Monday, April 29, 2019

Cordlife Philippines Celebrates a Decade of giving chances and choices to help save lives.

The cord blood of your baby is an abundant source of stem cells that are genetically related to your baby and your family. Stem cells are dominant cells in the way they contribute to the development of all tissues, organs, and systems in the body.  

Banking a baby’s blood and stem cells in a cord blood bank is a type of insurance. Ideally, you would not need to access your baby’s stem cells in order to address a medical concern. However, using a cord blood bank can provide peace of mind in knowing that you have a valuable resource if you need it. 

Cordlife PH's first five clients shared their inspiring Cordlife stories

If you are considering storing your baby’s cord blood, make sure to use a cord blood bank accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), like Cordlife.  

Cordlife is among the leading players for private cord blood banking services in most of the markets it operates in, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the Philippines. 

This year, Cordlife Philippines celebrates a significant milestone of a decade in consumer healthcare. The greatest milestone in this journey began with a decision Cordlife PH made 10 years ago. It is a chance that they took and a choice that they chose that proved to be right. 

Cordlife Doctors discussed the relevance of cord blood banking 

Cordlife Philippines is now 10 years old, let's take a trip back in time...   

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Cordlife Brand Ambassadors

Cordlife Privilege Card
As a sign of gratitude to their clients, Cordlife introduced their Privilege Card that offers discounts and promos from their trusted partner brands.

We have a lot of choices, we have a lot of chances but when it comes to stem cells, there's only one chance and there's only one choice- Cordlife. 


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