Monday, October 9, 2023

Converge brings together top Cebu business executives and digitalization enthusiasts

Converge hosts the Company’s first CEO Roundtable in Cebu. From Left to Right: Emil Baniqued (Converge AVP and Head of Product Innovation), Justin Uy (JFiber Chairman and Profood President and Founder, Jpark Island Resort Chairman), Dennis Anthony Uy (Converge CEO and Co-Founder), Maria Grace Uy (Converge President and Co-Founder) and Jesus “Boboy” Romero (Converge SEVP and Chief Operations Officer)

Converge ICT Solutions Inc., a leading fiber broadband provider, is ready to help businesses in Visayas digitally change and equip them with solutions that go beyond connectivity.

This was the message delivered by Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy to an audience of 80 Cebu business leaders at the company's inaugural Converge CEO Roundtable Forum.

"Our industry is changing faster than fashion." That's why we're using next-generation technology at Converge, because the moment to adapt is now," Uy added, emphasizing the usage of automation and artificial intelligence in the Converge network's functioning.

Converge CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Anthony Uy addresses the Cebu business community in a high-level forum last September. He recounts the story of Converge growing in Luzon, and sees the potential for similar growth in Visayas which may benefit from further digitalization. 

Converge advised organizations to choose a partner with experience not only in connection but also in broader technology and creativity.

Converge showcased innovative solutions in the forum, including Enterprise products used by both the government and the business sector to digitally alter their operations.

The Converge Free Wifi project completed with the Department of Transportation and nine Philippine airports is an example of a Managed Service solution, in which Converge manages and maintains the digital infrastructure. Converge can provide point-to-multipoint solutions for shops with several branches around the country. Value-added Services, such as the Converge Workplace Hotel Management Solution, can be provided to hotels and the hospitality industry.

"We serve the country's largest BPOs, banks, financial institutions, government, universities, and retailers." "We have made our mark in Luzon, and we can do the same here in Visayas," remarked Chief Operations Officer Jesus C. Romero.

Justin Uy, hailed as the ‘Mango King’ of Cebu, heads JFiber Internet Services Corp., the Converge partner in Cebu responsible for bringing the products and services to the region. 

Converge collaborated with JFiber Internet Services Corp. (JFiber) for Cebu, which is run by Cebu's mango king Justin Uy as Chairman and CEO Jonathan Uy (neither are related to Dennis Anthony Uy). Converge is able to provide connectivity and ICT solutions for numerous Cebu-based businesses and residential customers via JFiber.

"We started [JFiber] in 2021 and now have 400 employees; we serve Cebu, Bohol, and other key areas in the Visayas," said Justin Uy, Chairman of JFiber Internet Services Corp.

Converge President and Co-Founder Grace Uy shares how their vision to serve the entire nation brought the company to new markets in Cebu, and reiterates the company’s commitment to Visayas. 

“I believe in Dennis’ vision to improve the digital experience of everyone; We are adamant to serve the entire nation. We’re here to help the VisMin area to reach the same level of connectivity as the rest of the country,” said Converge President and Co-Founder Grace Y. Uy. 

Of the 168,000 gross additional subscribers for Converge in Q2 of 2023, 16.3% were from VisMin. The total fiber port count in those two regions has already reached around 1 million, with 2023, seeing some 162,000 fiber ports rolled out. 

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