Saturday, December 18, 2021

LYKA, come back!

A lot of the popular social media apps can be found on my phone. You name it, even the controversial app that is LYKA. 

What is LYKA? I first heard of LYKA from the groups I'm a part of. I became interested in it because of the many cool and amazing things they could do with it so I downloaded the app. It kinda looks like Instagram. As I was browsing through the app, I thought to myself that I might not be able to focus much on LYKA because I have lots of social media apps. I did not think much of it but then I saw a post from an ex-colleague and friend showing the grocery items that she was able to buy for free using LYKA gems (Giftcard Electronic Mode). She even paid her Meralco bill using LYKA gems. So I asked her how and she explained to me that every post she does, a comment she makes, and post she shares has equivalent points or gems that you can use as currency to buy goods, or pay at LYKAMALL, yes they have their mall that accepts gems! How cool is that! They have everything your family could look for. Groceries, books for kids, apparel, gadgets from brands like Apple, Sony, JBL, Samsung, Palladium, Philips ,TCL, LG, etc. You get to enjoy posting your photos, you get to have new friends, and you can earn gems from it! 

 Rovi Bejer-Prado, one of the 10 million LYKA users, @mommy_rovi

 @mommy_rovi paid her Meralco bill and bought groceries FOR FREE using LYKA gems 

All the talks about the app got me motivated in using it just like the social media apps I use. Just when I was just getting the hang of it, news broke out that the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas ordered to stop the operation of LYKA because they had to register as an operator of payment system (OPS). 

Registration is needed to ensure that the app functions safely, efficiently, and reliably by itself, consistent with the central bank's objectives of consumer protection and financial stability.

It was a relief to have been able to read an update from Rappler  "Lyka says it is 'continuously communicating' with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas regarding its operator of payment system or OPS application. "

LYKA has said that part of its intention is to register as an operator of a payment system so it can establish its Philippines operations and staff it with the best people available.

Users were also guaranteed by the social media platform that any duties and commitments made by DS to the, as well as their accreditation as a partner merchant, will be honored as quickly as possible.

Hoping that this happens soon because it has great reward system and benefits for its 10 million members. And I want to experience what my friends have from using LYKA, who wouldn't?

Want to know more about LYKA? Check these out:

LYKA is a free social media platform that allows users to connect, discover new material, share interests, share photos, and allows chat function with other users. It revolves around a Digital Point System, which rewards users for engagement on the platform. Users may receive LYKA GEMs for well-rated posts, uploading content, and spending time on the app.

DISCLAIMER Individuals of 18 years of age and below are required to have a legal guardian to claim the rewards through our LYKA Mall. Using LYKA GEMS with our Merchant Partners has exceptions to the rule as advised.

LYKA MALL Is an exclusive feature of the LYKA app providing a one-stop-shop for Online Shopping and Digital Transactions.

LYKA Mall also includes:

LYKA Grocery where you can shop 24/7 with no minimum order.

Digital Goods Section where you can buy prepaid loads, pay your bills (e.g., utilities, telco, insurance, credit card, etc.), remit payments (e.g., gov’t agencies, etc), and even pay partner merchants such as schools, real estate, etc.

Plastic and paper gift cards are a thing of the past.

Introducing the Giftcard in Electronic Mode (GEM) The 1st paperless, contactless and seamless social gift card in the world. LYKA GEMs are distributed and managed solely by our authorized service partner/provider, Blue Cat Global Limited (a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of Hong Kong with principal address at 14/F Chun Wo Commercial Centre, 25 Wing Wo St., Central, HK- SAR.), via the LYKA app, and through a preset reward system or maybe purchased in-app. These LYKA GEMs may be shared among friends, exchanged for goods with partner stores/merchants, and can be collected to purchase gifts from the LYKA Online Store (Lyka Mall). The LYKA GEMs are also available for sale through the LYKA app.

REWARDS AND POINTS SYSTEM Each Diamond rating corresponds to a specific LYKA GEM value that you can save and accumulate to transact with our partner merchants.

TOP-UP YOUR LYKA GEMs Users of the LYKA may purchase in-app GEMs from Blue Cat Global Limited. Purchase of the GEMs from the Blue Cat must be made through the “BUY GEMS” option in the account owned by the relevant registered User and paid for through any permitted payment method available from time to time by the LYKA. Purchased GEMs shall be reflected in the User Profile of the LYKA App.

USING YOUR LYKA GEMs Exchange your GEMs for goods/services with partner stores/merchants! On its initial country of operations, the Philippines, now with over 10,000 Partner Merchants in the service, retails, food, and automotive industries. Just look for the sign confirming that LYKA GEMs are accepted by the merchant and pay using the QR code system. It’s that easy!

SEND A GIFT OF GEMs TO FRIENDS & FOLLOWERS A new and unique gift to give to your friends and followers





LYKA is a mobile app platform owned and developed by Things I Like Company Limited (TIL), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of Hong Kong, with principal office at Level 19 Two International Finance Centre, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong. TIL was established and running since 2017.

With the company’s vision to create a digital ecosystem, LYKA, an application which includes Internet Community, Gift Giving and Receiving Method, Secure Chat, Unique Reward System, E-Commerce Platform, and more was launched in 2018.

LYKA was launched its pilot run in the Southeast Asia (SEA) market, primarily in the Philippines. TIL targets to expand to other countries in Asia in 2021 and the rest of the globe in the coming years.

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