 

I'm glad these talents were put together and brought joy to the old timers and young ones like us (weh?!) who also watched the show. 

At their age, the singers still have very good singing voices . They could still sing their original songs with "kilig"(romantic excitement) factor.  The chemistry among the singers was good,they have good interaction with each other, their friendship was also visible. And they have an excellent rapport with the audience. It was good to see there was no one trying to outdo another. More songs would have been good, especially group  songs. Rey Valera now dominating the singing and speaking portions is a good choice.

The production was simple and just right. No frills but just like a good concert should be, proper lighting and perfect sound system. Here are some snippets of The Classics' concert. Enjoy! 

Everybody had so much fun. A Classics 2 should follow! ♥♥♥

For their finale song...


This concert was presented by Resorts World Manila in cooperation with Redstone Media Productions Inc.

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