Friday, May 28, 2021

Be creative in the kitchen

Unleashing one’s creativity in the kitchen is highly recommended as this enables one to experiment on what works and how to transform everyday dishes into interesting and extraordinary ones.

Last May 14, I was invited to attend a #FoodieMama webinar staged by Malayan  Insurance Co., Inc. through its We Women Program. Food personality and well-known chef Niño Logarta encouraged mothers and wannabe cooks to play with their recipes and to not be scared in experimenting in the kitchen when preparing dishes for their loved ones. He also taught attendees dishes that are easy to prepare and rehash to excite family members when eating together.

Logarta created Mediterranean and Mexican dishes during the webinar such as Beef Kofta, Birrias tacos with beef, Tomato Consommé, and Chicken Kebabs.

The webinar event was witnessed by more than a thousand participants from Zoom and streaming live on the WeWomen Facebook page, and is the fifth webinar conducted by the WeWomen Program of Malayan Insurance since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“That’s the most fun part of being a chef, playing around with your recipe. Make it your own. We can’t go out but it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy proper food in the comforts of our own homes,” Logarta said.

It was also pointed out that kitchen accidents can also happen either at work or at home, which is why mothers or foodies need to be equipped with protection such as an insurance policy.

Kitchen fires from leaky butane tanks as well as cuts and burns while cooking can happen at any time be it in a place of business or our very own homes.

The women present during the event were shown the benefits of Malayan Insurance’s Simply The Easiest Live Assistant (Stela) Solutions roster which protects oneself, a family, or even a woman’s business.

For instance, Stela Home offers comprehensive home damage protection, Stela Family offers comprehensive personal accident insurance as well as hospital benefits, among others, while the Stela Biz products offer help to one’s business by ensuring the physical store as well as employees.

For the full roster of Stela Solutions products, just visit the


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  1. Chef's playing around with their recipe. How creative they are! I agree accidents can happen anytime and anywhere that's why having an insurance is a plus. Or should I say every families should be enlighten how important insurance is. We never really know what lies ahead.

  2. Wow this is great forum at napakaganda ng layunin ng Stela solution.

  3. How I love to cook too. Not just because they say it's the way to a man's heart but to impress the whole family as well as my relatives and friends too. I could share my learnings and in the future can use cooking skill to grow business too. Glad that there is Malayan insurance which support women with their life's decisions and choices. ❤️

  4. Halos lahat naman po ng tao eh talaga mahilig kumain at karamihan sa kanila eh mahilig magluto kaya yung iba sumusubok na rin sa pagluluto. At alam naman natin na di nawawala ang mga aksidente pagdating sa kusina kaya dapat may insurances tayo for this para handa tayo sa maging anumang sakuna.