Saturday, October 16, 2021

Vibal Launches Quiz App


Vibal Group continues to make headway in making online teaching and learning more user-friendly and convenient for schools, teachers, and students by developing new dynamic applications. This October, Vibal releases the VSmart Quiz App where students can keep their memory sharp and their minds well-tuned—all while having fun competing with other students. 

VSmart Quiz

Quizzes are effective in training and practicing our minds in analytical thinking, regardless of the platforms. It forces our brain to regain the information we learned and helps us imprint them in our memory for good. VSmart Quiz exactly does that. It is a free mobile application where users can answer questions on different subjects. The application has thousands of questions that cover topics about history, culture, politics, science, arts, sports, technology, entertainment, pop culture, and more. The questions are distributed according to three difficulty levels: low, medium, high so the users may test their knowledge as they progress through the app. Choose the difficulty level that best suits your mood. 

There are also four modes for playing. Solo mode lets you challenge yourself to an exciting brain game. You may test yourself and earn points as you go from one level to another. Versus mode lets you play with another player. You may challenge a random player in a battle of wits and earn more points. Group mode lets a maximum of five players answer the questions for three rounds. Versus group mode lets one group compete with another group. All modes have a time limit for each question so be sure to be sharp in reading the questions and choices!

The group and versus group modes let you create your own group, come up with a group name, and even select a group avatar. Teachers may also use the application to conduct a quiz bee through the Group or Versus Group mode.

The application is available to download at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Users only need to register using their email address or Facebook credentials and they are good to go!


  1. We'll definitely check this out? I'm excited to see this! My kids and surely love it

  2. Bet ko rin po itong app na ito from Vibal kase mas mahahasa ang talas ng isip ng ating kids dito at the same time nag eenjoy din po sila sa pagsagot.

  3. Ang ganda naman po nitong ginagawa ng Vibal Group para sa mga kids .. talagang marami silang matututunan dito sa VSmart Quiz App while competing with other students kaya maeenhance din ang kanilang competitiveness .

  4. Ang gandang Apps. My kids will definitely like this.💋

  5. Ang gandang Apps. My kids will definitely like this.💋