Thursday, October 26, 2023

At the Jollitown Kiddie Fair, parents and children make unique, jolly memories

Jollibee brand ambassadors Jolina Magdangal Escueta and her kids Pele and Vika, officially opened the Jollitown Kiddie Fair with a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Jollibee team: Assistant Brand Manager for Noodles and Kids Category Justin Mathay, and PR, Partnership and Sustainability Head Dennis Reyes (third and fourth from left); and Marketing Director for Jollibee Noodles and Kids Category Joseph Aruta, and Brand Manager for Noodles and Kids Category Kat Facun (third and fourth from right). They are also joined by everyone's favorite friend, Jollibee, and Yum, Twirlie, Hetty, and Popo. 

The Jollitown Kiddie Fair recently hosted at the SMX Convention Center was a blast for both kids and their parents. Families found the event to be the happiest opportunity for bonding thanks to the enjoyable learning activities, original games and challenges, interactive performances, and all-day entertainment. These memories will last a lifetime.

Jollibee has become a champion of joy for Filipino parents and kids throughout the years, and the Jollitown Kiddie Fair continues to give them more cherished moments. The event was opened by Jollibee’s brand ambassador, Jolina Magdangal Escueta, and her kids, Pele and Vika. She and her kids got to participate and have fun in all the event activities, while also getting interviewed about being a mother and brand ambassador.

Jolina shared her favorite Jollibee memories as a child and how she is recreating them with her kids Pele and Vika. 

“I’m so excited to be here at the Jollitown Kiddie Fair, having fun with my kids,” said Jolina. “Time passes so quickly, so I make sure that I spend quality time and make meaningful memories with Pele and Vika every chance I get.

“Jollibee is honored to be a part of many Filipinos’ core memories, from childhood to adulthood,” said Kat Facun, Jollibee Brand Manager for Noodles and Kids Category. “And with the Jollitown Kiddie Fair, we hope to give kids and their families more reasons to have happy, cherished moments because jolliest ang kids sa Jollibee.”  

Yum, Hetty, Jollibee, Twirlie and Popo shared the joy with the kids and their families, and wowed them with a very energetic dance number. 

The event offered activities where kids not only enjoyed with their friends, families, and fellow kids, but also engaged in unique family-friendly challenges that helped them learn along the way through creative play. Kids got a chance to make their own Jolly Spaghetti, Yumburger, and test their store manager skills in the MiniBee station as they had fun assembling delicious Jollibee food for their friends and parents. They also had the Party Palooza, which was an energetic all-day party celebration that had a whole host of games and activities that offered the full party experience

Kat Facun, Jollibee Brand Manager for Noodles and Kids Category, said that they designed the Jollitown Kiddie Fair so that kids and their parents can do the fun yet educational activities together, building meaningful memories as they did. 

The Jollitown Kiddie Fair also offered activities that challenged their skills, like the Chickenjoy Bucket Throw game where they tested their aim to win prizes, and avoided spaghetti-shaped wires in the Spag-o-wired game. Kids also solved different puzzles in the Jollitown Puzzle House, which was also a fun learning challenge and an interactive experience for kids of all ages. They also uncovered fun prizes in the Fry-nd The Treasure activity, while other kids tried to grab theirs at Yum’s Claw Machine.

Pele and Vika got to enjoy all the Jolly activities in the Jollitown Kiddie Fair.

Kids served Chickenjoy and made their own Jolly Spaghetti and Yumburgers with their parents at the MiniBee station.

Alongside the many activities and fun games, kids also got to watch an incredible set of shows happening on the main stage. This includes the bubble show where kids rushed to the stage to get closer to participate in blowing and popping bubbles. The magic show had jaw-dropping tricks that left kids in awe with each routine. The Dancing Balloon Show by Tectonix was also a highlight, as kids were dancing along to the music while being fascinated by the many balloon tricks. 

Parents and kids alike had a very colorful time at Twirlie’s Face Painting station.

Jolly kids learned problem-solving while having fun as they tackled the different puzzles of the Jollitown Puzzle House.

Jolly kids learned problem-solving while having fun as they tackled the different puzzles of the Jollitown Puzzle House.

The Chickenjoy Bucket Throw tested everyone’s throwing and aiming skills, with kids winning a special Jollibee toy.

Aside from the activities, parents and kids enjoyed delicious Jollibee food. This included sweet-sarap Jolly Spaghetti, which families enjoyed so much during the event. With delicious food and the jolliest activities, the Jollitown Kiddie Fair gave families moments to remember, and memories that they cherish together. 

Exciting Jollibee prizes awaited kids at Yum’s Claw Machine.

Kids were tasked  to find letters underneath a bed of Jolly Crispy Fries and spell out  the mystery word to win a prize at the Fry-nd the Treasure station.

Families had the most Jolly fun time making Yumburgers and Jolly Spaghetti, with parents and kids teaming up to make their favorite meals. 

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